Vampires - Class powers

A power is a special ability available to Supernaturalis of a certain class. It cannot be increased through use, only by the expenditure of Primal. Like talents, each character has a limited number of available powers.

  • Bat Form

  • Beast Master

  • Blade of Darkness

  • Blood Forging

  • Blood Legacy

  • Blood Runes



    Blood Legacy 5+

    This power allows you to mark yourself with mystical runes of power, using your own blood instead of ink. The blood instantly dries, leaving a dark stain upon your flesh. The runes are always drawn in matching pairs, and you can have up to four pairs at any one time: one on your cheeks, one on the palms of your hands, one on the soles of your feet, and one on the sides of your chest.

    You steal rune knowledge by defeating the inhabitants of the shadow plane, accessible with Path of Shadows. Use the 'rune' command to add new runes, to list those you know, and to list those you are currently using. Each rune has its own help file, although you can only view the help files for the runes you know. When the description of a rune refer to your 'rank', it means your rank in Blood Runes. If you have no ranks in this power you can still wear your runes, but they will provide no bonuses.

    Each rune has different bonuses, depending on where it's placed and which form you are in. You may place the same type of rune on multiple locations, or different types on different locations, as you see fit. If you place a new rune over an old one, the previous rune will fade away and vanish.

  • Claws of the Wolf

  • Cloak of Shadows

  • Ears of the Bat

  • Extended Rage

  • Lupine Fortitude

  • Mind Magic

  • Mist Form

  • Path of Shadows

  • Rage of the Beast

  • Regeneration

  • Shadow Crafting

  • Shadow Infusion

  • Shapechanging

  • Summon Wolf

  • Summon Vermin

  • Wolf Form

Please, note that the classes (namely class powers) are still under heavy development. Since the web site cannot retrieve information from the mud at this moment, the most up-to-date information can be found from within the game.