Progress Reports (2007)

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Week 52

ending Sunday


Celebrated Christmas, had visitors over to celebrate a birthday, then flew to Edinburgh to celebrate another birthday as well as the New Year. Suffice to say it was a very short week progress-wise.

Fixed a few reported typos.

Summoning mobs now triggers your invisibility timer.

The dungeons have been simplified, making them much easier to navigate.

Week 51

ending Sunday 23rd December


Wyvern Breed now unlocks the Venom talent.

You can now craft skullcaps from dragonbone and ironwood.

Added a 'roar' social for dragons. Dragons can now also use tail socials.

Dracolich Aberration now applies its pain and sickness immunity to all forms.

Started applying dracolich-specific cosmetics to Draconian Form.

Adjusted the Summon Vermin ranked stat bonuses.

The 'item' and 'bonuses' shortcuts for Config Screen Reader now check worn and wielded items as well as those in your inventory.

Added basic barding to the store (steel only, so there's still a strong incentive to looking for precious metal barding, but at least you can get some basic protection).

Cleaned up and optimised several parts of the code.

Giants no longer have such a powerful Shadow Infusion, nor do they use it as often as before.

The 'chat' command defaults to gossip rather than newbie if you have the chat channel off.

Fixed a bug whereby (because of the increased input/output speed) you could conjure a soulblade or darkblade, remove it, drop it, conjure another, then get and rewield the first.

You can now raise and lower powers while wearing equipment and/or shapechanged. This can result in some equipment falling off, or being automatically shapechanged back into human form.

Crab Fiend pincers now get innate bypass for snap attacks.

The 'who' command no longer shows where people area (in preparing for it showing clan names). You can use 'who where' to show where people are, but this doesn't show AFK or WAR. You can use 'who full' to show everything, like the old 'who' command.

Did some more work on clans.

Week 50

ending Sunday 16th December


Continued tweaking the Winterland mobs.

Draconian headbutt energy burst was using your rank in Draconian Charge rather than Draconian Form to determine success. Fixed.

Renamed Zombie Dragon to Rotting Dragon.

Fixed a number of cosmetic issues with dracolich shapechanging.

The Serenity 'style' information now correctly shows the speed bonus as a speed CAP bonus.

Your 'Speed Cap' in score now really shows your Speed Cap, rather than your Speed after being capped. If your Speed and Speed Cap are not the same, the lower one will be coloured red, indicating that it is holding back the other in terms of calculating action points.

The 'kill' command no longer ignores lust/mesmerise.

You can now type 'talent category <whatever>' to list talents of a specific category and 'talent <class>' to list talents with a specific class trait. These two options along with 'talent all' are colour-coded to indicate whether you've got them, can add them, or cannot add them.

You can now type 'power raise/lower <value> <name of power>' to raise or lower powers by a specified amount.

Imp Servant now gets Freeze/Shock instead of Burn (and the Great equivilent) if the summoner is using the Storm/Frost Demon Imp warp.

Finally fixed the reboot freeze! It was caused by people who had connected but not yet created a character (and thus had an empty account name). For some strange reason it worked if there was just one such account, but froze if there were two.

Tweaked various dynamic body part descriptions, primarily those for inanimate objects.

The Shapechanging power now gives Bat Focus points. Added the 'knockback' and 'infect' techs for Bat Form (both of which cost Bat Focus).

Added the Mystical Blade Mastery talent, and partially added (but not quite finished) the Legendary Blademaster talent.

Form of Fire can now hold and wear meat/flesh items, but they cook. They can now also use metal items of lower heat tolerance than before, although those items will also heat up (and in extreme cases, melt).

Fixed a problem whereby mobs would sometimes never leave: If they were fighting one opponent and switched to another, killed the new opponent, but the previous opponent was nowhere nearby, they'd keep looking/waiting for that new opponent and never actually vanish.

Modified the Summon Vermin and Beast Master powers to make the summoned vermin more effective, unlocking additional powers and talents for them as the summoning powers rise in rank.

Added a 'rats' shapechange type, similar to bats, and used for the reworked version of Summon Vermin. It will eventually also be tied in to a new vampire House talent.

Added the Draconic Aura power.

Fixed a bug whereby mounted mobs would revert to the standard feet table if knocked off their mount, rather then reverting to their specified default feet table.

Week 49

ending Sunday 9th December


Added Winterland, and continued tweaking its mobs throughout the week.

Fixed a bug which was blocking certain subclass talents from being added.

The Screen Reader config option now unlocks an 'item' command (which indicates the item type, rarity and radiation) and a 'bonuses' command (which shows the item bonuses). Both are also available as 'show' options.

Made some cosmetic 'is' vs 'are' dynamic description tweaks.

Mist Form and Transcendence now vanish upon death (like Bat Form) rather than leaving a corpse behind.

Added the four Dracolich talents along with their associated subclasses.

Removed the unfinished Imperial Breed talent (now made redundant by Lord of the Seas).

Fixed a crash bug with War (it wasn't checking for link-dead people).

Reworked all of the wingbash attacks, giving them a delay of 3, top attack strength, and removing their two and three part techs.

Houses/etc can no longer fall unconscious from damage over time.

Increased the delay on the Frog Fiend, Pit Devil and Succubus Devil mouth warp attacks by 1, to bring them in line with the other bite attacks.

Typing 'rage off' while using Pack Rage didn't work properly for hellhounds - fixed.

Week 48

ending Sunday 2nd December


Fixed some incorrect travel messages for Lord of the Lands.

Added a new 'katar' weapon type, and updated Martial Arts Mastery's description and requirements accordingly. Created an epic katar for Arachne.

Tweaked the custom concept eq generation.

Redid the talent ClearInvalid() method, so that it no longer drops things just because they're unlocked by a subclass bonus talent.

Updated the 'train subclass' option to show which new talents you gain (or lose if appropriate) and what they unlock or block.

Small chests now only give age 100 items when picked.

The 'whois' option now indicates if someone is semi-AFK.

When you class, you now get a recommendation to switch on the 'chat' channel.

Attempted to get Winterland ready, but ran out of time. Flew to the UK early on Saturday morning and didn't get back until late Monday night (which, annoyingly enough, meant that I also missed all three days of FidoCon II).

Week 47

ending Sunday 25th November


The minimum bypass/soak (as described in 'help armour2') has been changed from 5% increments to 3% increments. Or in plain English: You now inflict more damage than before if your opponent has more armour than you have bypass, and you inflict less damage than before if your bypass exceeds their armour.

Added an 'ambassadors' recruit option.

Combat prompts weren't being initialised, resulting in blank prompts during combat for new characters. Initialised the combat prompt to include opponent's health.

You can no longer give/sell to people you are ignoring, or who are ignoring you.

Creatures without minds are no longer described as 'mentally blocking' mental attacks.

You can no longer drop talents while using Terrestrial Sigils talons.

Some of the wyvern and serpent defensive techs were using the regular dragon claw defence type. Fixed.

The standard human description broke when given very high base stats, which meant it often didn't work for mobs. Fixed.

Fixed a sizable number of typos.

Added the 'Chaos War' variant.

The Dracamander mobs no longer have Natural Fortitude.

You no longer send out a WAR message when you recruit if you've got 0 kills. This was intended to cut down spam from the initial recruiting.

Expert Staff Fighting was applying it's innate critical bypass bonus to all damage types. This was an oversight - it's been changed to only apply to physical damage types.

The cut and stab bursts are now the last burst types to be checked.

Demon horn/antler headbutts weren't actually applying the broken/shattered nose wound type on a critical hit - fixed.

Fixed a 'remove' bug with perched imps and familiars.

Warps didn't apply cosmetically to hellhound form - fixed.

Added a 'newbie' channel, on by default. The 'chat' channel is now off when you first connect.

Fixed some issues with aggressive mobs attacking inappropriate targets.

Mobs who use the same weapons for both melee and ranged combat no longer sheathe and redraw them whenever they switch between melee and ranged mode.

Added an age 110 task: Westgate Forest.

Added an age 200 task: the Great Web.

Draconian Breath wasn't working properly when wielding two weapons - fixed.

Week 46

ending Sunday 18th November


Added a Rigid Feathers talent. Dragons can now choose Rigid Feathers, Thick Pelt or Tough Hide (although the first two are only available in Dragon Form).

Demon horn/antler headbutt attack can now break and shatter noses in the same way as a regular headbutt.

Added an 'unhealing' property, for mobs that never heal - buildings, etc.

Cerberi now wear and drop spiked demonsteel collars.

Added support for weapons with innate critical bypass bonuses (intended for epic items, specifically vorpal blades).

Added support for cut and stab burst weapons (once again primarily for epic items - the briarstaff has a cut burst).

The 'who brief' option now colours people in the Nexus and home planes.

Added 'tree' and 'dryad' shapes and properties.

Added an age 300 task: Whispering Wood.

Added an age 250 task: Oakdale Forest.

The black knight now uses and drops an epic vorpal longsword.

Frog Fiend mouth warp no longer lets you pull over houses/etc.

Adjusted the Master of Wolves and Master of Hellhounds subclasses.

Modified some of the dragon breath messages so that you no longer blow holes through your opponent's chest/stomach.

Nightwasps now target a random location each time they attack, instead of always going for the body.

Epic items no longer get renamed if enchanted.

Fixed the neck-worn Wolf Form switch for neck-sheathed items. Previously it allowed you to wear fang necklaces AND bracelets around your neck. Now it allows you to wear fang necklaces, torcs and crucifixes, but not bracelets.

Finished the Serpent Breed subclass talent.

When performing tasks that require you to kill multiple mobs, the mud now tells you how many more you have to kill each time you kill one.

Week 45

ending Sunday 11th November


Implemented the Lead the Pack, Pack Rage and Pack Bond talents.

Draconian Breath now works with the metallic Snake wisdoms.

Added a 'cyclops' shape (same as humanoid except only has one eye).

You can now go semi-AFK by typing 'afk semi'.

Updated several help files (including newbie, lockpicking and epic) to make them clearer.

Fixed a load of 'targetted' and 'targetting' typos.

The darkblade now lets you backstab and slit throats in ethereal mode.

The 'reboot' command now warns if people are doing a task.

Tainted Talons and Claws of the Wolf now apply their bypass bonus to stab damage.

Added the Elemental Spell Expert talent (currently subclass only).

The Shapechanging power now gives additional bonuses to Bat Form.

If a talent had both a class AND trait requirement, the latter wouldn't be displayed in the help file. Fixed.

Added a 'autoaccept' config option, for automatically accepting things people offer to give you.

The prisoner wasn't being recognised as a training mob - fixed.

Made some minor fixes to the black knight.

Changed the area list to store age ranges as actual integers rather than just as part of the description. The age range is now used to colour the area names, indicating which are good for your age.

Within the Nexus you can now type 'area <age>' or 'area <from age> <to age>' to view areas populated by mobs of the appropriate age or age range.

Week 44

ending Sunday 4th November


Cleaned up the soundex check for missing help files.

Added the psionic help files: mind blast, mind whip, mindshield, psychic lance, boil blood and regrowth.

Upgraded the righteous fury, lay on hands and sanctuary Faith spells, and added help files for them. They now get modifiers for Fang Forging - or for Lunar Forging if you're using an epic torc (which now functions as a holy symbol for the purposes of Faith).

Mystic Armour was giving +5% armour for Witch Spawn instead of Windborn Adept - fixed.

You can now use most of the Spirit Binding options on epic blades.

You no longer see the "XXX has left God Wars II (link-dead timeout)" info message if the person in question hasn't yet completed character creation.

Building-style mobs (eg tents, houses, etc) now show up as '[]' on the 'look' map.

Cheiron was drawing his torc and using it as a weapon. Fixed.

Your facing was based on your regular target even when mounted, causing some strange movement messages. Fixed.

You can now craft hooded cloaks.

Added a 'samhain slayer' mob for Halloween.

Went through the dragon subclasses, adjusting various stat, talent and power bonuses.

The darkblade was gaining dual mental damage in ethereal form even if you didn't have 20 ranks in Blade of Darkness. Fixed.

A friend came to visit on Wednesday (leaving Monday morning), so I wasn't around much this week.

Week 43

ending Sunday 28th October


The Greater Fox Spirit burst protection was working against all unblockable attacks, including backstabs. Fixed.

Fixed a cosmetic issue with sea dragons using travel while launched.

When you kill a task mob, the mud now checks to make sure there are no other mobs in the same location as you with the same task ID. This doesn't impact existing tasks, but it means its now possible to have tasks where you're required to kill multiple mobs.

Added two new age 100 tasks: Ashwood Farm and Harpy Wood.

The 'info' command now lists the number of nexus areas along with how many nexus tasks have been implemented so far.

Killing newbie training mobs as a classed character now only count as 2 daily kills if you've less than 250 daily kills. After that point, they don't give daily kills any more.

You can no longer complete a renewal map if you've already got a free reroll (this saves people from accidently wasting 10.0 boost points).

Fixed some bypass bugs with Conjure Soulblade when switching between its different modes.

Whips can now drop with damage bonuses.

Fixed numerous minor (mostly cosmetic) issues with combat messages in relation to non-standard opponents (such as buildings).

Redid the 'newbie' help file, and added new help files for 'classing', 'classed', 'classes', 'scaling', 'build', 'epic' and 'handed'. Also added 'form' help files for werewolf, mage, demon and dragon, and six 'build' help files (one for each class, plus one generic).

Trying to wear an item on a location that's already got an item now gives much more informative feedback, describing exactly what is blocking the item you're trying to wear, and what you should type to swap them (including multiple keywords in the case of items of the same type).

Cleaned up the task areas, so that they now properly give exploration bonuses if you somehow manage to jump over the surrounding terrain.

The 'gender' and 'appearance' commands now only work on your home plane.

You can no longer use any forging power on an item which has elementals bound into it. Also fixed an obscure bug with Infernal Forging on items bound with rock imps (thanks Abraxas).

Removing an item now shifts it to the front of your inventory list, rather than just toggling the inside/outside state.

If you lower a power or drop a talent, and lose another power or talent as a result, you now get told exactly what you've lost.

Partially added support for ascendancy/protection/power item-specific bonuses (this will eventually be used for wands, but was done now to fix some missing bonuses for dragons' magical breath).

You can no longer begin tasks when in another plane. Eventually this will be changed, when each plane gets its own world, as some many have class-specific tasks - but you shouldn't be able to enter Nexus tasks from class planes.

Purchased a 6 month 'featured mud' advertising slot on MudMagic, using some of my winnings from the last MudMagic coding contest. Alayla created a flash banner.

Week 42

ending Sunday 21st October


Lord of the Skies wasn't giving its bypass bonus to Dragon Mount swoop attacks. Fixed.

Reworded the messages when trying to make a fang bracelet.

The +2.5 Regenerate spell bonus was always being applied, regardless of talents. Fixed.

Pets now only age when killing mobs that give primal and aren't controlled.

You can now use 'recruit' in a tutorial war.

Added a 'config interleaving' option and updated the 'interleaving' help file.

Killing Thrainn the witch-king now unlocks the Spiritus Blood Rune (although you require at least 1 rank in Path of Shadows when you kill him).

Implemented the 6 dragon Snake wisdoms and added them to the skylord kings.

Fixed a power requirements bug with knowledges.

Rank 20 Conjure Soulblade now lets you conjure a second soulblade.

Added a 'lifeforce' dynamic tag.

Dragon Mounts now wingbash rather than launch into short-range flight. Fixed their wingbash bypass bonus from Lord of the Skies.

Added a 'combo' help file to explain how combination techniques work.

The 'safe primal' prompt option has been changed from $i to $q. New prompt options are $i for 'invisibility level' and $+ for 'detect invis'. The invis and detect information is now also displayed in 'score'.

The '$t' prompt option to show your target's name now properly colours it if you've got Assassin Training and they've got their back to you.

Fixed a problem with dragon shift/travel (the same problem as the owl Lesser Totem, which was fixed last week).

Updated the Cloak of Shadows activation command to clarify whether its your fight timer or invis timer preventing you from cloaking.

Changed the server input/output pulse from 4 times per second to 10, making it feel less laggy.

Week 41

ending Sunday 14th October


Boosted kills no longer count as daily kills.

Mounts now get a 30 second fight timer when their rider dismounts or is knocked off, to stop them running/flying away quite so quickly.

Admin-initiated Great Wars now give 2 minutes warning instead of 1.

Item bonuses to tail bypass now apply to all damage types, not just physical.

Venomous Tail now gets an additional bypass bonus from Fiend Spawn.

Adjusted 'help newbie' to try and make it a bit simpler.

Celestial Pedigree wasn't applying its dual mental damage to the pounce attack from Lord of the Lands. Fixed.

Added power categories for organisation purposes - eg. a 'Claws' category for the three claw-based powers.

Rank 20 Blade of Darkness now gives the darkblade dual physical/cold in physical form and dual cold/mental is ethereal form. The darkblade also gets physical bypass rather than specifically cut/stab.

Conjure Soulblade gets an additional +2 mental/energy bypass per rank.

Fireblade, iceblade and shockblade can now chop off hands just like physical swords.

Wyverns were applying the hit/dam wing-spike bonuses as bypass. Fixed.

You can no longer craft/forge raw materials, you have to turn them into an item first.

The 'regenerate' head spell was using Tenacity for dragons (only hydra were correctly using Mettle). This has been fixed. Furthermore, if you're a dragon with Dark Lineage AND Salamanders Gift, it'll pick your highest of Mettle and Tenacity.

Fixed some cosmetic issues with Lord of the Land and Lord of the Seas.

Great wyrm mobs now get Chromatic Pedigree.

The burst of the epic barbed wing-spikes is now internal.

Tweaked some of the starting concepts.

The martial artists now wait a bit longer before leaving the dojo (due to the scaling change, they would give up before walking within sight of people near the back of the dojo).

Core Damage/Power vs. Resistance was not being applied when striking dead or unconscious opponents. Although they don't take damage anyway, this gave misleading damage information, and has been fixed.

The falcon from Chivalry would sometimes attack the arms when ordered to attack the legs. Fixed.

The Owl Lesser Totem Spirit wouldn't properly drop you when moving you from one ocean location to another, because it retained your swimming state. Fixed.

The 'guard' recruit in Great War now only gives 6 Defence.

The Venom Dragonkin arm Draconic Glyph wasn't getting double poison bypass from Venom. Fixed.

Started adding the basics for a grappling system (currently you can just grab and throw - functionality not available to players).

Week 40

ending Sunday 7th October


Reordered some of the spell sigils due to Dispel Magic blocking Sixth Sense.

Unicorns now have a 100% drop rate for horns.

The enhanced version of the 'regenerate' spell could be used with only a single rank in Regeneration. Fixed.

Added alternative humanoid shapes for the purposes of Fang Forging. Fire, frost and storm giants now drop teeth with the appropriate energy bypass, while cloud giants drop teeth with mental bypass.

Mobs no longer drop treasure if you're at your primal cap, unless you're at age 400 - in which case they do drop treasure, but also count as a daily kill.

Added 'bypass' and 'immunity' shortcut commands. Also modified the 'bypass' help file and added an 'immunity' help file.

Added a '$i' prompt option for safe primal, and also added it to the 'primal' shortcut command for Screen Reader mode.

Added a 'counter-attack' help file.

Greater Crow Spirit now gets the fireball spell at rank 3.

Fixed some cosmetic issues with insect swarm attacks.

Fixed a bug with the automatic running after landing from a pounce granted by Greater Fox Spirit, and the automatic flying after a swoop granted by Lord of the Skies.

Implemented Lord of the Lands and Lord of the Seas.

Fixed a bug with primal loss from mob deaths.

The throbbing/pulsating bypass bonus for bloodsteel now applies for all damage types, not just physical.

Dragon Mount bonuses weren't being applied to the mount when it was launched. Fixed.

Added support for ASCII background colours.

Optimised the use of colour codes in the map viewed by the 'area' command.

Week 39

ending Sunday 30th September


The war command now shows offence/defence bonuses, fortifications and invested actions.

Fixed a minor initialisation bug with recruits.

Added 'merchant' and 'prophet' recruit options.

Lords of War now only surrender if they outnumber the players by more than 2 to 1.

Adjusted some of the temperature tolerance levels of metals to more accurate values.

The previous Imp Servant healing fix didn't work, so replaced the imp's Feral Senses with Ears of the Bat (not really a solution, but it solves the problem, and the defensive nature of Ears of the Bat fits the imp better than the speed-based Feral Senses anyway).

Fixed several of the dragon sigil spells which weren't getting ranked bonuses, and updated the appropriate spell help files.

Some of the Blood Runes were applying bonuses with 0 ranks. Fixed.

The mounts of task mobs would vanish in the same way as non-task mobs. Fixed.

Added the infrastructure for three new mage True Names: Undine, Salamander and Sylph, which along with Erdgeist will represent the four age 100 True Names.

Wrote up a design for Chthonic Transfer (the Erdgeist spell) and implemented Rejuvenation (the Undine spell). Also added the Sylph double-rank bonus to the invisibility spell. Salamander still needs a spell, and all of the True Names will also need additional bonuses other than just spells, but it's a start.

Added an 'invisible' property for innately invisible mobs (required for the Sylph True Name, but may also come in handy for other future mobs).

The epic flameblade, frostblade, stormblade and spiritblade can now dehand with the Diving Rapture tech, giving appropriate messages for each damage type.

Tweaked the wording of several of the dynamic descriptions to make them more readable.

Week 38

ending Sunday 23rd September


Finished off the 18 skylords and their dragons and added the Lowland Meadow task.

The ratling nightrunner now spawns in Hunger Marsh.

Tried to fix Imp Servant's healing problem by adding Ambidextrous, but apparently that just made it worse.

Can no longer wear wing-spikes when using the Chelonian Fiend wings warp to replace with wings with a shell.

Added multi-headed hydra breath attacks.

The Lords of War now surrender if they outnumber the players, although no more than one will surrender per turn. The mud checks at the end of the turn, and the weakest lord who hasn't been targetted for an attack surrenders.

Started designing two of the mage True Name spells - Chthonic Transfer and Levitate.

Flew to Leipzig very early Saturday morning and got back late Sunday night, so I was only able to work on the mud during the week.

Week 37

ending Sunday 16th September


Did some more minor tweaking to Serenity and Martial Gnosis.

Tireless Rage was reducing exhaustion time by full Mettle instead of base Mettle - fixed.

The 'Boar' Lesser Totem Spirit now gets the reduced delay from Tireless Rage in the same way as the regular rage.

It's now possible for mobs to load with (and drop) a full set of the same precious metal type (eg a full set of silver, full set of gold, etc). Centaur's now spawn with a set of random precious metal gear, and drop the same metal type.

Added support for loading 'light' items on mobs (encumbrance 1), to deal with mobs that need to wear armour made from precious metals.

The Aegis feet Blood Rune wasn't working in Mist Form. Fixed.

Added a new Blood Potency talent for vampires.

It's now possible to recruit in Planar Wars as well as the Great War, and you begin the war with 1 victory point. Added 'inquisitor' and 'paladins' recruit options, although it's still not possible to attack in the first turn. Adjusted 'spymaster' and 'general'. Created a separate 'recruit' file.

You now have to kill two Lords in a Great War before you can attack the God or another player. This seems to make the games a bit more tactical, as it cuts down the temptation to just rush the God.

A Great War initiated by an admin now starts 1 minute later, rather than 15 minutes later like the automatic midnight ones.

Relaxed the stat requirements on the Blow talents and some of the Expert talents.

Fiend Spawn now gets a bite burst attack when in Demon Form.

Added some help file shortcuts.

Some of the demon warps allowed collars to be worn but not necklaces - fixed.

Bearkin Family no longer converts Speed over cap into regular Damage, only Core Damage (and Resistance).

Added some additional innate weapon bonuses for mobs, primarily for the Skylords (of which there are now 10, each with its own dragon mob).

Continued designing the clan system.

Alayla updated the web site to work again, after some issues caused by an upgrade to the server software.

Week 36

ending Sunday 9th September


Flew to the UK on Wednesday morning and got back Saturday night, so it was a short week for mud development.

Mobs can now load with config options set. The centaur druid uses Config Blue Spell Self to avoid casting healing spells on his enemies during combat.

Adjusted Berserker Rage and Tireless Rage to scale better with age. They're weaker earlier on, but get better as you become more powerful.

Bearkin Family now gives Damage as well as Resistance for Speed over cap, and its rage now gives full Attack but no Defence (instead of halving both).

Desert Wolfkin now gives an Extended Rage bonus if you also have Feral Spirit.

The Bull Shark tattoo was doubling up on its bonus. Fixed.

Mobs that spawned from quest mobs (such as coffins/tents) would vanish much like regular non-quest mobs. Fixed.

The targetted 'say' command didn't take into account the recent scaling changes for dungeons. Fixed.

Redesigned the Serenity and Martial Gnosis talents. Serenity is now more viable without Martial Gnosis, and the Damage, Power and Resistance bonuses are no longer applied before percentages. These talents may still undergo tweaking, but the idea is that Serenty vs Rage should be comparable at all ages and that all styles should be decent with Serenity (previously, Serenity became increasingly better than Rage, and also gave a flat Damage bonus that made Super styles far stronger than other styles).

The Burning Fury spell can now only be cast on yourself. This may be changed back at some point, once there's a way for people to opt out of it, but for now it's turned into a cheesy way to completely and uncontestedly negate Serenity builds.

The web site is currently unavailable due to a PHP upgrade on the MudMagic server. Alayla is working on updating the website pages.

Week 35

ending Sunday 2nd September


Created six skylord mobs and their armoured dragon mounts. Once complete, they will be part of a large multi-task area.

Added a $B ('can backstab') prompt option, mostly aimed at blind players, although also useful for those who play without colour.

Added a 'cprompt' option, so you can set a separate combat prompt.

Fixed some more errant capitalisation.

Delay modifiers no longer apply to falling, pouncing and swooping.

Demon knowledges are now explicitly labelled as 'Demon Warp/Scar'.

Weapon-specific mental bypass wasn't being properly applied. Fixed.

If your exact same chat is in the chat history 5+ times, future chats with that message will not be displayed.

Added a 'durable' option for equipment loaded from mob files, to prevent mobs weapons breaking all the time (particularly those made from weak precious metals such as gold or silver).

Added a 'sigil claws' combat table, allowing those with Terrestrial Sigils to grow dragonlike claws in human form (only available to dragon class humans though).

Feet based Att/Dam and bypass bonuses aid the claw attacks of dragons (meaning that dragonspurs aid claw attacks).

Some of Hydra Breed's elemental infusions weren't being applied properly. Fixed.

Cleaned up some of the dynamic text tags for internal organs, and added singular eye.

Fixed a Great War bug whereby 'recruit' cost an action.

Travelling through a portal didn't count as discovering a new area - fixed.

Started breaking the code into smaller files, after a shared compilation broke the server.

Week 34

ending Sunday 26th August


Added an 'interleaving' help file.

Fixed a cosmetic issue with the victory point message being displayed twice.

Fixed some incorrect keywords for the celestial dragon forms.

Finished the Elemental Scion talent and added it to four new mage subclasses.

Inferno was using Attack instead of Ascendancy all along! Fixed.

Wings of the Abyss didn't give its bypass to human form wings. Fixed.

Enlightenment now benefits from Elemental Spell Focus.

Updated the 'nexus' help file, now that the nexus has its own world.

Expert Knife Fighter and Expert Duellist now give critical bypass.

Fixed some issues with mobs that are mounted or have other mobs perched on them.

It's now possible to craft rapiers and main gauches from shards.

Added hidden spam-block techs to the dagger combat tables and upgraded some of their techs to give bypass.

The headbutt bypass bonus from the Bull Shark forehead Lunar Tattoo was always being applied, even if you didn't have (or weren't using) the tattoo. Fixed.

The spell-summoned weapons now appear in the hand that cast the spell.

Added help files for beasthide, demonhide and dragonhide.

Implemented Terrestrial, Celestial and Khaos Sigils, and added their help files. They still need more spells, as well as an option for human form, but at least dragons and draconians can now cast spells.

Corrected some stray capitalisation.

Started adding clans (just the basic infrastructure so far).

The Great War is now initiated at 11pm, and starts at midnight.

Stoneskin/fireshield/etc are no longer unpaused by attacks when you're safe.

Started adding the mobs and quest areas for the dragon aerie tasks.

Week 33

ending Sunday 19th August


Got back to Germany on Tuesday night, although I also had a lot of other real life things to catch up on.

Added two more tasks, one for the Forest of Woes and another for Westgate Meadow.

Tutorial mobs no longer join the Great War.

Typing 'look object' to view an object lying on the ground in a store shows the item's full stats, but typing 'look -object' didn't. Fixed.

Victory points no longer carry over from one Great War to the next.

You no longer get rained on in the void.

Fixed some of the dragon mount techs that didn't apply the proper defence while flying.

Changed the '$f' prompt variable to show "Hover" or "Lie" instead of "Stand" when you're flying or lying down respectively.

Started working on an 'Elemental Scion' subclass talent for mages.

Week 32

ending Sunday 12th August


Spent the week in England and Ireland. Wasn't able to make any further progress on the mud.

Week 31

ending Sunday 5th August


Kill buffer is now displayed when you type 'boost', assuming you have some points in it. The 'boost' help file describes how it works.

Fixed Pallas the cloud giant, who wasn't getting his immunities properly.

Renamed 'Cheron' to 'Cheiron'. He now drops an epic torc.

The teleport and portal spells were still using the old scaling to determine whether your destination was solid rock - fixed.

Fixed a bug whereby non-existent objects would be loaded as corrupted items - they're no longer loaded at all. Also fixed a strange bug which prevented certain objects from being loaded.

Some of the epic blade dual damage techs weren't properly working - fixed.

Added support for multi-floor tasks. Also added support for spawn files which are loaded to generate task mobs (previously they were always part of the world data, which wasn't very extendable and couldn't easily support multi-floor tasks).

Task worlds are no longer created upon typing 'begin' if a world created by that player already exists (in the same way as home planes work).

Partially created a task for the Forest of Woes.

Updated Great War: No more than 2 Lords will attack any one player each turn, also this limit increases by +1 for each kill that player makes (so after killing a Lord and 2 players, you could be attacked by up to 5 Lords). In addition, each kill you make during a Great War now gives a victory point, which can be spent to recruit special helpers for the duration of the war, each of which give different bonuses.

Terror Demon scar was using the victim's rating in Ritual Scarring rather than the attacker's for calculating bypass. Fixed.

Roughened the GetDirection() Thing method, so that if something is 1 foot east and 10+ feet north, it'll show up as 'north' rather than 'north-east'.

The 'scan' command now provides useful information for blind players.

Fixed a minor bug with your current terrain type not being properly refreshed if a reboot kicked you out of a location.

The four dracamander classing mobs no longer bite. The fights were taking far too long when they could regen.

Pummel attacks now break noses on a critical hit.

Flew to the UK on Saturday.

Week 30

ending Sunday 29th July


Finished off the system for epic items, and created six of them, with a seventh partially done.

Added six new tasks: Mirage Desert, Southgash Crag, Tempest Mountain, Ettin Wood, Chaos Cay and Nightglade Forest. Added several new mobs for the tasks.

Task help now shows the recommended age for that task.

You can now 'leave' a task zone.

Added some additional cave tiles.

Added shapes for wooden and stone coffins.

Added a few new dynamic tags and updated several of the combat messages.

Fixed a movement bug, whereby you'd stop moving if you couldn't see your target.

If you travel/teleport more than 1000 feet away from someone who's targetting you, they'll lose their target.

Hydra no longer have to use their central head when casting invis/detect in order to get the full benefit of Winds of the Mind.

Fixed a display issue with Protean Nemesis bypass.

Weather changes are no longer displayed while underground.

Fixed a bug with planar Wars not initialising turn duration properly, meaning that if your last game was a Great War you'd have faster turns.

There are now up to 30 Lords of War in a Great War, and they use their actions randomly over the 30 second turn rather than right at the beginning.

Week 29

ending Sunday 22nd July


Replaced the old Nexus with the new one, and raised the age cap to 400.

Added mob files for gorgon, promethean juggernaut, centaur tent (yes, it's a mob), fire/frost/storm/cloud giant elder, and the fire giant Surtur.

Fixed a minor bug with the feet-based dragon knockback attack

Fixed a bug with dungeon spawns and visibility following the changed scale.

The tetsubo from Oni Spawn now gets a random energy burst from the Crystal Devil Inferno warp, instead of the additional energy bypass.

Demons using a natural armour warp/talent now get the natural armour applied to all locations, replacing the normal Demon Form natural armour for feet (and groin/legs depending on legs warp).

Added generic support for mobs spawning other mobs when they die (previously this was hardcoded for Prometheans).

Age maps no longer work from age 300 onwards, nor do power maps work once you've earned a total of 180 power ranks (the max for age 300). These totals include any free stat/power trains from rerolls or previous maps.

Areas with exploration tasks are no longer displayed by 'area list' or 'find' unless you've completed at least the first part of the associated task.

Added a task for each of the new nexus areas, although they don't yet require you to do anything (they're only there for the exploration bonus). Added secondary tasks for three of the areas, each of which require you to kill a boss mob.

Added a 'boil' dynamic tag for the 'Boil Blood' spell, so that certain shapes can have alternatives such as 'melt' or 'evaporate'. Also added 'spine'.

Home planes now start out as a void, and instead of being endless ocean outside of their boundries, the outer part is now based on the corners and edges of the plane.

All worlds (including home planes) have been changed to the same time/season. This will eventually be changed, but for now it makes things easier.

Fixed two war bugs. The first allowed you to squeeze in instant actions in the first second of a new turn (using action points from the new turn). The second didn't check game ID upon execution of an attack, only when it was launched, meaning that if someone surrendered and started a new war your attack would still go through and hit them.

A Great War is now initiated every midnight (game time) and its turns last only 30 seconds. You also earn Fame and Glory for winning or surviving, although the code for spending Glory on epic items isn't quite finished. Added a help file for 'great war'.

Added the concept of 'safe primal', which is spent before regular primal, but which cannot be lost (only spent). You earn safe primal from tasks.

Updated the areas to contain spawn rate, so that some areas can spawn more often than others (particularly useful for the very small areas).

Added a separate 'gossip' channel, which is off by default, in the hope that the less civil conversations will move away from chat.

It's no longer possible to walk through cave walls.

Added support for instanced worlds (much like home planes) that can be loaded from specific area entry points.

Players now have access to the 'scan' command.

Subclasses that gave more than 5 powers bonuses wouldn't actually apply the 6th and later ones - fixed.

Mist Form poison immunity was still being capped at rank 20 with Dark Conduit - fixed.

Wrote the help file for Dragon Barding and activated the power.

The dragon's Summon Mount power no longer works indoors.

Can no longer travel in caves, nor teleport into solid rock in caves.

Fixed a bug whereby lowered visors would prevent dragon riders from using their mount's breath weapon.

Redesigned the frostblade and stormblade combat tables, and added flameblade.

Trolls no longer drop chaos orbs. These will soon be available via a task.

Week 28

ending Sunday 15th July


Adjusted the 'knockoverable' flag for creatures, so that not all can be knocked over or knocked back. Updated several combat techs that weren't properly checking the flag.

It's now possible to remove pending commands from the end of your combat queue. Typing 'r1' to remove the last pending right handed command, 'l2' to remove the last two pending left handed commands, etc. You can also remove all commands for that location by typing 'l0', 'r0', etc, although unlike 'l!' and 'r!' these will only remove pending commands, not those which are already being processed. Finally, you can also type the command in uppercase to remove commands from the front of your pending list, eg 'R1' will remove the next pending command for your right hand.

If you type 'repair' and it repairs a wielded broken weapon, you no longer have to remove and rewield that weapon to reset the combat table.

Added the subclasses branches to the existing age 200 subclasses. Added a separate training block to prevent people from picking new subclasses yet.

Hydras now get dynamically named titles based on their number of heads.

Added a 'brief' option for the who list.

All places now use the same movement speed and scaling as worlds.

Added support for inner desert terrain.

Added names to all of the remaining areas in the new nexus.

Added a few additional details to the new nexus, such as rivers.

Fixed a number of minor (related) problems due to mob naming, such as the lost soul never appearing, prometheans not properly splitting when killed, hints not being shown when targetting the combat dummy, etc.

Created the basic land/ocean layout for the mage class plane.

Added support for exploration bonuses (tied into tasks).

Week 27

ending Sunday 8th July


Added a 'guano' attack for Bat Form, using Bat Focus, which corrodes your opponent's equipment.

Added custom item drop messages for mobs.

Added an optional 'aggressive' flag for mob files, so that not all mobs need be aggressive.

Added a 'remove' tech to maps, for people who forget to leave a sheathe location free on their belt and then get attacked while holding a map.

The 'score' and 'whois' commands now shows your modified subclass (i.e., gender specific, and for dragons, colour-specific).

Adjusted the 'chest' wear location messages to be gender specific.

You can now make quarterstaves from shards.

Added an armour bonus to Wyvern Breed.

Finally got around to implementing Hydra Breed.

Added a 'Full Target Name' config option. When it's switched off you see 'Bob' instead of 'Bob the huge demon' whenever you're targetting Bob.

Fixed a crash bug with a couple of the new staff techniques.

The 'fever' spell now also applies to Ascendancy and Power.

Fixed a minor bug with Lord of the Skies.

If you earn 0 primal from a kill because of having hit your primal cap, and are below the age cap, you no longer earn soul points for the kill.

Changed the misleading radiation message for when non-werewolves try to wear fang bracelets or necklaces.

Added an 'antidote' spell for Earth Magic rank 20.

Went through the new Nexus with the tilematch tool, fixing all non-matching tiles.

Fixed a saving problem with worlds (originally discovered while tweaking the new Nexus, but it also applies to home planes).

Changed the treasure reward for lockpicked chests to be based on the person doing the lockpicking (i.e., it tries to pick the sort of things your current build would find useful). Also added large chests, which work like the small ones but which can contain several items. Finally, chests can now be made magical when they drop, which causes the items they give to be based on the power of the dropper rather than of the person picking the chest.

Week 26

ending Sunday 1st July


Added mob files for a mob of angry peasants and a settlement (yes, the settlement is a mob).

Dragon's Lashing Tail can no longer perform the crush burst on swarm creatures.

Fixed a minor bug when generating unconscious descriptions of creatures with non-prefixed names.

Redesigned the way healing works - see 'help healing' for details. Also added a help file for 'regenerate'.

Changed the Blind Fighting stat requirements.

Renamed the (still stubbed) dragon magic talents to Terrestrial Sigils, Celestial Sigils and Khaos Sigils.

Added a tutorial mode for war, and started adding a way to bet soul points during a regular planar war.

Fixed a crash bug with overflowing buffers.

Week 25

ending Sunday 24th June


Fixed a couple of minor issues with Shadow Flux.

Dark Conduit now applies your Path of Shadows or Pathway to Hell rank to the strength of your invisibility if you have House ShadowSworn or Witch Spawn respectively.

Added the Martial Gnosis talent.

Went through the age 300 subclasses, filling in missing talents and adjusting stat modifiers. They still need a little work though.

Added dynamic tag for combat messages that strike the lungs.

Magically Gifted now gives +25% mana.

Lord of the Skies rank 10+ now allows you to continue flying at 'run' speed after a swoop.

Upgraded the Swiftness option of Blood Legacy to put it on-par with Puissance and Fortitude.

You can no longer get two heritages by choosing a subclass which has a heritage freebie talent (this was previously fixed for lesser callings, but not for heritages).

Added damage-specific damage/death messages for shapechanged forms, and applied it to Bat Form.

Bat Form vampires no longer drop dead on the ground when killed, but instead are transported instantly back to their home plane.

Mesmerise no longer works on swarms.

Fixed a minor bug (caused by an earlier optimisation) with water levels not being properly changed.

Fixed a cosmetic issue with the rage exhaustion messages not taking into account the fact that you can shapechange before the exhaustion ends.

Celestial Pedigree wasn't giving physical breath attacks dual mental damage - fixed.

The 'black dire wolf' summoned by Summon Wolf now really has black fur.

The werewolf version of Summon Wolf was a bit outdated - it now reuses the same functionality as the vampire version, so in future any changes to one will affect both.

If you earn 0 primal from a kill because of having hit your primal cap, and you've got safe mode on, you no longer earn soul points for the kill.

The 'moves into sight' messages are now sight-only, so you no longer see 'someone' move into sight.

Cloak of Shadows was blocking the Veiled Presence spell - fixed.

Added stubs for wolf/hellhound pet talents: Lead the Pack, Pack Bond and Pack Rage.

Added stubs for the dragon magic talents: Telestial Sigils, Terrestrial Sigils and Celestial Sigils.

Tell history no longer records a message if the last recorded tell was exactly the same and from the same person. Furthermore, if the last tell was made within the last 3 seconds, the it won't be displayed to the recipient at all.

Added a 'suggest' command for War, and upgraded the crusade command. Also updated the four suit help files to include some missing command syntax.

Added an Expert Staff Fighting talent.

Changed the dragon primal transfer message (it was a left over cut and paste from the demon message).

Added a load more of the new nexus areas.

Week 24

ending Sunday 17th June


Added mob files for spectre and ratling nightrunner.

You can now make sabres, scimitars and falchions from shards.

In War, you no longer lose Defence until the end of the turn, after all attacks have been made.

Fixed a problem with default terrain for loaded mobs, caused by the optimisations made last week.

Wounds and damage are now cleared when you enter 'creation' at the gym (so newbies can no longer kill themselves by clearing their Athletics when badly hurt).

Added a separate dragonmount_flight feet table, so that dragon mounts can still use their breath and claw attacks (and travel) while launched. Updated the Lord of the Skies help file to clarify that Dragon Mount also gets swoop.

Added a 'crafting' help file.

Added dynamic tags for cheek and throat.

Fixed a minor bug with the health regen bonus from the Spirit Armour spell.

You can now use palm (and thus psychokinetic barrier) with the claws combat table.

Dragon's Flight Exhaustion is no longer reset when they launch.

Broken armour was providing no soak - fixed.

Female shamans are now more correctly titled 'shamanka'.

Added a 'shadow flux' spell for vampires, with associated help file.

Added a 'veiled presence' variant of the invisibility spell for Psychic Mastery, with associated help file.

Soulblades and darkblades are now removed if you rearrange powers they depend upon (so no more pumping up the powers, conjuring the weapon, then lowering them to the minimum required to keep them).

Fixed a minor error in the generated description for Rat Fiend warp, and redesigned its wings.

Feral Senses was reducing 3 second tech delays at rank 20 instead of rank 30. Fixed.

Week 23

ending Sunday 10th June


Added mob files for nightwasp nest, giant breeder ant and giant queen ant.

Fixed a load of stray capitalisations.

Updated the fireball and immolate help files to reflect their burst options.

You no longer get wet from the rain if you're standing under shelter.

Fixed a cosmetic issue with the subclass display.

Oni Spawn's main bonus is now based on your eyes warp rather than hands warp, and gains an additional bonus based on your inferno warp (assuming you have ranks in the Inferno power). Added tetsubo options for every warp except Rat Fiend and Fly Fiend, which aren't yet available anyway.

Added the Dark Conduit talent.

Combat techs are no longer frozen when you go link-dead.

Fixed a problem whereby dragon hatchlings would have their hands reset to human hands if they entered 'creation' mode in the gym.

Added history for tells/replies you've received. Both tell and chat history now show how long ago the message was sent.

Week 22

ending Sunday 3rd June


Fixed some problems with rain - eq would only get wet in a thunderstorm, and not if you had Config Weather Spam switched off. Eq would also get wet on other planes.

Modified the Bladedancer concept slightly, to give it Two-Weapon Fighting.

Fixed Dragon Mount to properly receive the ranked bonuses.

Did some work on subclasses. Added 6 more werewolf subclasses and 1 more dragon subclass.

Fixed a problem with queues sometimes getting clogged up (thanks Jile) by valid commands which you don't fulfill the requirements for.

Tentacle arms (from Pit Fiend warp) can now assist.

Mobs can now load with custom damage/death messages - and these are now divided up into each of the eight damage types.

Fixed a bug with the slay command which caused it to inflict invalid damage types.

Fireball and Immolate can now be enhanced, allowing them to inflict their special effects on a regular hit rather than only on a critical hit.

Added the help file for the Harpy Wood task.

Added mob files for cerberus, giant skeleton and nightwasp swarm.

Grulk added mob files for Mehktish executioner, Mehktish fiend and grim wraith.

Week 21

ending Sunday 27th May


Flew back from the UK on Tuesday night.

Added mob files for cave troll, sea troll, mountain troll, rock troll, ice troll, troll king and cyclops.

Renamed the 'armour' spell to 'mystic armour', and the 'repair' spell to 'mend', to avoid confusion with the armour and repair commands. Demons now get 'hellish armour' instead of 'mystic armour'.

Added spell help files for stoneskin, spiritshield, forcefield, death ward, summon crows, lightning bolt, lightning stream, icebolt, icestorm, detect invisible, invisibility, portal, teleport, fireblade, iceblade, shockblade, sixth sense, burning fury, barkskin, stone maul, enchant, mend, heal, spirit armour, mystic armour, hellish armour, windblast, bless, dark blessing and giant growth.

Elemental form descriptions now take into account closed eyes and equipment that covers the face.

Creatures can now get wet, just like equipment, and it provides them with the same bonuses (up to +10% natural heat armour, at the expense of up to -10% natural shock armour). Note that only the wet locations will be affected - if you're standing up your waist in a pond, your feet, legs and groin will be affected, but your body, head, neck, etc, will not.

Rain now makes creatures and worn equipment wet, although this is a gradual thing rather than the instant wetness gained from swimming. You get wetter faster during a thunder storm.

Added some more mob properties.

Reworked and finished the Dragon Mount power.

Finally fixed the problem with sharks/eels/krakens pulling themselves out of the water while persuing enemies. If you flee onto land, they'll simply swim off.

The bat attack from Chiroptera arms runes no longer gets a silly range bonus from Blood Runes. Instead it gets +10/rank, much like spells.

Week 20

ending Sunday 20th May


Added mob files for cloud giant, river troll, forest troll, swamp troll and 18 treant types (3 seasonal varieties times 6 ages).

Added a Property class, for storing creature properties, and added a few basic property types for testing purposes.

Relic+ bracers can now spawn with left/right physical bypass (i.e., all three physical damage types in one).

Added help files for dispel magic, summon elemental, energy bolt, dishearten and wolf call.

Added a '$w' (for 'watch') prompt option to show the current time.

Changed day and night to be relative to the season, rather than at fixed hours of the day. The 'time' command now shows at what time the current day/night will end.

Tenebrous Chains and Dimensional Anchor no longer work on swarm creatures.

Flew to the UK on Thursday morning.

Week 19

ending Sunday 13th May


Added mob files for dire lion, dire lioness, dire tiger, dire stag, dire polar bear, hill giant, stone giant, fire giant, frost giant and storm giant.

Added tigerskin, winter wolfskin and polar bearskin material types.

Added 'Westcoast Meadow' to the new nexus, populated by dire lions.

Added descriptions to several of the new nexus areas.

Moon Weaving can now add poison soak.

Bracers now have names based on hand bypass bonuses.

Started adding six new dragon wisdoms: brass, bronze, copper, gold, platinum and silver snake.

In Great War, the God of War will now always attack those who have killed a Lord before attacking any others. Mobs in general will also be more likely to attack you the more people you've killed.

Renamed the 'Freeze' spell to 'Frost', to avoid confusion with the Freeze talent, and added a 'frost' help file.

Fixed an "a or an" grammar issue with subclassing.

Fixed a colour bleeding issue with draconian infusions.

Fixed a cosmetic issue with wyvern breed regrowing both wing spikes simultaneously.

Gave crocodiles their own feet table, after some of them started taking off (using their dragon table) and flying around.

Went through most of the feet tables, cleaning up their defences.

Finally pinned down the crash bug that's been plaguing us all this time with the help of Dastardly, who was able to reproduce it on demand, and Grulk, who was able to pinpoint the problem. It turned out that the mud wasn't ignoring SIGPIPE (GodWars1 ignored it because it was already that way in Diku/Merc, so it wasn't a problem I'd ever come across in the past).

The 'repair' spell will now repair heat damage as well as physical.

Added support for custom Shadow Infusion messages for mobs.

Week 18

ending Sunday 6th May


Added mob files for dire bat, dire ape, dire crocodile, dire shark, lizardman warrior, hunting drake, giant scorpion and the 25 dragon types (5 colours times 5 ages).

Added help files for 'repair' and 'restore', as well as four new spell help files, and corrected several mistakes in existing help files.

The $( and $) prompt/display variables now indicate if you have a stump.

Added support for 'inner plains' terrain, including appropriate tiles.

Fixed a bug that prevented you from taking burning damage while flying.

Added support for more general damage-over-time, including bleeding damage. Backstab and throatslit attacks via Assassin Training now cause the opponent to take bleeding damage.

Added a 'severed head' wound type (not yet used, primarily there to stop blows hitting the head of a decapitated corpse, but will also be useful for certain types of undead that can survive without a head).

Fixed a bug with windblast that only allowed it to hit people further than 10 feet away if they were unconscious.

Fixed a targeting bug that allowed mobs to ignore Envy and Mesmerise.

Created a Fly Fiend warp, although it can't yet be earned, and is only cosmetic (i.e., I've not added the bonuses yet).

Started adding support for distance-based descriptions (you can specify the visibility range of Things).

Redesigned kill messages to be more flexible, and gave kill messages to several mobs to test it out.

Fixed a display problem with Moon Weaving and Dragonscale Crafting.

Reworked the 'open' and 'close' commands and added a help file for them. It is now possible to open and close the visor on your full helm. While it is closed you get double the normal soak on your face, but suffer a defence penalty, and lose the ability to perform any mouth-based head attacks. Helmets with visors now have 'visor' as an extra keyword.

Added descriptions for the three gladiator helmets and the full helm.

Properly connected head-worn gear with the head location (for example bloodsteel helmets now soak up blood when you headbutt people, which in turn gives you a headbutt bypass bonus if you have Blood Forging and/or House BloodStone).

Demon and human descriptions now take into account equipment that covers the head and face.

Added a hint to the 'stance' command for shapechanged forms.

Tasks can now have knowledges as requirements, and you can no longer view the help files for tasks you don't qualify for.

Config AutoTarget will no longer switch targets when your opponent is unconscious, only when they are dead.

Clarified the message for when you try to remove a mount.

The 'kill' command will no longer cause you to throw daggers when wielding them.

All summoned mobs now have the 'pet' keyword, while all other mobs have the 'enemy' keyword.

Week 17

ending Sunday 29th April


Wyvern Breed was getting double the correct damage for its right wing. Fixed.

Magical items can no longer drop with 0 radiation.

Talons of the Bear and Greater Bear Spirit now give stab bypass to your claws as well as the normal cut bypass.

Finished designing the Bearkin Family talent, implemented it, and added an Ursine Barbarian subclass for it.

Implemented the first version of Great War.

Infernal Binding with chaos imps wouldn't actually add the imp to the item, and would always subtract the 500 soul points even if the item couldn't be enchanted. Fixed both issues.

Added some missing names for spell affect bonuses.

Cosmetic fix for clouds of bats that kick off their connection.

Added checks in all combat messages that chop off arms or legs, to ensure that if they're a demon with a custom body shape they actually do have arms or legs (static shapes don't suffer from this problem).

Serenity with Speed Style Mastery was only giving the cooldown bonus to unarmed locations - fixed.

The Oni Spawn warclub now benefits from the Bird Fiend, Barbed Devil and Rock Devil arms warps.

The Defence bonus from Thick Pelt now applies power ranks before the green magic percentage modifier.

Added a 'boar' shape for mobs, and adjusted the elephant combat tables to make them generic enough to handle boars as well.

Added some more mobs for the new nexus: another centaur, three types of harpy, two types of giant ant, dire boar, dire bear, dire owl (the latter two are similar to the old nexus ones, but updated and using the file format).

Clarified the Ritual Scarring help file.

The tongue burst attack from Blight Demon mouth warp no longer affects swarms.

Doubled the Attack/Defence/Damage bonuses of Two-Weapon Fighting, and adjusted the Terror Demon arm tables to better benefit from Two-Weapon Fighting.

Week 16

ending Sunday 22nd April


Redesigned barding.

Centaurs can now wear some pieces of horse barding.

Fixed a problem with the hatchling concepts trying to apply a 'whips' skill instead of 'flails'.

Fixed a problem when viewing your bypass while targetting a non-creature.

Fixed an issue with the Succubus Kiss getting a huge range.

Tainted Talons now aids all three types of Terror Demon arms, as well as the Pit Devil tentacles and the smash attack of Crab Fiend pincers.

The bypass bonuses for Serpent Fiend arms warp have been changed - half the bonus for non-physical bypass, and based on Tainted Talons rather than Tainted Flesh.

Added an 'Oni Spawn' talent, and an Oni demon subclass to use it.

Created a WarBrain, allowing specific types of mob to play War with passable tactics.

Week 15

ending Sunday 15th April


Flew back from the UK on Tuesday night.

Draconian Form can now use shields and other weapons that provide armour (although these don't count towards Chameleonic Gift).

Wing-spikes and Lord of the Skies now properly apply to swoops, and wing-spikes aid giant bat form's wingbash attacks.

Added several more concepts, bringing the total to 32, including 4 for each class.

Added an 'appearance' help file.

Mostly implemented Dragon Barding (the power works, but I'm not happy with the available items of barding, nor is there currently any way to find barding).

Week 14

ending Sunday 8th April


The boar Lesser Totem Spirit now properly applies armour vs all damage.

Fixed a groin bash attack that was actually hitting the body.

Fixed a bunch of help file typos (thanks Kayle).

Added and refined a new anti-rage 'Serenity' talent.

Travelled to the UK on Wednesday, so it was a very short week in terms of progress.

Week 13

ending Sunday 1st April


Monday and Tuesday were spent working solidly on my entry for the mudmagic contest (I foolishly left it until Sunday evening to start, so there was a lot of last-minute work to do). As a result this left me more than a little burnt out for the rest of the week, although I still made some progress.

You no longer see the map when you 'look' if you have config screen reader set.

Fixed an problem with "unkillable" mobs (such as the prisoner and black knight) retaining their corpse type after returning to life (eg if you decapitated them one time, the next time they died they'd still be a headless corpse).

Removed all stormblades from the game (long overdue) and also removed a load of excess unicorn horns that some players had picked up via the same bug. Reworked the 'take' command properly to prevent this bug happening again.

You can no longer retreat while in a magical node.

Added support for custom rage messages for mobs.

Made some fixes to the falcon combat table.

AFK state now lasts over reboots.

Fixed several typos.

Added a Hatchling concept.

As Grulk's idea for an April Fool's joke: Added some code to rename all the classes to dog breeds, with the mud itself renamed to 'Dog Wars II'. Renaming was done at a low level so that chats, help requests, etc, were also renamed.

Week 12

ending Sunday 25th March


Named all of the dragon claw techs (in the 'r? info' list), and added ranked upgrade techs for wyverns.

Finished the Wyvern Breed talent, and added it to the Lesser Wyvern subclass, making it available for use.

House ShadowSworn, Witch Spawn and Spirit Wolfkin now double the immunity, armour, auto-absorb and bypass bonuses of Path of Shadows, Pathway to Hell and Ride the Storm respectively.

Added a 'Drain Heat' spell for Pathway to Hell, rank 20.

The tentacles from the Pit Devil wings warp now inflict an internal crush burst on a critical hit, to compensate for not being able to wear wing-spikes.

Upgraded Aegis rune for vampires in human form.

Fixed some grammatical issues with plural items.

Made some optimisations to the Object class.

Added a 'switch' option when making mobs, so that admin can become the mob, although there's no way to turn back yet.

Added help files for 20 spells.

Changed the formatting of the 'commands' command to reflect the fact that we now have some longer command names.

Added some of the areas for the new nexus.

Added support for 'inner forest' terrain, including appropriate tiles.

Added 'cave' tiles for underground locations.

Added support for additional description within areas.

Added optional enter/leave messages for areas.

Week 11

ending Sunday 18th March


Added a 'dual-damage' help file.

Updated the 'maps' help file to clarify energy maps.

Removed the Hydra Shape, Serpent Shape and Wyvern Shape powers and replaced them with Hydra Breed, Serpent Breed and Wyvern Breed talents. Also added an Imperial Breed talent.

Chromatic Pedigree now doubles the Resistance bonus of Dragonhide.

The extra armour in Dragon Form given by Dragon Blooded now also applies to Natural Fortitude and the various Pedigree talents.

The rage bonuses various elemental dragon powers (Fires/Chill/etc) are now corrected limited by your rank in Draconic Rage.

Draconic Rage now gives health instead of attack/defence/damage/speed, making it much weaker as a standalone power.

Indirect spells no longer modify protection based on range, only defence.

Corrected the range modifiers for direct spells, and updated Improved Spell Damage and Improved Spell Range to offset some of the penalties.

Added support for the dynamic renaming of corpses, based on how the creature was killed.

The Blight Demon head scar was using your rank in Demon Form instead of Ritual Scarring - fixed.

Dragon spell sigils are now properly listed as indirect in the combat tables.

Shapechanging into dragon form while running in human form no longer makes you automatically fly.

Fixed an issue with Dragon Mount reverting to the standard dragon feet table after quitting and relogging.

Week 10

ending Sunday 11th March


Arrived back from Japan on Saturday night, so once again a very short progress report.

Fixed some issues with Dragon Mount (and to a lesser degree, mounts in general) following logging off then back on.

Can no longer wear/remove eq while wearing dragoncrafted or dragonforged equipment.

Redesigned the way severed hands work, to support multiple stump types.

Finished all of the tables for Serpent Shape and Wyvern Shape.

Alayla added Xakarii's guide to warps and scars to the Book of Infernal Knowledge on the website.

Week 9

ending Sunday 4th March


Updated the spell mastery talents to clarify that they give +25, not +25%.

Clarified the wording of the feedback from the 'hoard' command.

Modified the ring bypass bonus of Dragonbone Forging.

Implemented Dragon Mount, although it still needs some refinement.

Activated Human Form, making it (and all of its powers) available for testing.

The 'sloth' option of Road of Seven Sins now also gives a Speed penalty.

Added a hidden 'aim/fire' tech for all bows, so that if your Bows skill isn't high enough for the first real 'aim/fire' tech you don't appear to draw back the string twice (once to aim, then once for a 'quick fire').

Human form dragons can now travel/shift while riding a dragon mount.

Admin can now view the help files for all knowledges.

Fixed some knockback message colouring.

Flew to Japan on Wednesday morning, so it was a short week in terms of progress.

Week 8

ending Sunday 25th February


Activated Draconian Form, making it (and all of its powers) available for testing.

Draconian's headbutt now benefits from the Demon Spawn bonuses.

Fixed various cosmetic issues with Draconian Form (such as 'crawling' through portals as if it were a dragon).

Fixed some problems with Draconian Jaws and Chameleonic Gift.

Implemented the bonuses for the four Pedigree talents (although Chromatic still needs something extra).

Fixed various cosmetic issues including dragon form scales, body shape messages and a couple of typos.

Added some more concepts (and still planning to add some more).

Natural Fortitude wasn't applying its power-ranked armour bonuses if you didnt already have natural armour on that location. Fixed.

Added 'pain' and 'regen' shortcuts for the Screen Reader config option.

Added a 'handed' command for changing your primary hand (only works on your home plane).

Fixed a display problem with Protean Nemesis (it would falsely claim that your current target was your nemesis).

Upgraded Moon Weaving to allow double the taint, as long as at least half is used for armour.

Implemented Draconic Glyphs, Dragonscale Crafting and Dragonbone Forging (although they are not going to be activated until Dragon Mount is completed).

Week 7

ending Sunday 18th February


Fixed some dynamic description issues in a few of the travel messages.

Admin can now 'put' objects onto other players.

The Foxkin Family mental armour from Lupine Fortitude wasn't being properly applied - fixed.

Renamed the Dragon Realm hatchlings to Dracamanders, to avoid confusion with regular hatchling mobs.

You can now type 'safe off' to switch off safe mode while on your home plane.

Fixed an issue with Salamanders Gift not completing the process of regrowing a lost hand.

When someone is forced to quit for being link-dead for 30 seconds, they now give an info message rather than vanishing invisibly.

Fixed a load of spelling mistakes (or rather, the same mistake in many places).

Renamed draconian 'warps' to 'infusions', as they don't really follow the same principle - demon warps mostly provide cosmetic differences and some alternative functionality, while draconian infusions specifically provide bonuses (making them more like runes/tattoos).

Added the Celestial Pedigree dragon talent and wrote descriptions for all four Pedigree talents, although they're still not actually implemented.

Elemental Spell Focus is now accessable with the Dragon trait.

Fixed the 'backstab over shield' tech to be stab damage.

Fixed some issues with shadowcrafting pelts.

Upgraded the various spell-summoned mobs to get skills and styles that scale with age, and to use a style by default.

Updated the 'protection' help file to clarify its usage.

Mobs loaded from file now have the skills/styles set to age by default.

Finished the Draconian Breath power.

Updated the old IS_NEWBIE flag (used for certain hints) to also take into account other factors more appropriate to God Wars II (as opposed to Gladiator Pits III).

Grulk has done some more work on his mob-building tool, and provided a script for transferring the mobs to the mud (accessable via an in-game admin command).

Week 6

ending Sunday 11th February


Alayla created a new map for the Dragon Realm.

Added a Gray Fox tattoo for werewolves.

Added a shins option for the Electric Eel tattoo (the old bonus became redundant once Storm Talons gained their own charge location).

Dragon Form (but not Dragon Hatchling) now has its own equipment and inventory set. This caused a duplication bug which has also been fixed.

Fixed a display issue when combining the descriptions of two weapons tucked into your boots.

Fixed another issue with bat form - shapechanging while in midair would leave your 'travel' command deactivated, as it thought you were already flying.

Dragons can now shift/travel in human form if they have Dragon Blooded.

The 'inventory' command now shows how many items you're carrying before listing them.

Added the combat table for wyvern wings.

The Fires/Chill/Eye/Fumes dragon powers now only give breath bonuses to Dragon Form (Draconian Form uses the Draconian Breath power).

Added some more powerful versions of the dragon spell sigils for ranks 20, 30 and 40. These are additional chainable spells, not simply spell upgrades.

Added a lock/unlock option for the armour of Protean Nemesis.

Made some adjustments to the generated world descriptions, to properly take into account lying down (eg, you're not 'up to your knees' in water if lying on your back).

Transcendence now has a separate shape, and can be dehanded or knocked flying backwards.

The 'damage info' config option now indicates critical hits.

The 'setup' command no longer tells dragons to wear equipment.

Modified the wording of some of the knockback messages to make them less ambigious.

Fixed a colour-bleed issue with the 'hoard fuel' display.

Feral Senses now requires either Self Control 5 or Lesser Totem Spirit 5.

Lord of the Skies now gives a flying movement rate bonus for each rank beyond 10.

Upgraded the 'Dimensionl Anchor' spell to give an AP penalty for feet actions.

Added 'Black Lightning' (direct shock), 'Foul Rot' (indirect poison with a Resistance curse on crit) and 'Tenebrous Chains' (blocks teleport and gives a movement penalty) spells for Path of Shadows.

Added a Feral Fox werewolf subclass, and Foxkin Family subclass-only talent for it. Made various cosmetic changes to make it appear different from regular werewolves.

Fully implemented the Draconian Charge and Draconian Jaws dragon powers.

Partially implemented the Draconian Breath and Chameleonic Gift powers (only their higher ranked bonuses are missing).

Week 5

ending Sunday 4th February


Renamed Chromatic/Crystal/Metallic Scales to Chromatic/etc Pedigree.

Fixed a bug with Bladed Tail using the skin warp instead of tail warp when determining its energy bypass damage type.

Rank 20 charged Storm Talons no longer burst if the opponent is out of range.

Fixed an issue with the Hatchling talent and encumbrance.

Added a 'Dimensional Anchor' spell for rank 25 in Pathway to Hell.

Added a Greater Fox Spirit power for werewolves.

Continued working on dragons - the basic Draconian Form power is now almost finished.

Week 4

ending Sunday 28th January


Fixed Treasure Hoard so that the bonuses only apply while in Dragon Form, and gave it a serious overhaul so that it unlocks new options and scales the existing bonuses based on the types of item you add.

Fixed the various Dragon energy powers (Fires/Chill/etc) to include the proper ranked bonuses.

Fixed the shapechanging between dragon and human form so that it properly updates the default encumbrance level.

Updated Winds of the Mind to only give the psionic techs if you also have the Psionics talent, and added some more ranked techs for it.

Slightly upgraded Lesser Totem Spirit (and the Lunar Tattoos Gazelle head tattoo which interacts with it).

The Striking Mongoose unarmed tech now properly rips faces off like the equivilent claws tech.

Added scaled damage messages for the assassinate option in War.

You now earn your fourth talent slot simply from having five skills at 100+, rather than having to have specific combinations of core skills, weapons skills and magic colours. Thus it is now possible to class purely by playing as a Dragon Hatchling.

The five dragon energy powers were missing their innate bypass - fixed.

The hellhound form wasn't getting the +5 Speed Cap - fixed.

Added the burst to Lashing Tail.

All four adepts and Mage magic colours can now summon minor elementals via spells. The type of elementals will be based on the highest of the Mage's four elements, with the adept talents counting as 5 ranks.

Fixed a problem with the hands Blood Rune burst bypass while unarmed.

Week 3

ending Sunday 21st January


You can no longer earn auto-advance from killing dummies.

Added innate bypass fields to the mob loading system.

Added the Treasure Hoard power for dragons.

Went through the Lunar Tattoos, upgrading several of the chest tattoos.

Did some more work on the crafting system, tweaking some of the options.

Added a load more subclasses for werewolves and mages.

Extended the spell system to include an optional warning a specified number of seconds before the spell is due to expire.

Added a Dragon Realm for dragons, along with four hatchling mobs (used for classing).

Added four dragon spells (one heat, one cold, one shock and one poison).

Dire owls now drop feathers (only useful for dragons) while trolls drop magic rings.

Disabled the Human Form and Draconian Form powers, along with the Hydra/Serpent/Wyvern Shape powers, and activated the Dragon class.

Numerous other minor tweaks and changes in order to introduce Dragons.

Week 2

ending Sunday 14th January


Fixed a bug with trying to summon a warbeast after you've been eaten while riding it - the warbeast would be left behind in the creature's stomach, and couldn't be summoned.

Some techs had a delay of 0 seconds, which prevented them from ever performing (effectively freezing the combat location). This no longer happens.

The safe flag now applies even if you were killed by a pet (although not if it's your own pet, for obvious reasons).

Redesigned some of the dragon powers and continued working on dragons in general (including the Treasure Hoard).

Week 1

ending Sunday 7th January


Fixed an issue with inviting people who are ignoring you.

Pounce no longer does knockback, it just knocks people over (this seems more appropriate for a pounce attack, and the knockback was causing wolves to constantly knock their opponents out of reach of their followup attacks).

If you are PK'd and have at least 1 active boost, you remain safe from PK for the next 10-30 minutes (depending on your age), or until you've used your last active boost, whichever comes first.

Added the shapes for hydra, serpent, wyvern and draconian.

Iron Talons and Powerful Metabolism are now available for the dragon trait.

Added some more options to the mob loading system.

Added a Spiritus rune for vampires (although you can't yet earn it).

Fixed weapon penalties to be based on base stats rather than modified stats.

Mobs with 15+ Regeneration will now regrow lost hands.

Living Nightmare now gets natural bypass at ranks 10, 20 and 30.

Athletics now goes up when you get struck by direct attack spells (previously only physical attacks would cause it to raise).

Made cosmetic changes to some of the travel messages.

Added support for subclass-specific talents, and added the base functionality for two new dragon talents: Crystal Scales and Metallic Scales.

Added support for heat damage to equipment (eg clothing gets burnt, metal heats up, etc).

Continued working on the dragon class.