Progress Reports (2010)

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Week 52

ending Sunday 2nd January


Celebrated a Birthday in the UK, then flew back to Germany to celebrate another Birthday followed by New Year, so no real progress this week.

Added a portal icon for the plugin.

Week 51

ending Sunday 26th December


Celebrating Christmas in the UK, no further progress this week.

Week 50

ending Sunday 19th December


Added smells to insects and arachnids.

Updated the 'hellhound' and 'summon wolf' powers to clarify rebirth.

Added a 'net' magic bonus table, so that nets no longer get damage bonuses from using the whip table.

Added a TARGET_PANTHEON MSDP variable.

Demon Form can now wear cloaks.

Bat Form now has a swoop tech.

Flew back to the UK on the 17th to celebrate Christmas.

Week 49

ending Sunday 12th December


Rage of the Beast now gives +5 Speed per rank instead of +2. This is better balanced against the other Rage powers in terms of value per bonus.

The mud no longer sends a space to the user when they hit enter. Instead, it sets a flag indicating that the prompt should be resent. This fixes a strange display bug.

Added a generic 'energy' bypass bonus type (required for Liches).

Removed the white bars from the who list, and coloured class names based on subclass rank.

Added 'titlebrackets' and 'titlecolours' commands and help files, allowing pantheons to define their own brackets and colour scheme.

Week 48

ending Sunday 5th December


Winterland is back, and there are some new mobs to fight.

Scythes can now be crafted from shards.

Week 47

ending Sunday 28th November


Fixed a bug with dispel magic removing the wrong spells.

Slitthroat no longer moves you to your opponent unless you were already within reach.

Week 46

ending Sunday 21st November


Fixed some help file typos, clarified ethereal mode in House Darkblade.

Added the 'assist' tech to Necromancy.

Week 45

ending Sunday 14th November


Sped up the chaos orb techs.

Added a Blood Rage talent for the Blood Reaver subclass.

Heavy Armour Expert now increases the chances of a chest dropping heavy armour.

Generated a smaller graphical tile set, and used it for a full Realm map that can be displayed within the MUSHclient plugin. Also updated the plugin to alternate between multiple tile sets, so that the maps look better (you can no longer see the individual tiles).

Week 44

ending Sunday 7th November


Played around with some design ideas for a generic MUSHclient plugin that would work on other muds. Created an example GUI for SlothMUD as proof-of-concept.

Week 43

ending Sunday 31st October


Activated the Halloween event mobs, with a new 'samhain destroyer' that drops elemental bracers.

Implemented and enabled Apocalyptic Destiny, the Lich heritage talent.

Released version 1.14 of the plugin - the maps now work in all locations, and there are hotkeys across the top.

The echolocation squeaks can now only be heard within 500 feet.

The 'terraform' and 'zone' commands wouldn't send the MSDP variables to other players. Fixed.

Pets are now better at following people around, entering and leaving locations and tracking their master without explicit instructions. They are also no longer safe - this resolves a rather strange cosmetic bug with combat messages.

Added dynamic descriptions for skeletons and zombies.

House DarkBlade was granting the +5 bonus to Cloak of Shadows even without Assassin Training. Fixed, and updated the help file to make it clearer.

The '$D' prompt option no longer adds 'feet' to the end.

Added a help file for the new 'hotkey' command, used by the plugin.

Added an 'msdp' help file.

Fixed a bug that allowed you to create alias names that were so long the mud thought your pfile was corrupted.

Week 42

ending Sunday 24th October


Rearranged some of the plugin layout, added a blur timer.

The 'who' command now correctly differentiates between Great and Chaos War.

Typing 'who brief' now indicates whether the person is within a Nexus area, and if not, whether they are within the central Nexus.

Week 41

ending Sunday 17th October


Reduced the number of extra lords entering Great War.

Fixed a crafting typo.

Fixed a capitalisation issue with Dimensional Anchor's messages.

Added buttons to the top of the plugin, and mini-avatars below the zoomed map. Adjusted some of the tiles.

Week 40

ending Sunday 10th October


Added a 'cap' help file, explaining how skill and style caps work.

Added a separate 'swim' table for dragons. Lord of the Seas can now levitate from water, and gets a nice defence bonus while swimming.

Rephrased the Swift Blow help file to clarify how the attack/damage penalty interacts with other bonuses.

Added a separate magic bonus table for lances, so they no longer get unused defence or cooldown bonuses.

Lances now get their damage bonus tripled by pounce and swoop, the same as by run/gallop.

The House NightWing poison burst was checking for Blood Runes instead of Blood Legacy. Fixed.

Fixed a potential division by zero bug.

You can type 'inventory radiation' and 'equipment radiation' to view the radiation of carried and worn equipment respectively.

Fixed some cosmetic issues with warps still referring to 'fingers' in regard to worn gear.

You can now use both ^o and ^O for different shades of orange, and these are used by the pantheon 'banner' command.

The Lunar Warrior (werewolf) subclass route now gets Sure Footed instead of Instinctive Dodge, so that they can use Enhanced Deflection if they also have Faith.

The Master of Vermin (vampire) subclass was missing a second talent. Added Blind Fighting. Also dropped its +1 Summon Wolf and increase Ears of the Bat from +1 to +2.

Started implementing Apocalyptic Destiny, the Lich heritage talent.

You can now fabricate mounts - a horse and a camel.

Fixed the bug whereby targeting an area would display the wrong name when you typed 'look'. You may now also target realm areas.

Added a 'config energy bar' option for clients with VT100 support.

Typing 'tattoo' always display 'a X tattoo' rather than 'an X tattoo'. It also gave 'left forearm' and 'right forearm' as a valid syntax, when in fact it should just be 'left' and 'right'. Fixed.

The movement command now lets you set run >= jog >= walk, rather than run > jog > walk, to address scenarios where jog (or even walk) are at the 66 max along with run.

Multi-Headed Giant wasn't applying its mental immunity bonus. Fixed.

Wands got an improved teleport range if you had Wand Mastery, but unicorn horns didn't. They now both get the same improved range with Wand Mastery (although the unicorn horn is still better if you lack the Mastery).

Week 39

ending Sunday 3rd October


Old and Armoured Crystal Dragons now get Terrestrial Sigils instead of Elemental Spell Focus.

Did more work on the plugin - added borders to the spell affect icons, a pie-shaped countdown timer, and adjusted the energy bar colours.

The spell affect icons didn't appear if you reconnected after dropping link, unless a new spell was cast or an existing one expired. Fixed.

Fixed some area description typos.

Adjusted the sparring mode to work properly in all arenas.

Week 38

ending Sunday 26th September


Ghostfire breath was being listed as frost breath. Fixed.

Finally discovered the problem with the dungeons - there were no tiles to fit certain holes in the map. Added the extra tiles, and adjusted the randomisation to avoid too many chambers (as a lot more chamber tiles were added). Large chambers now have a 50% chance of a monster spawning.

The Storm Beast subclass now gets Shock instead of Great Shock.

Did more work on the plugin, adding borders to the maps, removing the target text. Sanctuary now uses a non-default icon. Reworked the positioning of the sun/moon icon so that the moon never vanishes completely - at midnight, the top pixel of the moon now switches from the far right to the far left.

Summon Vermin bats (but not rats) now attack with all three locations.

Changed the movement rate prompt/plugin display to show your actual movement rate (walk, jog, run) rather than form-specific (stalk, slither, etc).

Wing Block wasn't working in human form, due to tech priorities - fixed.

Boosted kills now apply their improved drop chances to fang ripping.

The 'boost' command would show a blank "last reroll" date if you'd cleared your reroll. Fixed.

Added an Oktoberfest event mob, with a special beer bonus.

Dragonspurs can now be fabricated.

Week 37

ending Sunday 19th September


The 'bypass' command didn't include poison burst. Fixed.

Reordered poison bypass to be as described in 'help burst' (previously only the Fiend Spawn poison burst was determined at that point).

Lashing Wyvern now gets Venom instead of Great Smash.

Increase the spamblock from 20 to 100, so that it's less likely to be accidently activated.

Added a 'ship' shape.

Added a cutlass and vorpal cutlass. And a pirate hat.

Created a load of pirate-themed event mobs.

Added a function for 'International Talk Like a Pirate Day', which converts say, chat, newbie and gossip texts into pirate-like speech.

Fixed a colour bleeding issue with the mob singing tech.

Fixed a typo in demonhide.

Primordial Breath is now available at age 200.

Week 36

ending Sunday 12th September


Slug Fiend wasn't applying its full poison bonus to armour, nor its shock penalty. Fixed.

Fixed a bug with the 'safe' command that was still using the old boost system.

Removed some old references to the store.

Week 35

ending Sunday 5th September


Did some work on the map tiles for the plugin.

Released plugin 1.10 - includes a moon, time of day, a nicer border around the text, the gold borders are gone, there are tinted backgrounds for the energy bars, and Alayla has created a load of new avatars.

Used a photo-to-cartoon conversion tool to create a few more avatars, but the results aren't great.

Week 34

ending Sunday 29nd August


Redesigned the boost system to use hardcore boosts, casual boosts and skill boosts.

Changed the MP3/WAV config option to use WAV by default.

Week 33

ending Sunday 22nd August


Focused Blow was granting its bypass bonus to magic. Fixed.

Added support for hydra-specific socials. Added a 'roar' variant for hydra.

Week 32

ending Sunday 15th August


Focus wasn't counted for the purposes of unlocking new talents. Fixed.

Changed the plugin to use a Lua table instead of SetVariable and GetVariable, and added checks for dealing with missing avatars. Also added a check to deal with an initialisation bug that was causing problems for some players. This latest plugin has now been released.

Week 31

ending Sunday 8th August


Fixed a confusing error in the Expert Marksman help file.

Did more work on the plugin, adding the sunrise section and sun icon.

Week 30

ending Sunday 1st August


Finally sorted out jousting. It now adds your movement speed to your reach when determining whether or not to trigger the attack, with the jouster described as bracing their lance and charging.

Fixed several typos.

The PlayerTracker now saves which country each active player connects from, while the MWI displays a list of how many players connect from each country.

Hydra weren't benefiting from full head bonuses on their left and right heads. Fixed.

Updated the Spell class to track spell icons.

Did some more work on the plugin. It now uses different spell icons, allows point-and-click movement while mounted, and has finally addressed the refresh problem with buildings.

Week 29

ending Sunday 25th July


You may now fabricate moccasins.

The telnet negotiation code was causing some obscure bugs, and it had become difficult to maintain or extend. It's been completely rewritten, using separate buffers for in-band and out-of-band data, and should now be a lot more robust.

Shadow Crafting no longer blocks bonuses at 1000 per pop.

Week 28

ending Sunday 18th July


Temporarily commented out ATCP, as CMUD seems to do wierd things with it.

Removed the gym and store. The 'creation' command now works on your home plane, while a 'fabricate' command allows you to create items on your home plane. Added help files for both commands.

Updated the Thunderous Clap help file to indicate that it inflicts mental damage. If it causes your head to explode on a killing blow, it now correctly indicates that the clap hit your head.

Added the titan subclasses for age 400.

Fixed some config typos.

Enlightenment and Draconic Rage couldn't be switched off while fatigued. Fixed.

Made a few updates to various shapes, mostly social-related.

Wyvern tail wasn't getting its full bonuses. Fixed.

Fixed some MSDP issues with map updates.

You can no longer 'look' when your eyes are closed.

Assassin Training now has a duration equal to your base Discipline, rather than a flat 30 seconds, but it's also paused until combat begins. Greater Fox Spirit rank 10 used to provide the pause, instead it now upgrades the duration from base Discipline to naked Discipline.

Reboots now push people out of their stores. Added a check to make sure people don't accidently drop something just as the mud reboots.

Magical nodes are now treated as worlds rather than rooms.

Week 27

ending Sunday 11th July


Skeletons no longer have a 'neck' or 'throat'.

Fixed an issue with MXP tags being displayed around names when colour was switched off.

Added a 'merfolk' shape.

Did some more work on the plugin.

Did some more work on the monster editor, enough that it actually works (in a limited form).

Week 26

ending Sunday 4th July


Fixed a signed issue with NAWS - then temporarily removed NAWS, as it was causing some strange spam issues.

Corrected some minor MXP problems.

Your 'country' is no longer wiped on a reboot.

The 'boost' command now shows if you've completed a map today, and also informs you when you last rerolled.

Added 'screenshots' and 'plugins' sections to the website, and renamed 'msp' to 'sound', using new icons provided by Alayla.

Titan immunity is now capped at 30%

Chelonian Fiend arms warp wasn't getting the Attack bonus from Tainted Talons. Fixed.

Changed the Lord of the Lands shift/travel messages slightly, removing the word 'launch'.

You now start automatically discarding torn-off body parts if you're carrying 30 or more items.

Update the Fire, Frost, Storm and Stone Giant subclasses, as well as Ettin and Wendigo.

The MSDP SUBCLASS variable now returns your avatar title if you're unclassed.

Increased the maximum length of the MSDP PLUGIN_ID variable to 50.

Week 25

ending Sunday 27th June


Several of the 'config verbose ok' options were reversed. Fixed.

Reworked the dungeons to fix a pathfinding initialisation bug.

Added a LOCATION MSDP variable which can be used for switching tile sets, and a CHARACTER_NAME variable for returning the character name.

You can now add several combat commands on the same line, eg 'lf rf ls rs'.

Added appearance options for bat form.

Got the dungeons working in the plugin, and added support for movement via clicking on the map. Also added adrenaline timer and regen rate, and added outlines around the energy bar text to make it more readable. Added avatars, along with code for changing avatar (although it's not used at this time, as we don't have enough avatars to make it worthwhile).

The 'goto' command is no longer a config shortcut, and no works while mounted.

Added support for the NAWS protocol, although no automatic linewrap is done at this time.

Wolves summoned with Summon Wolf will now enhance their charged Storm Talons if possible.

Added a secondary check for client name, this time using MXP.

Added a lookup table and function for converting country codes into country names (and vice versa).

Updated 'help wield' to give information about two-handed weapons, and added 'help pk' as another way of accessing 'help death'.

Slicing the arm off a demon with Pit Devil arms warp would literally cause a severed arm to be created, instead of a severed tentacle. Fixed.

Week 24

ending Sunday 20th June


Some of the claw techs were using the victim's shape instead of the attacker's. Fixed.

Giant scorpions weren't giving their proper fang bonuses. Fixed.

Corrected the MXP name links to use target IDs, ensuring they are always valid when clicked.

The 'name' and 'backstab' colours now properly use extended colours.

Your previous client is no longer loaded from your pfile - this means if you log on with a different client that refuses negotiation, your client name will revert to 'unknown'.

Added a graphics/gui help file.

Did some more work on MSDP.

Added a 'war' MSP option, although there are no sounds for it yet.

The mud now uses a whois lookup to determine and store your country. This is displayed when you type 'whois' in-game. There is also a 'countries' admin command.

Fixed some issues with the 'scan' command (and by extension, the plugin map).

Created a set of dungeon tiles for the MUSHclient plugin.

Week 23

ending Sunday 13th June


Headbutt heat/cold/shock bursts now effect swarms.

Fixed a very old bug that for some reason had never caused problems before, with strings that weren't NUL terminated due to using strncpy.

Added support for 256 colours.

The Moon Hare forearms tattoo now helps claws in human form as well.

When you join a war, the mud now tells you your faction, as a few people kept forgetting to switch.

You can now 'pray' when dead.

The 'blurred shape' keywords weren't added if you couldn't see someone because your eyes were closed. Fixed.

Added alchemical smells to wood, stone and iron golems.

Summoning a store while one was already summoned would give you a 'dismiss' message, and you'd have to repeat the command a couple of seconds later. Now the second store is summoned instantly, unless you've already got two stores, in which cause you're asked to wait for a moment.

Shapechanging wasn't giving Mist Form the rank 40 bonus. Fixed.

Week 22

ending Sunday 6th June


Throatslit wouldn't always use dual damage. In addition, after performing a throatslit you move to your opponent's position, but if your opponent died and left no corpse they'd go to 0 0 on their home plane, and so you would move to 0 0 in your current location as well. Both issues have been fixed.

Several mobs were described as having a 'pelvis' when they shouldn't. Fixed.

Fixed a crash bug related to objects with invalid index values.

The 'whois' command now lets you view full information about yourself.

Amber can now be shadowcrafted.

Generated the tile and terrain as individual bitmaps, for Mudlet.

Did some more work on the 'ATCP as MDSP' psuedo-protocol.

MSDP now sends SERVER_ID after negotiation.

The MWI now has statistics pages for showing client version numbers for MUSHclient, Mudlet, zMUD and CMUD (I'm not aware of any other clients that reveal their version numbers).

Week 21

ending Sunday 30th May


The plugin now displays details about your targeted destination if you're not targeting a Thing. Also updated the tiles to make them look a little nicer.

Descriptions mixed up the forest 'trail' and 'edge'. Fixed.

The Rat Fiend wings warp wasn't being applied to warbeasts. Fixed.

The Chelonian Fiend warbeast wings warp is now based on Demonology rather than Wings of the Abyss.

Added psuedo-support for ATCP - as a way of accessing MSDP for clients that don't support it (notably Mudlet).

Fixed a bug with showing MXP links on the MWI pages.

Creature names now show up as MXP links. The links are no longer blue, but instead use their normal colour.

Added pillars to the dojo for knockback effects, and adjusted the damage call so that you should no longer 'stagger' after being smashed into something.

Week 20

ending Sunday 23rd May


The plugin now displays dungeon maps and has better energy bars.

The Imp Servant bolt spells now use red magic.

Fixed some minor typos.

Corrected some cosmetic issues with prometheans.

Fixed some minor errors in the chaos sceptre blast messages.

Mobs that leave no corpses would be transported to the void instantly upon death, and therefore always be treated as 'safe' for later checks, resulting in blows against them counting as a miss - and thus not activating certain follow-ups. This has been fixed.

Added door and coffin lid 'body parts' for face-ripping techs performed against buildings and coffins.

The age of guardian spirits now factors in unused stat trains.

The cooldown penalty for eating was based on your mouthful (which doesn't reset) rather than your chewing timer. Fixed.

Week 19

ending Sunday 16th May


Did some more work on the MSDP observers, and fixed a related crash bug.

Fixed some help file formatting issues.

Added an admin 'send' command for testing out MXP.

Updated the socket code to catch incoming MXP tags. The mud now requests and stores the MXP and client version numbers.

Added ^( and ^) tags that MXP can convert into <send> and </send>, then went through the code and help files inserting them in the appropriate places.

Did some more work on the MUSHclient plugin, enlarging the map, added a second (zoomed) map which shows creature and object positions, and also added a section about your target.

Draconian dual damage mouth infusions were checking your head instead of mouth. Fixed.

Fixed a command issue at the socket layer, where negotiation sequences wouldn't be intepretted until a newline was sent.

Fixed a few minor tile errors that had previously been hidden by the line-of-sight code.

Started working on attack modifiers for swarm based creatures based on the attack type (so that a fireball does more damage to a swarm of rats than a fireblade, etc).

Week 18

ending Sunday 9th May


Fixed some cosmetic issues with wielding mobs.

Fixed a problem with an MSDP sequence preventing the prompt from being displayed when flushed from a buffer that also contained regular text.

Psychic Lance wouldn't burst on a prone opponent. Fixed.

The delay of the bow 'charge' tech has been reduced from 2 seconds to 1.

Added 'feet' as an option to the north/south/east/west commands.

Created a new MSP plugin, and readded MSP negotiation.

Created a GW2 skin and a real-time graphical minimap as MUSHclient plugins.

Started playing with MXP.

Week 17

ending Sunday 2nd May


Added a 'banner' command with associated help file, available for pantheon leaders. It allows you to design a banner, which the mud uses to generate a bmp image for your pantheon profile and the pantheon scoreboard (viewable via the MWI).

Added a 'shapechange' display and MSDP variable.

Redesigned the way the MSDP REPORT works, to clump together variables and send them every pulse instead of sending them one at a time.

Fixed an issue with Child of the Full Moon sometimes not fully negating fear penalties.

Expert Telepath now requires Discipline 8 instead of Aura 10.

Ascension now gets triple the bypass bonus from Great Burn/Freeze/Shock, and gets double physical bypass for NOT having Elemental Spell Focus.

Added 'pelvis' and 'bite' dynamic tags.

Pleroma Aeon granted soulblades dual damage, but the soulblade techs didn't actually use the bonus. Fixed.

Chivalry now requires Grace 6 instead of Discipline 7. Tweaked the Knight concept slightly.

Increased the range on the fever and frost spell messages.

Fixed the Whirling Monkey sweep tech from working on unsweepable opponents.

Fixed several typos and cleaned up some old code.

The PlayerTracker didn't update age after classing. Fixed.

Did some more work on the statistics page for the MWI, adding links to further pages with a per-class breakdown. Also linked it to the clients page, and provided a per-client breakdown for each of the config options.

Dropped the Fast Reload talent, and lowered the reload times of bows and crossbows by 2 seconds. Expert Marksman no longer requires Discipline, and now lowers both the reload and aiming time by 1 second.

Raised the 1000 points-at-a-time Enchantment limit, something that was left over from the old days.

Changed the message for the Draconic Aura 'sense' command to make it more fitting for a psychic sense power.

Removed the banned 'purebreed' trait from the various heritage talents, an unnecessary holdover from the way the Child/Sign talents used to be blocked.

Week 16

ending Sunday 25th April


Fixed some more issues with MSDP.

Spell-summoned mobs counted towards your barghest total when using the epic horn, instead of just counting towards your maximum of three spell-summoned pets. Fixed.

Enlightenment now gives its bypass to all locations rather than just hands, and gives a mental bypass bonus as well. It also now requires any Magic power at 20, not specifically Mind Magic.

Added a Pleroma Aeon power for mages, branching from Transcendence.

Fixed a formatting issue with power and talent requirements.

Talents may now require a full class, although many still work with just a class trait. This avoids the 'banned trait' hacks I had to use to stop other classes picking up certain talents.

Spirit Wolfkin no longer indirectly blocks the four Child of the Moon talents.

Elemental Spell Expert is now an age 300 Mage talent, rather than subclass only.

Added an Expert Telepath talent.

Ascension now gets double bypass from Elemental Spell Focus.

Immanence now gets a +1 bonus from its appropriate elemental form power, doubled while you are actually in that form.

The Soulbane Devil has had its Unholy Pact power bonus replaced with Regeneration, at least until the former is implemented.

Mind over Matter and Iron Will were each adding only 5 seconds to Enlightenment instead of 10. Fixed.

Spectres now drop ethereal robes as well as rings. Wraith can now drop non-magical ethereal robes and rings.

Corrected a few reported typos.

Fixed some cosmetic issues with Serpent Breed climbing back to its 'feet' after being knocked over.

Grulk has got the initial version of the in-game discussion boards working (currently for admin only).

Week 15

ending Sunday 18th April


Infernal Binding chaos imps now uses the demon's age to determine the power of the item (although it will still be common magical).

It is now possible to complete the Tutorial War task by winning any war, including the Great War (which will then complete both tasks at the same time).

Fixed two crash bug caused by a sloppy MSDP implementation, also extended and cleaned up the server-side MSDP functionality and created a MUSHclient plugin for adding MSDP support. Scandum also provided an updated script for MSDP support in TinTin++.

Fixed some combat message typos.

Updated the 'spirit armour' help file to clarify the regen.

Both the 'fever' and 'frost' spells were giving penalties based on 5+rank instead of 5*rank, and their help files described enhanced bonuses they never had. Both issues have been fixed.

The 'config blue spell self' option now works with dispel magic.

Cleaned up and optimised some of the Creature access methods.

You can now use 'appearance haircolor' instead of 'appearance haircolour'.

The pfile loading code interpretted negative mana as a corrupted pfile. Changed.

Tweaked the socket code so that telnet subnegotiation sequences are no longer followed by a blank line and another prompt.

Added some missing flags to a few of the mob files.

Mana replenishment messages were being displayed during character creation. Fixed.

Khaos Sigils grants the 'death ward' spell, but gives no ranks without Winds of the Mind, meaning you could have a duration of 0 (which means permanent). Fixed to have a minimum duruation equal to the equivalent of 1 rank.

Week 14

ending Sunday 11th April


Fixed a few help file typos.

Tweaked the cosmetics for Crystal Devil warp, so make them appear less repetitive.

Added support for ZMP (Zenith Mud Protocol) and MSDP (Mud Server Data Protocol).

The mud now responds to unknown IAC WILL/DO requests with DONT or WONT respectively.

Typing 'help' for an unknown help file would include admin help files in its suggestions. Fixed.

Updated the help files for Great Cleave, Great Pierce and Great Smash to indicate that they only give 30% bypass without regular Cleave, Pierce or Smash respectively.

Players using quickstart or concept builds (except for a few such as amazon and monk) now begin with a gender determined by their name instead of purely random, using a mixture of pattern matching and soundex.

Switched the techs for red and green Dispel Magic.

Added replenishment (mana regeneration) with appropriate help file.

Added a 'Focus' skill to replace the unused 'Lore'. This goes up from casting and being targeted by indirect spells, and increases your mana in the same way that Athletics increases health.

You can no longer rip fangs from headless corpses.

You can now queue enhanced techs.

Week 13

ending Sunday 4th April


Added an April Fool's joke: Back in December 1996, legislation was proposed for punishing game developers for promoting virtual violence - it never went anywhere, but I referenced the news sources and claimed the law had now been passed (as I live in the German state where the law was proposed). I claimed that the mud would need to cut back (or possibly even completely remove) combat, and that the game needed to be translated into German for the local authorities to investigate. I then replaced the login screen with one written in German, added hidden hint in the 'news' help file, replaced the NumberText() function with one that returned German numbers and added a few hundred common words to a text replacement function that got called at the socket layer - meaning that everything players saw, from score to combat messages to communication, underwent some degree of translation (not good enough for real use, but convincing enough for an April Fool's joke).

The PlayerTracker now tracks MCCP2 users, and displays them on the MWI.

The MWI 'whois is online' list now shows pantheons as hyperlinks.

Added MSSP telnet negotiation, although as God Wars II doesn't negotiate until after login its debatable whether or not this was actually worthwhile.

Bloodsteel no longer loses its throbbing/pulsing status from getting wet - it was bad enough not being able to use it in water, but even rain was killing the effectiveness of the material

It's no longer possible to circle without a valid target, and you now automatically stop circling as soon as you're behind your target.

Added Thai's 'backstab' help file, with some adjustments.

It's now possible to examine a completed map with one hand, to locate the node.

Added Mind Magic to Fatebound.

Week 12

ending Sunday 28th March


Grulk transferred the mud to a new virtual machine, and this appears to have resolved the lag issues. It also required quite a lot of changes to the code, mostly to fix all the new warnings from the latest version of G++ (literally over SIXTY THOUSAND of them).

Fixed some outstanding issues with the dynamic character descriptions.

Fixed a couple of potentially nasty bugs in the negotiation code.

Fixed a bug with mounts sometimes not properly switching between walking and swimming.

Hats now use the skullcap magic table.

The PlayerTracker now tracks IP addresses (but these are never displayed, only used to try and identify multiple characters). Added a 'clients' page to the MWI, cross-referencing clients by IP address.

Added some more 'display' options, including config.

Self Control now gives a rage bonus.

Draconic Rage has been brought in line with the other rage powers.

Cleaned up a few of the spell casting messages.

You can now 'rage off' while fatigued.

Added a few missing MSSP options.

Renamed 'the black knight's castle' to just 'the Black Castle', to avoid alignment issues in the area list.

The expiration message for invisibility, veiled presence, stealth and cloak of shadows now takes into account whether you're still invisible.

Cleaned up the MCCP2 support so that it works properly across reboots, and activated it. Also added a help file.

Week 11

ending Sunday 21st March


Fixed a memory leak in the war code.

Fixed a few knowledge help file typos.

Fixed a potential crash bug in the MWI.

Reworked the war code to randomise the attack order each turn.

The Mist Form tendrils attack is now 2 seconds faster, while the touch attack is 1 second faster.

The goblinoid war faction always gained bonuses to offence from the tribe recruits, even without using the 'tribe' command. Fixed.

The recent magic bonus split for rings caused a random bonus table every time a crafting power was used, meaning that sometimes bonuses were available and sometimes they weren't. Fixed.

Fixed a bug whereby dragons didn't any lose barding bonus from removing rings. Wyverns also weren't able to wear rings at all - fixed.

Draconians can now get an extra Chameleonic Gift bonus from rings, while human form dragons get Draconic Glyph bonuses from rings when using the metallic snake glyphs.

Dragons and draconians now gain barding bonuses from gems as well as metals.

It was pointed out that people with MXP switched on can't see text between angled brackets, which means the login screen appears to suggest typing 'create' on its own. Therefore typing 'create' on its own now warns you that you'll need to switch off MXP.

The player tracker didn't update the pantheon when performing an induct or outcast. Fixed.

You now earn karma for completing maps, at the rate of 50 karma per 0.01 boost points.

The 'what' command now suggests 'config boost primal' for age 100 characters. If that's set, it instead suggests picking one of 'config boost damage info' or 'config damage value' if neither is set. It now also suggests 'mtarget' rather than 'target' if you're mounted, and gives avatars advice on their weapons while in the dojo.

Several mobs (including the guardian spirit) were still using the old charge tech for Storm Talons - fixed.

The 'whois' command now shows the idle time of players even if they're in the Nexus.

The God of War wouldn't surrender on turn 100 if it was a Chaos War. Fixed.

The codpiece and croupiere can now drop with tail hit/dam and bypass bonuses.

Pet wolves with Storm Talons had a typo preventing them using their charge tech. Fixed.

The mud now checks what client you're using. Admin can view this information via 'whois' and a new 'clients' command. The data is also used by the statistics page of the MWI. If this causes problems for your client, you can avoid it by typing 'negotiate' before you create or load your character.

Did some more minor optimisation, mostly due to tweaks for the client negotiation.

Dragons could use their Draconic Aura 'sense' multiple times before the first had finished. Fixed.

Added 'score stats' at the request of a blind player.

Fixed a typo in the warbeast claw tech which allowed it to throw around buildings.

Inferno had a fixed 150 foot maximum range. Fixed.

You can now get straw hats from the store.

Any spells or attacks that target 'lifeforce' will no longer be performed on creatures that have no lifeforce or other animating force.

Added a 'heavy armour' help file, listing heavy armour types.

The generated descriptions now specify what colour of sash you're wearing, if it's a sash earned from a martial artist.

Looking at a weapon will now indicate if it's designed for two-handed use.

Week 10

ending Sunday 14th March


Mist Form accidently had wings again, after the latest description changes - fixed.

Added the bandanna to 'take' and crafting.

Changed some of the cosmetics for wearing rings.

Dragon Hatchlings and full dragons with Dragon Barding can now wear rings on the index toes of their front feet.

Added the female 'Blood Lady' title for Blood Lord.

Added 'description' as a shortcut for the 'appearance' command.

The Lernaean Hydra now drops large black shards and fragments.

The MWI displayed whois titles based on your current gender rather than your true gender, and as class titles are female by default this resulted in mist and bat form taking on female titles while shapechanged. Fixed.

Split the magic ring bonuses into two tables, one for physical bonuses and the other for magical, to avoid the problem of most rings having a mixture of the two (and thus giving wasted bonuses) .

Changed the 'drain heat' spell to chain on from hellfire bolt, and lowered its casting time from 5 seconds to 3.

Added a second 'hellfire bolt' spell for demons, for chaining.

Added a 'drain lifeforce' spell for vampires and demons, closing a chain for both classes.

Demon Form and Self Control (wolfman) now get +1 Power per rank. Demons with the Pit Devil skin warp lose this bonus. Demons with the Dust Devil skin warp have it replaced with +6 Protection per rank.

Added the infrastructure and menu mode for the mob editor. You can now test out the interface via the 'medit' command, although it's still a long way off being able to create your own mobs.

If you send someone a tell or reply within 10 seconds of them sending you a tell or reply, it no longer increases your spam counter.

Week 9

ending Sunday 7th March


Fixed some cosmetic issues with the 'appearance' command.

Fixed some strange messages in the circle techs when mounted, and a typo in the retreat tech.

Killing a martial artist now causes your 'what' advice to skip the practice grounds and prison. Also added 'what' advice for dragon hatchlings.

Dragon Hatchlings can now wear sashes from the dojo - around their necks.

Alias lengths weren't being capped, meaning that people could set very long aliases - and the mud would then block them from reconnecting, thinking that their files were corrupted. Fixed.

It's now possible for action points to drop below 0, at which point you become fatigued. While fatigued you can still perform combat techniques, but only one at a time, and each with a +1 delay penalty. Raging allows you to ignore these penalties, but you cannot enter a rage while fatigued. Added a 'fatigue' help file to explain the specifics.

The 'invite' command can no longer be used to spam people.

The 'tell' and 'reply' commands can now trigger the spamblock.

The God of War now surrenders if a war reaches turn 100.

Added some more age 400 subclasses for dragons.

The Wild Boar lunar tattoo wasn't giving its full forearm bypass bonus, due to a typo - fixed.

The Bull Shark lunar tattoo now gains a secondary forearm bypass bonus from the Greater Shark Spirit power, in the same way as the bear and boar tattoos.

Added a set of special power mobs, which will be used as the basis for player-generated mobs.

Fixed the inversed a/an article when dealing with objects that have an additional keyword prefixed (eg when 'a unicorn horn' becomes 'a dripping wet unicorn horn').

If a haunt lowers your Offence hand during a War, you retain your full Offence bonus until the end of the turn. Defence was changed to work this way some time ago, but Offence was missed.

Week 8

ending Sunday 28th February


Made some minor optimisations to a few of the access methods.

It is no longer possible to train stats if you are below 50% potential.

Did some more work on the 'what' command, providing information for spellcasters and suggestions for classed characters.

The 'Ancient Map' task only gave its reward for the second map of the day. Fixed.

You can now craft tiger claws from small shards.

Decided not to bother limiting pantheon sphere swapping to once per month, and have updated the help file accordingly.

Typing 'war' wouldn't display tutorial wars, but it would still give the comment 'The following wars are being fought:'. Fixed.

Shards and fragments had entangle techs, left over from when they were copied from craftable cloth - these techs have now been replaced with bash.

When a pet kills a player, the pet owners name is now included in the battle message.

Fixed a typo in the 'gender' command when shapechanged.

Fixed a typo in the 'Protean Nemesis' help file.

Vampires can now 'shadow off' to switch off infusion.

Added dynamic descriptions for mist form, following some suggestions from Tonitrus.

Cleaned up the 'appearance' command a bit, adding options for mist form.

Mist Form and Bat Form now always have a neuter gender.

Draconic Aura is now also part of the 'buff' sphere.

The pantheon 'title' command no longer allows you to begin titles with 'The', as such titles conflict with the pantheon messages.

Rewrote 'help events' as the old version was just an outdated stub.

Changed the wording of the help file for the Terrestrial Sigils talent to clarify that it only works with draconic talons.

Week 7

ending Sunday 21st February


Fixed several help file typos.

Added a 'goblinoid' shape, and extended the human descriptions to also include goblinoids, with appropriate skin, hair, eyes, etc.

The 'weapons' command incorrectly allowed werewolves to view their 'tail', due to reusing the location for talon charging. Fixed.

Dismounting no longer clears a werewolf's 'talon' charge table.

Added a 'dungeons' help file for screen reader users.

Swarm eyes are now described as 'many eyes'. Also fixed some other cosmetic issues with eyes.

Swarms now always show up as being gender-neutral.

Fixed an issue with imp tables still being accessable after an imp had been removed, and cleaned up the imp attack techs. Also added an 'is' (imp scout) tech for Imp Servant, although it still needs some cosmetic touches.

Age 500 mobs no longer drop regular magic items, only legendary or better.

Fixed some incorrect messages in the pantheon induct/outcast.

Explicitly ordering pets to 'follow' didn't clear their combat queues. Fixed.

It is now possible to craft naginatas from large shards and butterfly knives from small shards.

Chromatic Pedigree now also grants a bypass bonus based on Dragon Barding, so that it's no longer tied to Treasure Hoard.

You can no longer 'join' someone while doing a task or in Winterland.

Dragon riders didn't suffer from Flight Exhaustion. Fixed.

The 'jog' and 'run' techs used to take 2 and 3 seconds respectively. They now both take only 1 second (although you still need to walk before jog before you run).

Added a 'config autowalk' option, on by default, which causes your character to automatically start walking when you type 'north', 'east', etc. It queues the command so it's no faster than doing it manually, but it should simplify the interface for newbies a bit. If you're lying down when you do it, it'll get you back up to your feet first.

Removed the redundant 'quest' help file, and added a 'begin' help file.

Serpent Fiend skin warp wasn't gaining poison auto-absorb from Pathway to Hell. Fixed.

Added a 'what' command for newbies, with a help file. The command will be extended to classed characters in the near future.

Did some minor optimisation on the hint code.

The martial arts status check used the affect on the player, meaning that by wielding multiple sashes you could make yourself appear to be a higher grade martial artist. Not a serious issue, but still a bit wierd, and as I was working on related code for the 'what' command anyway I decided to fix it.

Added four tasks - locked chest, ancient map, tutorial war and full war.

Did some work on the dragon subclasses.

Experimented with an ELIZA-style chatbot, and begin developing a module to provide mobs with similar capabilities.

Week 6

ending Sunday 14th February


Spent a lot of time trying to track down the cause of the lag. It happens when the mud opens files for writing (not the writing itself, just opening the file), and almost always occurs at the same time every day. So I created a separate little application to run on the same server, which does nothing but open and close a file every few seconds - and it ran into exactly the same problem at exactly the same time of day. Still investigating, but it looks as if it's not the mud itself that's the problem.

Fixed a minor bug with 'say @' changing your target to the person you've just addressed.

The Ember and Thunder head runes were only giving half their bonus, while the Spiritus head rune wasn't giving any bonus at all. Fixed.

Blood Legacy gave the wrong expiration messages for swiftness and fortitude. Fixed.

Added a missing file close to the messagebox class.

Fixed a problem with pantheon promotion not taking into account the person's current rank.

Changed the creation menu message to try and discourage newbies from selecting customised creation.

Storm Talons now only requires 5 ranks in Ride the Storm instead of 10, and the charge tech lasts for 1 second per rank instead of for just the next attack.

Woolly Rhino and Imperial Mammoth tattoos now allow Storm Talons to provide a different burst to each hand.

Week 5

ending Sunday 7th February


Made some cosmetic updates to the face, eyes and chest locations for human shapes.

Rewrote the 'throw' tech used for hurling small animals at targets.

The 'weapon' command now shows information about wielded animals.

Went through the various 'stagger' messages, checking to make sure that the target isn't in midair, and also corrected a 'knocked off your feet' message.

The MWI statistics now record Screen Reader and MSP users, and has a piechart for the class distribution.

Kite shield had high/medium/low commands (but no techs) - removed.

Added highlighting to 'someone' and 'blurred shape', in the same way as regular player/mob names.

The enhanced message for 'sixth sense' gave the wrong value. Fixed.

Added a 'system' admin command, for broadcasting on the system channel.

Made some changes to the directory structure to hopefully reduce the lag issues.

Mist Form no longer has 'fingernails'.

Added a '$v' prompt option that shows whether your target is within a valid age range for giving primal. The '$O' prompt option now is now coloured to indicate the same information.

Fixed the Lernaean Hydra so that it actually closes into melee range instead of sticking with its long-distance breath weapons.

Corrected a minor technical mistake in the 'Fang Forging' help file.

Week 4

ending Sunday 31st January


Fixed some 'hit' messages that looked a bit strange.

Dragon 'hoard' now also accepts the spelling 'defense' for defence.

Changed the draw/sheathe messages to no longer describe the weapon being drawn from (and slid back into) your belt/sash.

Added a claymore following repeated requests - but still trying to decide how to make it different from a greatsword.

You can now 'say @* message' to talk to your current target. Mostly useful for mobs (who had a habit of talking to severed limbs instead of their dead victims), but its available to players as well.

Fixed an issue whereby if the paradox spirit killed a vampire who was shapechanged into a cloud of bats, it wouldn't realise the vampire was dead (because the remaining bats disperse rather than leaving a pile of tiny corpses), and would therefore keep on hunting the player over and over.

Added a great redwood treant event mob.

Split the MWI player list into pages of 100, as there were too many players for the MWI to display in one go.

Week 3

ending Sunday 24th January


Fixed a few typos in the power help files.

You no longer 'stand upright' when shapechanging in midair.

Fixed a cosmetic issue with removing wielded creatures - it would always display the remove message, even if the creature was removed as part of an attack (i.e., when thrown).

Dire lioness wasn't using the lion spawn sound - fixed.

Added a new PlayerTracker module, to keep track of active player details and display them via the MWI. This consists of a player list (everyone who has connected in the last 30 days, with differently coloured activity icons to indicate how long ago they were last on) and a statistics page (listing player numbers broken down by activity, class, age and gender, and providing a combined playing time of all active players).

Fixed a bug whereby there was no battle victory message for arena kills.

The 'banish' command now lets you banish people who are in your private stores. You no longer need to be able to see the people you banish.

Week 2

ending Sunday 17th January


Giant bat pets now 'squeak' instead of growling like a wolf. Also fixed an issue with them trying to pounce instead of swoop, and now being properly initialised when summoned as bats (as opposed to being summoned as wolves and then transforming into bats).

The giant bat form now always ends up at flying speed after a swoop.

Fixed some help file typos and a social typo.

The stats for the Bloodguard concept hadn't been updated when the requirements were changed for House BloodStone. Fixed.

You no longer see messages about equipment repairing itself if you have an adrenaline rush (to reduce spam a bit).

Regeneration, Human Form and Salamanders Gift now allows you to automatically recover from minor injuries, as long as you're healing at full regen rate. Dark Lineage also provides the same ability as if it were a rank 5 power, and stacks with the aforementioned powers.

Fixed some problems with pets following. They should now remember who they were following, and go back to following them after combat (without attacking).

It's now possible to craft katanas from medium shards.

Fixed a bug with the pantheon scoreboard which allowed pantheons to carry over their score to the next week. Added an admin 'setkarma' command to fix the side effects of this bug.

Added 'mittons' to the 'take' command.

Week 1

ending Sunday 10th January


Fixed a problem with quivers and crossbow cases.

Blight Demon mouth warp was inflicting pure poison damage instead of dual heat/poison damage. Fixed.

Fixed an issue with mobs inside not doing anything while inside buildings.

Fixed a typo in the hint when typing 'newbie off'.

Restored the coloured activity dots to the warboard and pantheon board.

Added basic pantheon profiles to the MWI.

Fixed a problem with the ogre event - if the girl was freed from her cage through stealth, the ogre would kill her as soon as she escaped. The ogre now just complains and then storms off.

The harpies in the Harpy Wood task no longer attack each other if they run out of targets.

Added the basic infrastructure for the Fatebound class, which Negator is designing.