Progress Reports (2009)

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Week 53

ending Sunday 3rd January


Corrected a couple of minor help file typos.

Succubus Devil now allows human form to gain the life-draining kiss attack as a scar.

Week 52

ending Sunday 27th December


Back in the UK all week, and laptop needed to be fixed, so no progress this week.

Week 51

ending Sunday 20th December


Fixed an issue with held-only items in character descriptions.

The 'who' list is now sorted by played time (after age).

Updated the soundpack, as it was missing the latest files.

Week 50

ending Sunday 13th December


Character descriptions now show sheathed and drawn weapons as well as belts.

Fixed some cosmetic issues with the hellhound summoning command.

Adjusted some of the custom creation equipment choices.

Week 49

ending Sunday 6th December


Winterland is back!

Added adult, old and ancient snap-dragons.

Created a couple of Christmas themed avatar mobs: animated snowman and snap-dragon hatchling. These aren't yet used though.

Added a new werewolf Lunar Tattoo, available from the Yule Boar.

Fixed a typo with shadowbolt.

The 'titan' argument of the 'talents' command didn't work. Fixed.

Did some more work on the generated descripions.

Week 48

ending Sunday 29th November


Unearthed some nasty old bugs while trying to solve the lag issues, resulting in several crashes. These bugs have now been fixed.

Added another four events. There are now 10 events running at a time, and no more than two will spawn of the same age. It's now also possible to have multiple events with the same mob without the possibility of more than one spawning.

You can now craft moccasins from small pieces of hide or pelt.

Some of the banned talent traits had their colours inversed. Fixed.

Made some cosmetic changes to some of the combat messages (in particular to fix some strange messages when hitting creatures with more than two eyes).

Grulk fixed the lag problems with the MWI, which has now been enabled again.

Week 47

ending Sunday 22nd November


Added MSP options for the various channels.

Hopefully fixed another crash bug.

Started adding the concept of 'owned' items.

Fixed some cosmetic issues with pouncing.

Renamed 'crucifix' to 'holy symbol'.

Started implementing the new trap system.

Week 46

ending Sunday 15th November


Added three more events - a hoard of zombies, a monstrous giant scorpion and the Lernaean Hydra.

Fixed a bug whereby the first event in the event table (currently the Centaur Champion) wouldn't respawn.

Fixed some cosmetic issues with auto-drawing throwing weapons.

Tweaked some of the mob stats.

Continued working on the design for the monster builder, and also put together some notes for a trap system.

Week 45

ending Sunday 8th November


The offensive version of Dispel magic wouldn't flush permanent spells except on a critical hit. Fixed (although a non-critical hit still only flushes a single spell). Also updated the 'dispel magic' help file to explain the difference between a success and a critical hit.

Fixed a minor issue with pantheon bonuses.

Did some minor tweaking to some of the combat messages (particularly landing).

Major Gods can now set titles and change spheres.

Fixed two potential crash bugs (one with an admin command, another if creatures were destroyed by a spell they cast - neither could have been triggered by players, but they still needed fixing).

Added a paradox system for discouraging newbie spamkilling. Killing newbies also no longer displays as a 'victory' message, but rather as a 'battle' message.

Week 44

ending Sunday 1st November


Replaced the event mobs with a set of eight halloween themed mobs for the week, which included two new epic items.

Did more work on the MSP, adding more options and using 'sound' as an alternative keyword.

Fixed a bug with using the 'time' command at night, whereby it would always display the sunrise time for the next day even if it was technically already the next time. This could give strange results as summer approached and the days got longer.

Changed a couple of the stances to properly put you into a ducking position.

Fixed some minor inconsistancies with titan height.

Corrected a cosmetic issue with dragon toes.

The vampire's Mist Form is no longer described as 'living' mist, but as 'sentient' mist.

Added a Primordial Breath talent for titans.

You can now type 'eq slots' to view which item slots are available in your current form.

Idle time now saves over reboots. Also cleaned up some of the character saving functionality.

Temporarily disabled the MWI, as it seems to be causing serious lag. The 'info' command now shows the largest lag spike for the current uptime.

Week 43

ending Sunday 25th October


If you're at the age cap, mobs now count as daily kills if they give soul points or karma.

Cosmic Branding bonuses no longer show up as bound elementals.

Switched the cloud giant Thunderous Clap and Mighty Leap bonuses.

Fixed 'config damage value' to no longer show negative damage.

Creatures now have blood by default, for the purposes of blood stains.

Added a 'fingernails' dynamic tag, and separated fingers from nails. Also added a special case for humanoid forms to check whether or not they have claws extended.

Started developing the monster builder.

Updated the dungeon code: Cleaned up a problem with setting unexplored parts of the map, and a route to the boss is now calculated when the dungeon is first created. The 'area' command will now show useful information to players with screen readers, and a new 'centre' command targets the centre of your current tile.

You can now specify 'tiles' as a unit of measurement for movement commands.

Fixed a typo with the titan clap tech.

PutSense() now checks if the target is deaf when sounding SOUND messages.

Added MSP support.

Added descriptions to some of the old mobs.

Ears of the Bat now grants Bat Form +1 critical bypass per rank.

The 'invis timer' has now been renamed to the less-misleading 'blur timer'

Week 42

ending Sunday 18th October


Updated the 'karma' help file to clarify pantheon kills.

Fixed a display problem with the pantheon scoreboard.

Added a 'damage value' config option, which displays the amount of damage at the end of each combat message. This is intended to be a less spammy alternative to 'damage info'.

Added a 'verbose ok' config option, strip the next after 'Ok ...' messages.

Fixed the increased Karma surge-detection range.

Daily kills are now subtracted from the amount of Karma you earn from mobs.

Added Faith as a requirement for Enhanced Deflection.

Added knockback terrain features for mountains, hills, cliffs and gorges.

Blood Affinity now gives internal armour.

Blood Affinity and House BloodStone have been changed to use Tenacity.

Updated the Blood Knight subclass, along with its child subclasses.

Fixed some primal problems with pets making kills on their master's behalf.

The 'running' magic item bonus now also applies to jogging.

Fixed some mob description typos.

Updated the syntax of the Blood Legacy command to take into account Blood Potency.

Bless and Mystic Armour had the wrong mana cost when using Faith. Fixed.

Added a two-move technique for Precise Throw, and removed knockback for the one-move technique.

Week 41

ending Sunday 11th October


Reworked the Heavy Armour Expert talent.

Added a Bloodsteel Affinity talent.

Fixed a problem with buildings vanishing with people inside.

Fixed an incorrect decapitation message.

Lowered the difficulty of the Bows skill.

Fixed an issue with some of the wyvern stump block messages.

The Valor rune now increases your mounted movement speed.

Fixed an issue with titan max innate bonuses not updating after aging.

Once your karma reaches 1000, each mob you kill has its age applied as a percentage to the basic range of death surges (the 500 plus the daily kills modifier) - eg killing an age 300 mob can be sensed at 3 times the normal range.

Fixed a typo in the titan 'growth' message.

Week 40

ending Sunday 4th October


Fixed a problem with displaying certain characters in the MWI channel history.

Fixed some cosmetic issues with open/close not properly taking into account cyclopes with a single eye, and also with the look-at cyclops description.

Brawn wasn't increasing thrown range. Fixed.

Cleaned up some Nexus area descriptions.

Capped weapon skill was being used for displaying the damaged attack, defence and damage of weapons. This had no functional effect, but was still confusing. Fixed.

Fixed a couple of minor tactical issues with mobs.

Added a pantheon scoreboard and the new karma system.

Week 39

ending Sunday 27th September


You can now specify units of measurement for movement commands, eg 'north 3 miles' or 'west 10 yards'.

Inanimate objects are no longer described as 'swimming'.

You no longer 'splash around' after being killed in water, nor do corpses land on their feet if they've already twisted around in midair before dying.

Fixed a number of typos following feedback.

The MWI now displays chat, newbie and gossip history.

Cloud Giant wasn't granting its mental immunity while grown. Fixed.

Dye wasn't properly basing its bonuses on the age of the dropper. Fixed.

Autoabsorb is no longer based on the encumbrance modifier of the material. Instead, each material specifies an autoabsorb modifier for each damage type.

Fixed some dynamic flags for the tree shape.

Equipment wouldn't always be removed when pantheon spheres were dropped or updated. Fixed.

Barghests now use their rage (if any).

Week 38

ending Sunday 20th September


Moved the aliases from the Socket object to the Creature object, so that they now save when you're linkdead. Likewise, colour mode no longer toggles if you lose your connection.

It's now possible to outcast, promote and demote pantheon members who are offline. Outcast is also no longer blocked by a pantheon being in debt.

Inferno now does proper knockback (rather than knockover) on a critical hit, and no longer displays the knockback message on things that can't be knocked over. Also fixed some other sweep techs that weren't properly checking whether the target could be knocked over.

The Nova spell no longer hits non-creatures (too spammy).

Added support for 'pigment' items (currently just 'ink sac' and 'flower'), which can be converted into dye using an alchemy set. Added a 'plant' material type for flowers.

Dead and unconscious mobs no longer jump out of burning buildings.

Added an activation message for windblast.

Typing 'alias list' now actually lists what the aliases do. You can also use 'alias show' to view a specific alias.

Week 37

ending Sunday 13th September


Fixed a problem with triggers and persistent spell effects.

Added 'titan' to the requirements for Powerful Metabolism.

Fixed an issue with mobs dropping mobs when being lockpicked, and then dropping another mob when killed.

Added several more events, and activated the event system (although it's still an early version). Event mobs now give twice the normal amount of primal.

Week 36

ending Sunday 6th September


Fixed several cosmetic issues.

Fixed the web, root and net attacks to properly take into account creatures that can't be entangled.

Added support for persistent spell effects, which remain if you're knocked unconscious.

Fixed a bug with paired shields, whereby it would compare their relative soak (to find the best) but NOT check which locations they covered, effectively rendering the weaker shield completely useless even if it was covering a different location to the stronger shield.

Your full war hand is now displayed after recruiting. The recruit table also colours recruits that are available, and config screen reader indicates verbally which recruits you've got and which are available.

Continued working on the event system.

Week 35

ending Sunday 30th August


Red/Blue/White Dragon Descendant talents now give the synergy trait.

Fixed a couple of formating bugs with mail (one of which was a crash bug).

Filling in the titan help files with numeric values, and tweaked most of the titan powers.

Fixed the titan's 'chaos' option for Cosmic Branding.

Added dynamic tags for decapitation message, so that you can no longer decapitate trees, posts, etc.

Added an 'innate' help file describing the innate titan bonuses.

Removed the redundant 'difficulty' field from the realm area descriptions.

Fixed yet another issue with the war AI not attacking linkdead players. Also fixed a related issue whereby linkdead people at the start of the war wouldn't count towards the player total when determining how many lords should be created.

Implemented the first draft of a new event system (another quest variant). Created three events as proof of concept, although these currently require an admin to start.

Removed the 'info techniques' list.

Soul Devourer now uses the dynamic 'lifeforce' tag rather than the static text 'soul'.

Week 34

ending Sunday 23rd August


Added a 'condition' help file, also accessable via 'help durability'.

Fixed an issue with titans being able to pounce from jumping position.

Week 33

ending Sunday 16th August


Fixed some newline problems.

Added a dynamic tag for the 'temple' location.

Added an 'e' prompt variable for displaying your digestion timer (mostly useful for Wendigos).

Admin can now see at a glance via 'whois' which players are using the screen reader config option.

Macabre Feast now gives bite bypass, improved by Powerful Metabolism and Ravenous Giant. Furthermore, the Macabre Feast bite burst now works on a regular hit if you also have Ravenous Giant.

Finished off Grulk's mail system and made it available to classed players.

Week 32

ending Sunday 9th August


Did more work on the Empire minigame.

Thundering Strike renamed to Primordial Strike. Both Primordial Strike and Chi Strike are now fully implemented.

Added Synergy traits to the bypass talents and certain lesser callings.

Pets can now always see through their master's invisibility.

Buildings and other non-living creatures no longer 'ignore' attacks that fail to damage them, nor can you miss them.

Added different skin types for titans.

Week 31

ending Sunday 2nd August


Typo fix for mind whip.

Iron Fists now blocks Iron Talons and Razor Claws. It also gains +100% critical bypass for bare handed attacks.

Started adding Chi Strike and Thundering Strike talents.

Fixed a description bug caused by battle bracers, which cover both arms and hands.

Started adding the infrastructure for the Empire minigame, which I've been designing for the last few months.

Week 30

ending Sunday 26th July


Added 'build' and 'form' help files for titans.

Added the missing detect invis bonus to the Tremor Sense power.

Titan powers now have spheres.

Ripping out someone's heart with your fist wouldn't autodiscard. Fixed.

Mighty Leap now gives 5000 feet travel per rank rather than 1000, and also improves the pounce with rank.

Titan feet weren't able to use the staff launch tech properly. Fixed.

The duration of the Rejuvenation spell was wrong. Fixed.

Equipment is stripped and reworn when powers are raised and lowered, to deal with powers that adjust taint tolerance. But this would result in two-handed weapons being unassisted. This has now been fixed.

Added a stricter check before making weapons blood-stained.

Titans in giant form can now recover from sweeps.

The 'bird' feet table wasn't classified as a flying table. Fixed.

Week 29

ending Sunday 19th July


Reworked Focused Blow and Mighty Blow.

Modified the various bite bursts to go before the eating, so that you no longer bite a chunk of flesh from someone, spit it out, and THEN whip your jaws from side to side.

Some time ago I added a check to prevent people joining a war in the last second, as they would join after the Lords. For some reason it didn't work - but it has now been fixed.Added a FindOpponent() method for war, to replace the brain check that was preventing link-dead players from being targetable. This also means the mud will no longer try to target players who aren't in your war.

Changed several of the pantheon commands so that they need to be typed in full rather than being abbreviated.

Soul devourer no longer works on zombies, skeletons or inanimate objects.

Added support for Realm task worlds. Added a Tartarus location for collecting titan classing tokens.

The new class has been revealed - the Titan. It is now available for play, although it will certainly require further tweaking and balancing, and its help files still need fleshing out.

Week 28

ending Sunday 12th July


The new class now has its shift and shapechanging commands, along with 7 working powers. The current powers still need a little more work, and 3 more need to be added. The heritage talent is fully working, but the lesser callings haven't yet been implemented.

Week 27

ending Sunday 5th July


You can no longer view the help files for powers that aren't implemented.

The default prompt for new players now includes unread messages.

Typing 'warboard' on its own while not in the top 10 would display your score from the previous week if you hadn't yet played a war in the current week. Fixed.

The 'war tutorial' mode now repeatedly reminds you to use 'suggest'.

The weapon skill percentage bonus wasn't being properly applied to damaged weapons. Fixed.

Added 'force' and 'disconnect' commands, after a rival mud owner decided to create 12 spambots to connect to the mud as soon as I'd gone to bed. Also added an automated spamblock which silences current connections and prevents new characters from being created.

The 'ignore' command now works on up to 25 people instead of 10.

Fixed a crafting conflict between ringmail shirt and battleaxe.

Did some more design work on the new class.

Week 26

ending Sunday 28th June


Changed the formula for core damage/power vs resistance works, effectively halving the amount of damage inflicted in most cases. This was to address the problem introduced by the skill cap change, whereby fights were frequently resolved so fast that there was little opportunity to use any tactics.

Fixed a batch of typo reports.

Changed the GMud download from the website to use (it was still using the old Also added a link to MUSHclient, which is actually an extremely powerful and flexible mud client that I hadn't bothered looking at until now.

Hydras could lower Salamanders Gift without losing heads. Fixed.

If you're no longer in the warboard top 10, your name will now be displayed at the bottom along with your score.

Developed a prototype to test out a new dynamic building system: there's now a watchtower and a guardhouse in Glyphstone village, both of which can be destroyed - but if they are, a worker will come along and rebuild them. Likewise, if the watchmen inside are killed, new watchmen will appear to replace them. The idea is that this can be extended to villages in the Nexus that are completely built and maintained by mobs, but which can also be destroyed by players (or other mobs).

The Frog Fiend legs warp pounce wasn't checking whether victims could be knocked over before knocking them over, resulting in players knocking over buildings. Fixed.

The heal spell no longer works on creatures that have no blood.

Week 25

ending Sunday 21th June


Finally removed the old Dhampir, Shifter, Partial Enlightenment and Soulforged semi-class talents. The Dhampir talent was being reused as a temporary dirty hack for mobs which loaded other mobs. This is now handled via a 'Loader' property.

Cleared out the old GetTreasure() functionality from the Class classes.

Added the infrastructure for a new class.

Pounce now always lands you at a run.

Greater Fox Spirit now gives paused stealth (invisibility) at rank 10.

Talents defined as not yet implemented are no longer visible.

Did more work on the appearance code, including horns.

Prettied up the terraforming message.

Added 'config autodiscard' for automatically discarding torn-off body parts, and took the opportunity to go through the combat code cleaning up the body part creation.

Added a couple more triggers for the Harpy Wood task, to make it feel a bit more interactive.

You can no longer 'home' from a task, unless you've just completed it for the first time. Typing 'who where' now just shows 'The Nexus' instead of listing task worlds.

Drakes can now walk and lope, instead of just crawl.

Week 24

ending Sunday 14th June


Weapon Mastery talents weren't being applied to the bonuses mentioned in 'help weapon'. Fixed.

Magic skills were being capped before being applied to the spell table - this has been reverted. They are still capped when calculating Ascendency and Protection (in the same way as weapon skills are for Attack and Defence), but modifications to the spell tables are uncapped (in the same way as style modifiers are uncapped when applied to the physical combat tables).

Athletics is no longer capped for applying movement bonuses. Each point of Athletics over 100 is now added as a flat bonus to Health.

The Psychic Lance help file incorrectly mentioned a bypass bonus. Fixed.

Did more work on the dynamic appearance code, fixing some grammatically bugs and adding proper support for head and face worn equipment.

Expert Staff Fighting upgraded the basic defence tech too much. Fixed.

Added an appearance function for modifying looks based on short description keywords, so that (for example) a young woman mob randomly given the 'ugly' keyword (so that she appears as 'an ugly young woman') will now also appear ugly when you look at her.

Added $n and $N prompt options for displaying new mail.

Visual facial socials are no longer visible to other people if you're wearing something on your face.

All giants have had their poison immunity lowered from 90% to 40%.

Ringmail shirts had been missed from the shard crafting options. Fixed.

Added four new vampire subclasses - Umbral Seer, which branches into Umbral Augur, Umbral Oracle and Umbral Prophet.

The internal mail system, primarily developed by Grulk, is now nearly complete.

Week 23

ending Sunday 7th June


Fixed a nasty bug in the find-and-replace library function.

Added find, replace, format, list and delete options to the mail command.

Tried to make movement a bit less daunting. Added a 'walk' shortcut command, changed the directional movement messages to indicate actual destination, and added a large movement bonus for city terrain. New characters are now created with AutoLook switched on.

Added ratskin and yellow dragonbone to the list of materials usable by Fang Forging and Shadow Crafting. Also added yellow dragonscale for Shadow Crafting.

Fixed another date format problem.

Fixed a double pfile loading issue caused by the IP blocking code.

Fixed an accidental shard crafting conflict between coif and ringmail vest.

The practice dummy now always reappears at 0 0 if destroyed.

Fixed a perspective bug introduced by the generic description code.

Chaos Sceptre now uses Wand Mastery to boost its blast attack.

Corrected the House Shadowsworn help file - it only grants one shadowbolt spell.

The bonuses from skills and styles are now capped at 100. Note that your full uncapped weapon skill is still used as a modifier for the first 100 points in each of Attack, Defence and Damage on your wielded weapons. Likewise, the Attack, Defence and Damage of all techs in your combat table is still modified by your full uncapped style.

Players can now see idle time in 'whois', and the same information has been added to the MWI whois display. You cannot view the idle time of players who are in the Nexus, however.

Fixed a capitalisation issue in the 'suspected alts' section of the whois command (only visible to admin).

Added a 'weapon' command. Type 'weapon left', 'weapon right', etc, to view the stats of the weapon in that hand, the same as 'look'. The difference is you can also use the 'weapon' command to show unarmed stats, and view your other combat locations as well.

Fixed a bug whereby joining any war at all would count as your first Great War of the day for the warboard. You also now get a notification each time you join your first daily Great War.

Week 22

ending Sunday 31st May


Implemented the Rat Fiend warp bonuses for arms, mouth and wings.

Fixed a date formating problem with the mwi whois.

Fixed several typos that had been reported.

Fixed a burst bug which allowed physical bursts to sometimes miss.

Continued tweaking the generated character descriptions.

Chainmail and ringmail can now be crafted from shards.

Renamed 'fight timer' to 'adrenaline rush', as it doesn't sound quite so jarring/artificial.

Fixed a bug whereby the blind fighting messages wouldn't be sent if the weapon also became blood-stained from that attack.

Added a giant rat mob.

Added a 'Diseased' property for mobs.

Added the ratling task.

The first version of Grulk's messaging system has been integrated into the mud.

Week 21

ending Sunday 24th May


Serpent Breed can now wear Dragon Barding.

Added an expiry time to the MWI login sessions.

Added support for generic viewer creature descriptions (i.e., from a neutral perspective).

Added character descriptions to the 'whois' option on the MWI.

Added a few more formating functions for dates.

Form of Fire no longer gets wet. If you are are already wet when you shapechange, you will dry out almost instantly.

Redesigned the human form description code to mention equipment (or lack thereof) and wet/damp hair.

You are now informed when you use your final boost point earning primal.

Admin can now see idle time via the 'whois' command.

The Mehktish bladedancer is back, along with the Mehktish executioner, fiend and warlord. The bladedancer and warlord are part of a new Mehktish task.

The torc of eternal health can now be worn by demons in hellhound form, and Infernal Forging grants it detect invisibility.

There was an undefined sub-area in north-east Whispering Wood. Fixed.

Added ratling guard and matriarch mobs, and started designing the ratling task.

Week 20

ending Sunday 17th May


Updated MSSP support to include the extended variables.

The skylords' breath attacks weren't taking into account the colour of their mount. Fixed.

Crystal Pedigree bursts have been reduced to a % chance based on other powers.

Added support for epic items to a have a maximum bonuses equal to the current fame of the item.

Added a range of pet bonus types for items, and redesigned the epic huntinghorn to utilise them.

The lionskin pelt of invulnerability no longer stops burst attacks.

The warboard now informs you if you've already played a Great War today.

Shields now have half soak while performing techniques and during cooldown, unless the wielder has Rapid Shield Block.

The soak for using two shields no longer stacks. Only the highest applies.

Layer 0 items (typically weapons, tools and shields) never gave auto-absorb, but would still display an auto-absorb value when you looked at them. This value is no longer displayed, except for sheathable shields - which DO now give their auto-absorb, but only while sheathed.

Bucklers now have their own combat table.

Tower shields no longer protect the head and face, while kite shields no longer protect the neck. All other shields now protect only the hands and arms by default, but have techniquess allowing them to protect other locations. Previously the number of locations protected by shield type was buckler: 2, target/crescent: 3, aegis: 8, kite: 7, tower 9. The number of locations is now more balanced, with buckler: 3, target/crescent: 4, aegis: 5, kite: 6, tower 7.

The aegis shield now uses Small Shield Mastery instead of Large Shield Mastery, as its updated functionality is consistant with that of the other small shields.

Added a 'shields' help file.

Inferno is now treated as a 'roar', and the out-of-range messages for this attack type have been made generic.

A missing comma in the Unstoppable Charge of the Rhino technique's messages would sometimes cause rather odd combat messages. Fixed.

Spells are now cleared when you recover (so that if you set an unconscious character on fire, they don't collapse again as soon as they get back up).

You can now 'mtarget' areas by name, as you could previously with 'target'.

Heavy Armour Expert wasn't applying its double auto-absorb bonus against mental and poison damage. Fixed.

Corrected the grammar of the claw bursts (miss vs misses).

Added rank 50 Wave spells for dragons, and increased their casting time to 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1 second (similar to scaling bonuses). Updated the Wave help files, and added additional dynamic tags for shapes to replace the previously used (and hard to maintain) magic numbers.

Added headbutt and breath bypass bonuses. Both of these, along with bite bypass, can now appear on champrons.

Minor bugfix for large chest item drops.

Got the MWI login/logout working properly, although it still needs to utilise https before it can be made available.

Week 19

ending Sunday 10th May


Expanded the Trigger module to support on-the-fly variables.

Split the individual triggers off into their own separate file.

Added a Medusa task, using a new trigger type.

Gorgon gaze attack changed to an indirect spell.

Demon Form severed heads weren't being modified by warp. Fixed.

Lockpick sets can now be sheathed at your belt.

Added a PHYSICAL_BURST attack range type, as SPELL_BURST counted as a magical attack, while the (previously used) NON_RANGED_UNBLOCKABLE was intended for close-range attacks (and would blood-stain the weapon).

You no longer vanish while linkdead if you're in a war.

Added a 'warboard' scoreboard for Great War, with associated help file.

Dust Devil arms warp wasn't preventing hands from being severed. Fixed.

The food sickness check for Dracolich Aberration was reversed, so that dracoliches (and only dracoliches) could get sick from eating bad food. Fixed.

Fixed a minor cut and paste error with slug arms being displayed as if they were frog arms.

Added several functions for retrieving numeric information from the GW2 date format.

Fixed a minor bug with the 'pantheon downgrade', which had mixed up the check for high gods and regular gods.

The MWI now uses the style sheets from the GW2 website.

Week 18

ending Sunday 3rd May


Added the 'pantheon downgrade' option.

Adding a new Trigger module. This will need to be extended.

Added the concept of failing tasks.

Added a 'lock' property, rather than hardcoding it for specific shapes.

Added a 'POST' shape.

Added Promtheus, giant eagle and post mobs, and implemented the Prometheus task (also using the new Trigger module).

The monthly 'reroll' only checked the month, not year, so if you didn't reroll for a year it thought you'd just rerolled. Fixed.

Certain warps and powers were allowing movement at over 66fps. Fixed.

Added a 'gingerbread' material type, after Karliik complained that the gingerbread giant's body parts were made of flesh.

Renamed the short-ranged wand teleport spell to 'lesser teleport'. If you have Wand Mastery you now get the full teleport spell.

Swarms of rats can no longer hit people who are in the air.

Tasks didn't used to clear instantly - if you left and re-entered a task, you could end up with a double set of mobs. Fixed.

Continued working on the MWI.

Week 17

ending Sunday 26th April


Finished the forehead location.

Continued working on the MWI.

Week 16

ending Sunday 19th April


Beasthide and Dragonhide now use the highest appropriate power, rather than that of the current form.

Continued working on the MWI.

Week 15

ending Sunday 12th April


The Crystal Devil skin warp help file was wrong. It gives 5% physical armour per rank, not 6%. Fixed.

Oni Spawn's natural poison armour has been reduced from 2%/rank to 1%/rank, bringing the Oni's total armour bonus to 17%/rank. The naked skin warps (crab, rock, crystal and hellhound) give a total armour bonus of 18%/rank, while other warps typically give 1%/rank. Therefore all skin warps should now be equally useful for Oni.

Continued working on the MWI.

Week 14

ending Sunday 5th April


Fixed a crash bug (although it wasn't likely, it could potentially be a problem), thanks to Grulk.

Grulk got MWI working, with 'who' and 'whois' options.

Added help files to the MWI.

Week 13

ending Sunday 29th March


You can now view task rewards for tasks you've completed.

Week 12

ending Sunday 22nd March


Fixed various typos.

A closed visor now applies the helmet's soak to your eyes.

Fixed backstab with darkblades inflicting physical damage while in ethereal form.

Finished the gaze immunity bonus type.

Added MSSP support.

Week 11

ending Sunday 15th March


Pantheons are now in.

Fixed alchemy sets so that you can no longer brew a potion if there is no recipe.

The 'authorise' command wasn't displaying unauthorised names, making it impossible to see what pantheon title someone wanted until it had already been authorised. It was also possible to authorise an unset title. Bothfixed.

Week 10

ending Sunday 8th March


Fixed a bug whereby falling over, then being set to falling again, wouldn't reset your standing state - so that even if you landed on your feet you'd still be lying down. This could occur when you died, and also when the owl totem spirit transported you around.

If dragons add or drop Dragon Descendant talents while in Dragon Form, their scales now change colour instantly.

Dual damage wasn't taking into account the lionskin pelt. Fixed.

Separated 'explore' and 'hidden' tasks into two categories, so that there can be hidden tasks which aren't related to an area.

Week 9

ending Sunday 1st March


Fixed a bug with tetsubo bonuses remaining after Tainted Talons and Inferno had been lowered or dropped.

Fixed a crash bug in war, when displaying link dead players.

Implemented 'pantheon upgrade'.

Fixed some cosmetic issues with the Mystic Armour spell.

Pantheons now store creation date.

Week 8

ending Sunday 22nd February


Fixed dragon descriptions to include yellow.

Cleaned up the object saving to not bother writing out strings set to 'none'.

Updated metallic glyphs forearm bonuses, so that if you have the glyph on both forearms the bypass applies to all locations.

Added an ingredients system.

Week 7

ending Sunday 15th February


Added a specific head table for Mist Form.

Added a Mist Form bonus to the Shapechanging power.

Metallic Pedigree now gets half of its rage pain bonus applied to damage.

Week 6

ending Sunday 8th February


Fixed a bug whereby shapechanging directly into mist or wolf form from bat form while merged with your summoned bats wouldn't release them.

Partially added 'forehead' location.

Implemented the age 300 Serpent subclasses.

Added a 'returning' bonus for thrown weapons.

Added support for viewer-specific dynamic tags: {move(s)} and {!is/are}

Fixed a number of typos and corrected some non-dynamic 'standing' issues.

Blind Fighting now allows you to 'sense' people as blurred shapes.

Week 5

ending Sunday 1st February


Changed the 'look self' descriptions to second person.

Fixed a 'for for' typo for spells on items.

Week 4

ending Sunday 25th January


Treant roots now only knockdown on a critical hit.

Week 3

ending Sunday 18th January


Modified Dust Devil legs, and implemented arms.

Week 2

ending Sunday 11th January


Fixed a couple of bugs with the Lords of War.

Week 1

ending Sunday 4th January


You can now 'war challenge' to invite Lords of War into a planar war.