Progress Reports (2011)

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Week 50

ending Sunday 18th December


Invalid properties are now silently dropped, rather than refusing to load the entire pfile.

Fixed a few combat typos.

Broke my laptop! Progress grinds to a halt...

Week 49

ending Sunday 11th December


If you try to attack someone weaker than you, then you must have at least enough primal to lose to them through dilution.

When your primal is diluted from killing a younger player, your victim now earns that primal (unless they're already at their primal cap).

Week 48

ending Sunday 4th December


No progress this week (visiting the UK).

Week 47

ending Sunday 27th November


No progress this week (visiting the UK).

Week 46

ending Sunday 20th November


Further work on the protocol snippet.

Week 45

ending Sunday 13th November


Further work on the protocol snippet.

Week 44

ending Sunday 6th November


Plugin work.

Week 43

ending Sunday 30th October


Plugin work.

Week 42

ending Sunday 23rd October


Plugin work.

Week 41

ending Sunday 16th October


Further work on the protocol snippet.

Week 40

ending Sunday 9th October


Protocol related design discussions.

Week 39

ending Sunday 2nd October


Resolved server-related latency issues by moving to a new machine.

Protocol related design discussions.

Week 38

ending Sunday 25th September


Event mobs can now spawn at a specific x/y position rather than just within an area.

Investigated server-related latency issues.

Week 37

ending Sunday 18th September


Fixed a problem with target not being cleared when your opponent was out of range.

Added the Pirate Day and Oktoberfest events.

Week 36

ending Sunday 11th September


MXP now attempts both negotiation methods (WILL and DO) due to the ambiguity of its specification, which has resulted in inconsistent client implementations.

Added 'wavy' hair.

Added '=' to list of pantheon bracket options.

Week 35

ending Sunday 4th September


Made some cosmetic updates to the vampire bite messages.

Added a filter for newbie advert spammers.

Added a rapid timeout for people who keep spamming multiple connections without logging on.

Small bugfix for the protocol snippet.

Helped SlothMUD get the protocol snippet working.

Week 34

ending Sunday 28th August


Brass Snake wasn't applying its stomach bonus. Fixed.

Further work on the protocol snippet.

Week 33

ending Sunday 21st August


Fixed some area centre mistakes.

Fixed some minor help file issues.

Fixed some talent requirement conflicts.

Added default head techs for the hydra so that 'kill' will work.

Form of Earth now gets the swimming bonus from of Water if you also have Immanence.

Week 32

ending Sunday 14th August


Wrote a program to realign all of the Nexus areas, then went through them all by hand tweaking them, and adding centre points to make navigation easier.

Fixed some reported typos.

Added missing talents to several of the age 400 subclasses.

Fixed some issues with the subclass messages.

Created a MUSHclient plugin for 4 Dimensions.

Week 31

ending Sunday 7th August


Frog Fiend legs now get a defence bonus while pouncing.

Fixed a shapechanging typo.

Elephants and mammoths now lumber instead of 'walk'. Elephant feet table now uses the Riding skill and Mounted Combat Mastery.

Added the protocol snippet to 4 Dimensions (another mud).

Week 30

ending Sunday 31st July


Increased the chances of better drops up to age 600.

Horned champron wasn't applying its speed bonus to the left/right heads of a hydra. Fixed.

The 'movement' command now indicates 'walk', 'jog' or 'run' if you've got a custom movement type.

Week 29

ending Sunday 24th July


Added four new talents: Mist Walker, Hybrid Affinity, Elemental Summoner and Protean Witchcraft.

Week 28

ending Sunday 17th July


Carnivorous plants now spawn in Witchwood.

Lowered delay on warhorse kick by 2 seconds.

Power-summoned elementals now get the Elemental Conduit talent.

Subclass power bonuses are now properly reset when you reroll.

Delay for Hydra Breed's full breath techs reduced from 5 seconds to 4.

Week 27

ending Sunday 10th July


Sylph knowledge now doubles the duration of the invisibility spell.

Added a new age 500 task with a new dragon epic.

Updated the breath techs so that they can all be identified correctly.

Added new talents: Elemental Breath Focus, Elemental Conduit, Potent Breath Weapon, Divine Insight.

Bypass on epic elemental rings is now uncapped.

Week 26

ending Sunday 3rd July


Fixed an unenchant bug with rings.

Doubled the defence of the Serpent Breed flex techniques.

Bat Form now continues flying at full speed after a swoop.

More work on the Mudlet GUI.

Week 25

ending Sunday 26th June


Changed wolfman description to work more like human form.

Wyvern wasn't able to wear wing-spikes while using Lord of the Lands or Seas. Fixed.

Fixed some war and description typos.

Fixed the 'wear' command to properly work with multiple keywords. Wearing a sheathable item now requires use of the 'on' keyword.

Made some changes to the lagspike detection code.

Added power bonuses to the monster editor.

Made some cosmetic fixes for combat messages.

Week 24

ending Sunday 19th June


You no longer get a severed head from 'decapitating' (chopping in half) a tree.

Hotkeys are once again reloaded by the plugin (they stopped doing this when the negotiation was moved to the login sequence).

Week 23

ending Sunday 12th June


Moved the 'bandwidth' command after 'ban', as the former was blocking the latter.

Fixed a bug whereby power maps gave the same karma as renewal maps.

Changed the 'map' command to a config option.

Removed the Brawn and Size requirements from HouseBlade and from the darkblade itself.

The 'hoard' command now mentions caves.

Made some updates to the age 400 subclasses following feedback.

Fixed some issues with the Mudlet GUI, so that it works with the new autoinstaller.

Added some missing swoop techs.

The 'hit list' no longer adds players, for obvious reasons.

There's now a 'PK list' which works a bit like the hit list, except only for players. If you attack another player, they're added to your PK list unless you're already on their list. The list is cleared when you leave the Nexus, and you don't earn paradox for killing someone if you're on their list. Or to put it in laymans terms: You no longer get paradox or lose primal for killing someone if they started the fight.

Week 22

ending Sunday 5th June


Fixed some subclass typos.

Added the missing critical bypass bonus to Beast Whisperer.

Serpent Fiend bite now inflicts stab damage.

Lord of the Seas now gets a swoop attack.

The dragon pounce/swoop techs now show att/dam bonuses in their combat tables.

Added a new trident and associated combat table, this is going be tied into the cyclops subclass.

Uncommented and fixed the code that allows you to input multiple combat commands on the same line.

Week 21

ending Sunday 29th May


Powers can now have up to 3 connected talents (the ones that give bonuses, like the Sign of the Moon talents).

Added a Beast Whisperer talent for the Beast Handler subclass.

Added the subclasses for the other classes, once again inspired by Xakarii's suggestions.

The 'appearance' command showed the wrong type of eyes for Dracolich Spectre. Fixed.

Lord of the Lands pounce wasn't applying the hit/dam. Fixed.

Fixed a few help file typos.

Added medals for the avatar tournament (they'll appear on the MWI profiles once the tournament is over).

Made some changes to support the new Mudlet autoinstall system.

You are now disconnected from the login screen after 60 seconds instead of 30.

Week 20

ending Sunday 22nd May


Fixed a bug with the bandwidth info displayed in 'whois'.

Increased the amount of time a dungeon takes to eject players.

Added descriptions to the dragon hatchlings.

The 'say @pets' would broadcast to everything within range. Fixed.

Fixed some help file capitalisation issues.

Did some more work on the Mudlet GUI.

Week 19

ending Sunday 15th May


Flew back from the UK on Friday.

Fixed a rather obscure crash bug.

The mud now records bandwidth usage. This is displayed on 'whois' and via a new 'bandwidth' admin command.

Following a suggestion from Fraust, when a dungeon boss is killed everyone is now kicked out of the dungeon.

Week 18

ending Sunday 8th May


Added 11 new avatars.

Fixed a few subclasses.

Fixed 'who idle' to no longer reset after 24 hours.

Flew to the UK on Thursday for a week long vacation.

Week 17

ending Sunday 1st May


Removed a reference to the store from the alchemy set description.

Fixed some punctuation issues in some of the combat messages.

Added a load of vampire and werewolf subclasses, based on suggestions from Xakarii.

Fixed an issue whereby titans could sometimes get so big they'd be described as having a negative height.

Week 16

ending Sunday 24th April


Updated the 'scout' description to clarify that it also works against 'zombie' and 'raid'.

Added some missing mob descriptions and avatars.

Added a 'monitor' channel for admin to view connection attempts.

The $b prompt option now shows all three active boost types.

Added a load of easter bunny event mobs for Easter.

Added a magic bonus table for holy symbols.

Updated the GetTreasureReward() function to factor in Lord of the Skies and Wyvern Breed.

You can now 'say @pets' to command all of your pets at once.

Jousting now gets the triple damage bonus from short-range flight.

Fixed a few typos.

Week 15

ending Sunday 17th April


Changed the negotiation code to execute on login. The mud now pauses for a few seconds before displaying the welcome screen, allowing it to check for windows telnet and PuTTY before negotiating, and then use unicode, extended colours and links on the welcome screen if desired.

Some changes to MSSP.

Fixed some typos.

Fixed a bug whereby held objects would break the MWI whois.

Week 14

ending Sunday 10th April


Added an MXP detection/activation message.

Fixed several reported typos.

Added support for CHARSET, which is now used to autodetect UTF-8.

Added a cyclic TTYPE query to check for xterm 256 colour support.

The 'colour' command now indicates your current colour mode.

Fixed an 'a/an' issue caused by the colouring of object names.

Fixed the MXP link colours on the help suggestions.

You now earn primal when one of your pantheon members makes a kill.

Week 13

ending Sunday 3rd April


After some final tests and last minute changes, I released my protocol snippet.

Colours for 'info' and 'war' can now be configured.

Made a few other changes to the way colours work.

Added a 'who idle' option.

Long Stride reduced from +3/+2/+1 to +2/+1/+1 per rank, putting it in line with Lord of the Lands.

Made a load of cosmetic enhancements to the war messages.

Week 12

ending Sunday 27th March


Spent the week testing, documenting and cleaning up my protocol snippet.

Week 11

ending Sunday 20th March


Completed my protocol snippet, and created a demo GUI plugin for Realms of Despair.

Week 10

ending Sunday 13th March


Worked exclusively on my protocol snippet this week.

Week 9

ending Sunday 6th March


Did some more work on the Mudlet GUI, but focused most of my efforts into my protocol snippet.

Week 8

ending Sunday 27th February


Made some cosmetic changes to dragons appearance.

Cleaned up some of the 256 colour stuff.

Started experimenting with unicode using UTF-8.

Added the missing titan entry to the Ashwood Farm task, and added a lich entry to the task as well.

Dragons with a Descendant talent no longer appear to have wings in human form unless they also have Dragon Blooded (cosmetic fix only, their wings didn't work before anyway).

Week 7

ending Sunday 20th February


Fixed a few reported typos.

Added some more MXP links.

Swamps now appear brown to clients that support 256 colours.

Did some more work on avatars for the GUI.

Week 6

ending Sunday 13th February


More work on the Mudlet GUI. Added the four icons to the bottom left corner, fixed some issues with the mini-avatar energy bars and the spell icon labels, and cleaned up the way text outlining is handled. Also added the missing frames for the avatars, and cleaned up the background image.

Did some more work on the MSDP snippet.

Added colour to object names to indicate their rarity, customisable via the 'colour' command, and also added MXP links for manipulating the objects.

Fixed several combat message cosmetics and a couple of help file typos.

Flame, Frost, Storm and Venom Dragonkin now grant +1 bypass per rank in Chameleonic Gift while in draconian form.

Colour settings are no longer reset if you reconnect.

The psychokinetic barrier from Psionics can now be activated while using magic or necromancy, using a 'barrier' technique.

Fixed an incorrect message for dragons when changing descendant.

Week 5

ending Sunday 6th February


Added the full-sized avatars and the spell icons to the Mudlet GUI, and did some general cleaning up of the script. Also added energy bars below the mini-avatars.

Updated the MSP code so that the sound triggers can also be sent as ATCP data, and got the GW2 soundpack working in Mudlet.

Week 4

ending Sunday 30th January


Added the energy bars to the Mudlet GUI.

Added several missing mob avatars (at the mud end - so the client knows which avatar to draw).

Week 3

ending Sunday 23rd January


Decided to have another shot at creating a Mudlet GUI. Got the background working, and added the maps and mini-avatars.

Updated the ATCP functionality in the mud, as there were some issues that hadn't been resolved since I rewrote the protocol code, and it hadn't worked very well previously anyway. The updated version runs perfectly.

Week 2

ending Sunday 16th January


Added a 'tells' option for the silence command, for preventing people from sending tells without blocking their access to the public channels.

Treasure Hoard can now be opened while in a cave.

Week 1

ending Sunday 9th January


MSDP now differentiates between VARIABLES and REPORTABLE_VARIABLES.

You can no longer rip fangs if you're carrying 100+ items.

Invite and induct can now trigger the spamblocker.

Added a separate feet table for Transcendence, Pleroma Aeon now provides it with short-range flight. Also fixed an issue with short-range flight for flying forms.

Added a TARGET_ID MSDP variable.

Fixed a minor glitch in the MWI when displaying client info.

The 'colour on' mode now uses 16 colour ANSI or XTERM 256 colours depending on your client and version. You may now also use 'colour ansi' and 'colour xterm' to force the display of one or the other.

If you're below the age cap but have reached your primal cap, you no longer spend boosts on your kills.