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Greenleaf Forest


Located around: 5000 5000

The Greenleaf Forest stretches between the southeastern slopes of Firetop Mountain and the western shore of Mirror Lake, a short ride northeast from Glyphstone Village. Wolves and bears prowl around during the day, and at night goblins emerge from a dark cave in the heart of the forest and scout the landscape, looking for small prey.

Firetop Mountain


Located around: 2700 15700

Named after the crater at its top, Firetop Mountain is an active volcano located about twenty furlongs north of Glyphstone Village. Red dragon hatchlings can be sometimes seen swimming in the lava and a narrow ledge at the eastern side of the crater descends deep into the heart of the volcano. Lions inhabit the lower mountain slopes and gnomes run a mine nested between the soutwestern cliffs.

Shadowglade Forest


Located around: 2000 21000

A long stretch of woods running along the northern side of Firetop Mountain is known as Shadowglade Forest. Ancient oaks and silver-leaved beech trees hum and rustle in the wind, interspersed with aspens and willows where the Serpent River divides the forest in half. During the day, unicorns can be sometimes glimpsed between the trees, although they are shy of intruders who often hunt them for their magical horns.

Twilight Wood


Located around: 14000 15000

The dark and dense Twilight Wood is merely dangerous during the day, with its treacherous terrain and wild bears and wolves lurking in the shadows. When the night falls, wraiths emerge from the mists hanging low above the Blackroot River, their numbers getting stronger with each victim they lure to a watery death.

The Northern Desert


Located around: 21000 21000

Far behind Twilight Wood, at the northeastern end of the main island, lies a hostile area known as the Northern Desert. Sand dunes stretch in every direction, and the two oases can be hard to find for anybody but the nomad tribes roaming the area.

Mirror Lake


Located around: 10000 6500

Bordered by Greenleaf Forest on the western side, the Cursed Swamp in the south and Twilight Wood at the northern end, the clear, glittering surface Mirror Lake reflects the sky above. Blue dragon hatchlings play in the water during the day, and nagas inhabit a damp cave on the northern shore.

The Cursed Swamp


Located around: 8500 0

A dead branch of Mirror Lake, known as The Ooze, disappears south of the lake, in the marshy grounds of the Cursed Swamp. Crocodiles so large that they can swallow a grown warrior alive, as well as the waterlogged soil and bog holes make most travellers avoid the area.

Blackstone Mountain


Located around: -4000 -3000

The Blackstone Mountain dominating the western island is not particularly high, but its close proximity to the sea makes its conical shape impressive enough. To the north it slopes towards Blackwood Forest, and on the southern side stands an ancient labyrinth constructed from the local granite that gave the mountain its name.

Blackwood Forest


Located around: -4300 500

No one really knows how the Blackwood Forest got its name, probably as an etymological reflection of the nearby Blackstone Mountain. The forest is not dense, nor does it produce dark timber, being mostly pine and fir. Brown bears in search of berries and bee hives can be seen wandering around their dens in the terraced, fern-covered ground.

Mount Stormreach


Located around: 20000 0

Mount Stormreach, located on the eastern island, is the highest mountain in the Realm. Its summit disappears in the clouds, which, together with the bottomless canyons and chasms that cut into the mountainside, has led to the belief that it connects Heaven and Hell. The frequent lightning storms have been interpreted as signs of battle between the two dimensions, although scholars of more agnostic nature attribute them to condensation and differences in air temperature.

Misty Forest


Located around: 19000 6000

The dense woodland north of Mount Stormreach is perpetually hidden in thick mist which condenses on the leaves and trickles down to the soggy ground. High air humidity together with swarms of gnats discourage explorers, making the forest a safe hideout for a tribe of wolfkin, whose thick pelts provide protection from both weather and insect bites.