Progress Reports (2006)

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Week 52

ending Sunday 31st December


Away over Christmas and New Year.

Week 51

ending Sunday 24th December


Finished off the new mob loading system.

Created the Winterland (a separate world for Christmas) based on Alayla's map. It has eight unique mobs split among the seven areas, including the gingerbread giant and his chocolate maul, the giant snowman who throws snowballs, the animated nutcracker who focuses his attacks on the enemy's groin, the christmas treant (with a spellcastering fairy sat on his head) and the evil Santa Claws, who rides the Doom Sleigh. Various fun things on each mob, including special item drops (such as santa's sack, a puzzle game that allows you to get gifts from the sack and then unwrap them).

The Spiked Tail now only does knockback if the original attack gets a critical hit, rather than the burst.

Activated the Dragon Hatchling talent (for unclassed characters only), and did a load of cleaning up to get it working better (including adding a basic tail for dragon form).

Went away for Christmas on Saturday morning.

Week 50

ending Sunday 17th December


Grulk has joined the admin team. He's currently developing a map tool, for designing world layouts and populations (it's primarily being used for the new Nexus, but will be useful for creating additional worlds in the future as well).

Fixed some minor problems with spell bursts.

Added some variety to avatar titles, basing them on talents.

Critical hits now gain a bypass bonus, depending on the type of attack. This is explained more fully by the 'critical-bypass' help file.

Added a 'death' help file.

Continued working on the dragon class, updating their elemental immunites and armour to be non-linear, adding 'dragonform' and 'humanform' commands, and making various other improvements and additions.

Added a system for generating mobs from a file (it works, but still needs some additional options) - once fully complete, this can be incorporated into any sort of web-based or online creation system. While doing this I managed to break the Save() method of the Creature class, causing several pfiles to lose some information - oops. Reimbursed the characters.

Week 49

ending Sunday 10th December


Fixed a bug whereby applying the Chiroptera chest rune while in the process of shapechanging into a wolf would leave you stuck in Wolf Form. The Chiroptera chest rune now also shows you as having wings while in human form.

The 'who' list now shows the peak number of players for the current uptime.

The bypass from Storm Talons is now properly converted if you use the Rhino or Mammoth forearm tattoos. It is also doubled if you have the appropriate bypass talent (Burn, Freeze or Shock). Removed the Eel Tattoo shins bonus as it was redundant.

Inferno now has its own warp location, and the warps apply in human form as well as Demon Form.

Bladed Tail and Venomous Tail now get increased bypass if you have the appropriate bypass talent.

Added claw and feet combat tables for dragons, and did more work on the dragon class powers.

Added sharkskin and apeskin materials, and tweaked some of the others. Went through the various monsters giving them craftable pelt and hide drops.

The Desert/Arctic/Swamp Wolfkin talents now aid the Lupine Fortitude bonus in Bat Form when using the Canidae Blood Rune.

Removed the bans between various weapon mastery talents.

Changed 'say' based on your shapechanged form, so that wolves growl, bats squeak, dragons roar, etc.

The demon 'warp' command now uses the old display style for those using the screen reader. The screen reader option now unlocks a selection of aliases which can be viewed by typing 'show'.

Fixed several typos and clarified a few help files.

Renamed the 'ooc' and 'ic' colour options to 'chat' and 'say', and added a 'tell' colour. Also optimised a lot of the colour code (particularly within the combat code).

Rewrote the customisable prompt code to be much more efficient.

Added a 'Prompt Go Ahead' config option, which sends an IAC GA signal after your prompt. Yes, I know it should really be blocking, but I don't know of any mud clients that treat it that way.

Fixed an issue with mobs that recover from death (currently just the black knight) not rewearing and using their weapons.

Shapechanging now gives +1 Ascendancy, Protection and Power per rank.

You can now enter spell-summoned portals with a fight timer.

Week 48

ending Sunday 3rd December


Fixed some cosmetic issues with Storm Talons.

Fixed a bug whereby the spiritual energy of fang necklaces didn't allow them to hold more bound spirits.

Reformatted the 'warps' display.

Removed the portal, as certain newbies just couldn't grasp the concept of 'shift', or the fact that Pygmalion was waiting on the other side. Greatly increased the speed of shifting from the Realm side to help compensate.

Temporary fix for the infinite buckler sheathing issue.

Fixed a bug in the primal loss calculation.

Gave Greater Bear Spirit and Greater Shark Spirit some ranked bonuses, and some tie-ins with the Grizzly Bear and Bull Shark tattoos (described in the help files for those tattoos).

Did some more work on the imps.

Rank 20 in Bat Form and Summon Vermin now lets you merge with your summoned bats. The Chiroptera hands rune gives an additional bonus when merged. Currently there is only one unlocked tech when merged - regenerate. More will come later.

The mud no longer shows the 'you stop circling' messages.

Fixed a bug whereby Rapid Shield Block worked for ALL weapons.

Upgraded Ears of the Bat to give passive defensive bonuses.

Added an 'open' command to open your eyes (rather than just typing 'close' to toggle open/closed).

Swarms can no longer be affected by knockback.

Inferno now only uses up to 10 mana per rank for its 'death explosion', although it can now be used in Demon Form, and is no longer blocked by Living Nightmare.

Fixed a bug whereby killing mounts that don't leave corpses (such as nightmares) would leave the rider riding a phantom mount.

Fixed an issue with targetted sight-specific messages not always checking for viewer-specific visibility (eg detect invis vs invis).

Week 47

ending Sunday 26th November


The Valor chest rune now properly applies the resistance bonus.

You can no longer enter a node with a fight timer, nor do you earn primal for killing guardian spirits (only for completing the maps themselves).

Fixed an encumbrance bug introduced by Dragon Form.

Fixed a bug whereby casting an enhanced darkblessing on someone else would allow you to stack up multiple darkblessings on yourself.

Fixed a few more of the sight-specific messages to really BE sight-specific.

Added a 'tester' flag, allowing test characters the ability to view lots of the formula during combat. This information is all available in the help files anyway, but it makes it much easier to track down problems. Used this tool to fix a few missing options (such as tail bypass bonuses not being properly applied).

Added a 'tilematch' command (and help file), for locating non-matching tiles.

Rank 20 in Summon Vermin now lets you summon bats instead of rats.

Added help files for a load more of the dragon powers (only 4 more to go).

The Frog Fiend mouth warp tongue attack can no longer drag swarms of creatures off balance.

Daily kills over 50 are now added to your age for the purposes of calculating the amount of primal lost when you die. This means that low age characters can no longer bot without fear of loss.

Fixed a parser issue that was sometimes blocking multiple keywords.

Fixed a problem with the reach of the Pit Devil tentacles.

Upgraded the Imp Servant power. The type of imp can now be changed with warps, and while perched you gain access to the 'i?' combat location. This still needs more work (there are only 3 different tables so far).

The 'warp' command now only allows you to warp locations you actually possess.

Fixed a shapechanging bug caused by the Dragon Hatchling talent.

Modified the Summon Wolf, Beast Master, Hellhound and Demonology talents to make wolves and hellhound more effective. More specifically, the basic power alone is now sufficient if you only want a tank, while both powers make the pet far more dangerous offensively.

You no longer show up as 'defeating' someone in an arena if you actually only knocked them out.

Added the latest version of the map for the new nexus. It still needs some tweaking, rivers need to be added, and there are no named locations or mobs yet.

Week 46

ending Sunday 19th November


It's no longer possible to have unsolvable maps, thanks to Grulk and his map-solving tool (which we used to tweak and test, adding new map techs as required).

Looking at a piece of armour will now tell you if it's classified as 'heavy armour'.

Living Nightmare now increases the duration of Road of Seven Sins.

Storm Talons now use a 't?' talons table for charging.

Added a 'chaos imp' option for Infernal Binding, allowing demons to create weak magical items from scratch.

Added a 'shark spirit' option for Spirit Binding, allowing werewolves to add bite bypass bonuses to their necklaces.

Shark mobs now sometimes drop fangs of biting, which give +attack and +damage to bite attacks.

Added 'bone' as an additional keyword for all types of dragonbone.

Changed the 'regrowth' head tech to show you regrowing the appropriate body part.

The Living Nightmare fear attack is now treated as an indirect spell.

Can now use Inferno while in midair, although with a warning. In particular this was an issue for Dust Devil legs warp, which would replace your legs with a whirling vortex of dust and thus prevent you from ever falling over (even when dead).

Went through and fixed a large number of typos.

Corrected an issues with nets and loose improvised weapons entangling 'hands' even on inanimate objects.

Spirit Wolfkin now blocks Faith (previously it was a one-way block, as Spirit Wolfkin gives the Mage trait which is banned by Faith).

Moon Weaving now lets you add durability.

Using brackets around a 'say' message now describes it as thinking out loud.

Added three new talents: Elemental Spell Focus, Natural Fortitude and Venom.

Added around 30 more age 300 subclasses, including all of the vampire ones.

Got the 'required traits' working for talents.

Fixed an issue whereby Cloak of Shadows was only applying the elemental armour bonuses from Blood Runes when renewed, not when first applied.

The training dummy is now a proper mob rather than an inanimate object.

Added support for body locations being frozen without having their techs being messed up.

Fixed a bug whereby demons wouldn't get their tail combat location if they trained their tail power while already in demon form.

You no longer earn auto-advance from killing mobs if you already have 100+ saved up.

You can no longer rip fangs from summoned creatures.

Reformatted the bypass option of the 'armour' command. It now also shows burst bonuses, if you have any.

Did a load more work on dragons, including adding the Dragon Hatchling semi-class talent. Added most of the functionality for 6 of the dragon powers (Dragon Form and the five energy type powers).

Week 45

ending Sunday 12th November


Removed the 'ht' head tech for claws/talons - instead you use the appropriate command ('claws' for vampires, 'talons' for werewolves and demons).

Updated the help files for the various heritage talents to clarify exactly what abilities they give.

Following a suggestion from Strix, you no longer gain a kill (nor your victim a death) unless your victim is old enough to earn primal from.

The Terror Demon now morphs his arms based on his Protean Nemesis bypass type. Updated all of the warp mobs to use demonform and their own warps.

Frog Fiend wings warp now has an envenom ability, allowing you to poison your weapons. Spider Fiend scar and arms warp now gives poison bypass. Crystal Devil arms warp now gives spell bypass. Serpent Fiend arms warp now removes your arms, giving you other bonuses to compensate.

Added 'mount' and 'familiar' as body locations which can be targetted by attacks. Added a tech for hitting your opponent's mount.

Doubled the bonuses of Enlightenment, and gave it a bypass bonus based on the elemental bypass talents.

Fixed an issue with the mob AI having difficulty with movement after pouncing.

Crafting pieces of material into magic items now has a chance of raising your yellow magic. Also fixed some cosmetic issues with craftable items when used as weapons.

Shadow Infusion can now be re-paused at rank 20, and provides passive protection at rank 30.

Invulnerability powers no longer prevent your fight timer from being set.

Fixed a formatting problem with the 'armour' command, and prevented it showing an overall soak percentage over 100.

Differentiated between singular and plural flesh types, so that skeletons can have both 'bone' and 'bones' depending on the combat messages.

Your pets no longer store primal - instead it is treated as if their master had made the kill (counting towards daily kills, using boosts, etc).

The exploding burst of a fireball spell is no longer treated as an indirect spell.

Added a Chaos Warrior demon subclass, along with 18 demon subclasses for age 300s (although these aren't yet finalised). The subclass list is now colourised based on age, to make it easier to read.

Week 44

ending Sunday 5th November


The Moon Hare chest tattoo now properly applies internal armour in human form.

The Spirit Armour spell now gives (in addition to the armour) +5% health regen per rank (with Spirit Wolfkin counting as 5 ranks, as before).

Tarnished equipment no longer shows up as having 'magically enhanced' durability when you look at it.

Added some more text replacement tags, this time for hands.

You are now only knocked unconscious if you slam into a tree, house, etc.

The Blade of Darkness power now gets 10% chance of a burst and +2 burst bypass per rank (rather than +5% and +1 per rank), and its shadowblast attack is now based on Path of Shadows rather than Blade of Darkness.

Lowered the energy immunity and soak of Transcendence, but given it some additional bypass. It now blocks Elemental Infusion.

Fixed an issue with bite attacks performing poison burst if you had Blood Legacy, even if you didn't have House NightWing.

Mobs can now have warps and a shapechanged form.

Week 43

ending Sunday 29th October


Went through the combat techniques tidying up messages, such as references to 'bone' (not all creatures have bones). Added some additional creature specific locations: brain, head, face and neck.

Added a more generic way of determining the material of body parts (eg a treant's severed hands should be wooden, not flesh).

The Crab Fiend, Crystal Devil, Hellhound Fiend and Rock Devil skin warps now properly include the +1% mental armour per rank in Demon Form to all locations which could wear armour but don't.

Fixed an issue with the config blank line option vanishing over reboots.

Demon Form and Warbeast are now mutually exclusive powers (it was pointless to have both anyway, so it saves confusion this way).

Added crafting options for hide, leather and hardened leather.

Added a 'pot of dye' item, capable of changing the colour of certain materials (and applying magical bonuses, in the case of magical dye).

Floating forms (fire, water, air, mist, dust devil, etc) no longer 'land', instead they remain floating.

Added 'hold' as an alias for 'wield'.

Fixed an issue with terraforming rivers/springs within forests and mountains.

Week 42

ending Sunday 22nd October


If you have a Size bonus and are in human form, the bonus is now treated as Density instead of Size. Density gives the same bonuses as Size, except for the reach and the -2 Defence every 3 points. It also doesn't effect your movement rate or weapon requirement penalties.

Removed the blank line which was always displayed after entering a command. The blank line displayed before your prompt can now be removed via 'config blank'.

Named ones of the ponds to 'Shimmer Pond', in preparation for a future task.

Alayla's put together a revised version of the new Nexus, which has been ported across to the mud for testing. She's also continued adding new features to it, while Grulk has put forward a proposal for where certain mob types could live within it.

Added help files for 'actions' and 'wounds'.

Added the concept of dual blood types, for things like centaur creatures - if your lower body is a swirling vortex of dust, for example, then it shouldn't have any blood.

Morning stars no longer describe killing people by smashing their hands or feet to a pulp - the killing blow is now described as striking the body.

Finally got around to fixing the 'retreat' option to work properly (it's now based purely on the direction you're facing). Also added a 'knockback' movement type, which causes you to fly in the specified direction, occasionally smashing into things (depending on terrain). Updated several attacks to cause knockback.

Fixed several techs which were hitting the wrong location.

Week 41

ending Sunday 15th October


Added a 'mind whip' Mind Magic attack for rank 5, gets upgraded bypass at ranks 15, 25 and 35. Also added 'psychic lance' Mind Magic for rank 20.

You can now 'pscore wounds' on your pets.

Added 'visage' as an additional warp location - purely cosmetic.

Added a simple crafting system, currently supporting three material types (pieces, shards and fragments).

Added a giant spider mob to spawn in the desert during the day. These drop craftable pieces of spidersilk.

The various dragon mobs now drop craftable bone shards and scale fragments.

You can now view your warbeasts tail information in 'score' and 'armour bypass' (previously it only showed that info for Demon Form tails).

Added the Living Nightmare demon power, and gave it a bonus from the Terror Demon warp.

Started adding some new mobs - Lamia and Arachnitaur Brute, based on ideas from Grulk.

Added a 'burst' help file, describing how burst attacks work.

You can no longer see the 'fw' feet tech on a greater warbeast unless you have at least 1 rank in Demonology.

Converted the basic version (land/sea only) of Alayla's new Nexus map, now accessable within the mud (although only by admin).

Fixed a bug which (literally) caused parts of hell to freeze over during winter.

Fixed an outstanding issue with the PutOutput() method in regard to SIGHT messages sent to people who can't see you. Updated the 'moving towards you' messages, the socials, and the magic gestures, accordingly.

Week 40

ending Sunday 8th October


Added a 'rate' help file describing how the movement rate is calculated, and an 'items' help file describing magical items.

Updated and clarified several of the existing help files.

Added stubs for all 24 of the new dragon powers, and added help files for several of them.

Barbed Devil head warp now changes your horns from crush to cut damage.

Added Terror Demon and Succubus Devil warps.

You can no longer chop the hands off creatures with the Wraith shape.

House NightWing now gives human and Wolf Form bite a poison burst, as long as you have either Dark Lineage or Blood Legacy 5+. It now also gives +3% poison armour per rank in Blood Runes, rather than the previous +1% per rank.

The Animus chest rune now only applies if you don't have any other Animus runes.

The Canidae rune now gives additional bonuses to Bat Form, allowing it to benefit from the wolf-oriented powers.

Added the Sanguine rune feet option, and modified the head rune to give an additional bypass bonus to bite attacks (including those of Bat Form).

Shadow Infusion now gives +1 cold bypass per rank.

Some of the bypass Lunar Tattoos weren't working properly due to an arm mix-up. Fixed.

The head regeneration tech now uses your highest rank of Regeneration or Mind Magic (previously it always used Mind Magic).

The 'challenge' command now restores lost hands and other wounds.

Blue dragons now spawn on ice as well as water (this caused problems with Mirror Lake freezing over during the winter).

Week 39

ending Sunday 1st October


Added a 'kill buffer'. If you go over your 250 daily kills, you then start using up your kill buffer (if any) before the daily kill count goes any higher. Currently you can't increase this buffer, but it will later be tied into certain tasks.

Updated several help files, and added 'critical' and 'archery'.

You can now 'train reroll' at any age, as long as you've classed.

The mindshield spell can now be enhanced, making it non-dispellable.

Elemental Infusion wasn't getting double cut/stab bypass from Earthborn Adept - fixed.

Fixed a grammatical problem with map descriptions.

Severed hands can now be wielded during combat, treated as if they were disarmed weapons.

The 'armour bypass' information now takes into consideration bypass bonuses specific to your current target (such as those given by Protean Nemesis).

Lakes and ponds now freeze over during the winter.

Added the basic infrastructure for the Dragon class, and started creating stubs for its powers.

Week 38

ending Sunday 24th September



Week 37

ending Sunday 17th September


If you get a Lesser Calling from joining a class, you now lose any Lesser Calling you had previously (this is an old bug, but nobody reported it until now).

Fixed a few minor bugs with the Transcendence power, and allowed those using it to wear ethereal items. Spectres and Death Knights now drop ethereal rings, with a 33% and 100% drop rate respectively.

Added the Protean Nemesis power for demons, and started designing a Living Nightmare power which branches from it.

Pathway to Hell now properly combines with alternative breath attacks (eg, with Black Dragon Descendant you have an acid breath which increases based on your rank in Pathway to Hell).

The bursts of ethereal-strength attacks (such as soulblades) now have their hit location automatically changed to internal (but ONLY the burst itself).

Deleted 644 pfiles - those who hadn't completed character creation, and those who had last connected in 2004.

Week 36

ending Sunday 10th September


Added an Immanence power for mages.

Added a Transcendence power for mages.

Updated and clarified several help files.

Continued working on the new Nexus.

Week 35

ending Sunday 3rd September


Fixed the 'float' bug where mobs would be floating when they fell over, rather than being described as falling.

Started adding the Great War mode.

Added an additional bonus to each of Arctic, Desert and Swamp Wolfkin.

Added an Enlightenment power for mages.

Added an Ascension power for mages.

Week 34

ending Sunday 27th August


During a war, you can no longer crusade after launching an attack.

Sharks and dire sharks now move faster (obviously only in water).

Did some more work on the new nexus.

Changed the primal calculation for PK. You now earn twice what you'd get for killing a mob of the same age, minus what they'd earn for killing you. This means you can lose primal for killing much weaker opponents, although they don't get anything from it.

You can no longer 'invite' people who have you on their ignore list.

Week 33

ending Sunday 20th August


My visitors left on Wednesday morning, although I had a lot of other things going on, so once again it was a fairly quiet week.

Fixed a problem with the Blight Demon mob not pouncing.

Fixed several typos with flight messages and descriptions.

Aegis wasn't properly applying its immunity or armour vs mental damage - fixed.

Added a 'pending tail techniques' prompt option for tails.

Corrected a minor issue with techniques that only sometimes strike different locations on a critical hit.

Corrected a cosmetic issue with backstabbing someone while in midair.

Replaced the hardcoded 'broken bottle' messages with proper name lookups for the broken bottle combat table.

Severed body parts now fall to the ground in the same plane as the creature they were cut from.

Corrected an issue with the generic 'miss' message used by the Object class. The miss messages for non-creatures are now handled more appropriately.

Week 32

ending Sunday 13th August


The offensive version of Dispel magic (single spell) now only removes non-permanent positive spells.

Fixed a bug whereby everyone could wear fang bracelets.

Fixed another issue with Inferno in Demon Form. It's now handled as a hidden tech which can no longer be accidently triggered.

Pathway to Hell 10+ now unlocks Wings of the Abyss (i.e., you no longer need to have Demon Form 10+).

Added support for form-specific socials and updated the socials for wolf and bat form.

Updated several warp descriptions to clarify certain bonuses as ranked.

I had visitors on Friday and over the weekend, so was unable to make much progress this week.

Week 31

ending Sunday 6th August


Burn/Freeze/Shock bypass from magical rage is now properly taken into account.

Finished the Rage Demon, Frog Fiend and Chelonian Fiend warps/scars.

Wings of the Abyss now allows human form travel.

Gazelle forearm tattoos weren't working with weapons - fixed.

Added an 'ignore' command.

Spider Fiend legs warp web attack now only does entangle on a crit (although it gives a movement penalty on both crit and regular hits).

Fixed some potential crash bugs (same bug, multiple places).

Added mood-specific modifiers to Wolf Form descriptions.

The Antelope option of Lesser Totem Spirit now also gives +5 Defence per rank.

Dispel magic now only removes a single spell, except on a critical hit.

Psychic Wall and Psychic Mastery now each give psychokinetic barrier -1 cooldown.

Week 30

ending Sunday 30th July


The Warbeast and Demonology powers now give +bypass when mounted.

Demonology now allows your warbeast to use wing warps and gives additional bonuses to Imp Servant.

Added the Ritual Scarring power for demons.

Mobs now use their tail location (if they have a tail).

Demons can now also use their tail power if they have Warbeast 10+ (and are riding their warbeast).

Tainted Flesh wasn't properly applying the heat, cold and poison armour in human form. Fixed.

Pathway to Hell now gives the Hellfire Storm spell at rank 20.

Unclassed characters can no longer summon and slay drakes on their home plane in order to gain auto-advance points.

Boosted the Fire/Air/Earth/Water Elemental mage powers.

Partially added Frog Fiend, Chelonian Fiend and Rage Demon warps/scars. They still need more powers (and mobs to steal the knowledge from).

Week 29

ending Sunday 23rd July


The elemental resists are now shown properly as immunities in spell effects.

You can now see 'damage info' in villages when attacking mobs.

Primal can now go above your cap, but you won't earn primal from kills if your primal has already reached or exceeded the cap. This stops you wasting daily kills and boosts, and also makes large primal rewards viable (from tasks, etc).

Updated the descriptions of the various spell talents and powers to indicate which spells they give.

Updated the various defence and bounce messages to show the full opponent name.

Added a 'tail' combat location for demons, accessable via 't?'.

Fixed a minor overlap issue with the Armour and Spirit Armour spells.

You can no longer kill yourself by headbutting shields, walls, etc, only knock yourself out.

Elemental Infusion is now aided by the Adept talents (they double the bonus for the appropriate element).

Enabled the Burn, Freeze and Shock talents, and added a Great version of each.

Moon Hare tattoo now functions in human form. Also finished off the rest of the lunar tattoos: raven forehead, gazelle forehead, bear shins, eel shins and shark chest.

The Spiritshield spell no longer gives shock immunity.

Fixed an issue with some immunities not being properly capped at 95%.

Added the Black Dragon Descendant talent.

Week 28

ending Sunday 16th July


Added a selection of unarmed hand techs for mist form.

Added a skin warp option for Bone Devil.

Wars now block the reboot command, and take 60 seconds to start.

Added support for combat messages while blind.

Fixed inferno/roar/etc not hitting people you can't see.

The murder of crows no longer thinks it's a cloud of bats.

Greater Crow Spirit now gives bonuses if you also have psionics.

Warps can now be placed on your tail.

Made some cosmetic fixes to hellhounds and demonhide.

Week 27

ending Sunday 9th July


The Ember, Thunder and Umbrage hand runes now work for fist attacks.

New players who connect and have a magic talent, mount-summoning talent or weapon conjuring talent are now given an appropriate hint.

Added the Greater Crow Spirit power for werewolves.

Fixed a minor issue whereby corrosion couldn't be removed from items with a non-corrosive material type.

Partially added the hands option for the Chiroptera rune.

All tech table bonuses from powers are now added as flat bonuses.

Mobs can now have descriptions. Started adding descriptions...

Finally redesigned the black knight to bring him up to date.

Partially modified the World class to support the new nexus.

Week 26

ending Sunday 2nd July


The Strong Magical Shields talent now gives elemental armour based on the mage Magic powers and Adept talents.

The Hellhound power now gives demons +1 bypass/rank in hellhound form.

Tainted Flesh no longer applies its regular armour bonuses to hellhound form.

Blight Demon warp now has its own hands table, and cannot use weapons.

Finished the Crab Fiend, Crystal Devil, Dust Devil, Slug Fiend and Rust Demon warps, and added mobs of the same name to hell.

Summoned warhorses, nightmares and drakes now appear on the summoners plane.

Added a 'form' help file (thanks Grulk).

Added a 'helpclear' admin command, so that reboots are no longer needed in order to refresh help files.

Giant Bat form can now wear wing-spikes.

Harpies now drop spiked demonsteel collars. These can be forged with Infernal Forging to gain the same bonuses as full helms.

Wings of the Abyss now gives +2 bypass to wingbash per rank.

Added more options to the Canindae, Ember, Thunder, Sanguine and Umbrage runes, as well as the Moon Hare tattoo.

Started working on spellbooks for mages.

The 'armour' command now lists internal armour.

Multi-layer items (pieces of equipment which cover more than one layer) are now properly supported.

Items can now rust, tarnish and rot when exposed to water. This reduces their durability and, for magical items, their ability to repair themselves. The 'repair' command now fixes corrosion as well as damage.

Week 25

ending Sunday 25th June


Finished the 'tentacles' combat table for Pit Devil (and the kraken mob). The kraken mob now spawns.

Returning from demon form to human form now gives warp-specific messages.

Rock Skin and Demon Form weren't properly applying mental immunity. Fixed.

Corrected some of the world messages (such as 'lava' always being shown as a volcano, even though all 'water' in hell is treated as lava).

Added Blight Demon, Hellhound Fiend, Pit Devil and Smoke Demon warps (with appropriate hell mobs). Partially implemented Crab Fiend, Crystal Fiend, Dust Devil, Rust Demon and Slug Fiend warps (each has only a single power, so far).

Fixed a bug with 'fear' not being properly stripped by rage.

Made some optimisations to warp/tattoo/rune-specific combat commands/techs.

The werewolf 'bind' command now shows how many spirits are bound into your currently worn equipment.

Fixed a potential crash bug to do with magical shields.

Updated Demonic Rage and Spirit of Fenris to apply savagery rune bonuses if appropriate (this won't happen for players, but is used for some mobs).

Frost/Storm Demon warp now changes your breath and wingbash attack type.

The class 'rage' powers will now strip Burning Fury if you have it.

Fixed a number of cosmetic messages (such as feet 'touch' the ground, while a tail 'touches' the ground).

Tweaked bypass vs armour to apply a minimum amount of bypass/soak, as explained in 'help armour2'.

Shadow drake mount now gets innate breath/claw bypass with 10/20/30 ranks in Beast Master.

The 'armour' command now allows you to test how well a specified body location can deal with a specific amount of damage of the specified type, optionally with a specified amount of bypass.

Fixed an issue where some ethereal weapons could get bloodstained. Transforming a darkblade into ethereal form will clear it of blood.

The Moon Hare tattoo is now in.

You can no longer enter something (such as a portal) while you have a fight timer.

Week 24

ending Sunday 18th June


Devil Spawn now uses your naked stats for its various bonuses.

Changed the display of the Mettle/Aura armour bonuses from Strong Magical Shields.

Upgraded several of the mob attack tables.

Divided the area table into two (one for realm, one for nexus) and added support for season-specific spawns.

Chivalry now counts as a weapon mastery for the falcon.

Mobs can now have random words added to their names (for example a 'small goblin', an 'ugly goblin', a 'smelly goblin', etc).

Grulk and Feryl located a calculation error - natural and spell armour was being capped BEFORE bypass was applied. Fixed.

The 'armour' bonus from spells and items now only applies to physical damage. New bonuses have been added for heat, cold, shock, mental and poison.

Magically generated items now take into account the material, so that (for example) red dragonscale armour won't give cold soak, white dragonscale gauntlets won't give heat bypass, etc. Dragonscale bracers will now sometimes drop with an 'armour' (spell layer) bonus of the appropriate element. Fangs can now also specify a material type, so that red dragon fangs may provide heat armour, white dragon fangs cold, and blue dragon fangs shock.

The Ember, Umbrage and Thunder cheek runes now add heat, cold and shock armour respectively to Cloak of Shadows.

The King Cobra shin tattoos now allow werewolves to bite while prone.

Vampire's Giant Bat form wasn't properly getting all the Wolf Form bonuses. Fixed.

Week 23

ending Sunday 11th June


Added the option for tech-specific bypass bonuses, and applied them to a number of fighting techniques and spells. Thundering Roar gets natural bypass bonuses at ranks 10, 20 and 30.

The spell table Ascendancy and Power are once again multiplied by spell colour, although this is now done after adding bonuses from the power rank.

Corrected an issue with the combat and spell table formatting.

The 'damage info' config option no longer shows the "--==>>>" if you also have the 'screen reader' config option set. The 'screen reader' config option also blocks out the '-------' lines around help files, score, who, etc (although there are a handful of hardcoded lines which still need to be sorted out).

You can no longer backstab or throatslit swarms.

Fixed a problem with the auto-absorb from Fang Forging not being properly stripped.

Fixed falcon so it can be dismissed with a fight timer.

Beasthide, Demonhide and Dragonhide now block each other (you can't have more than one at any one time).

Strong Magical Shields wasn't being applied to demonhide - fixed. It's also now based on whatever your current Aura/Mettle is, rather than at the time of casting.

Added 'rock imps' for Infernal Binding - they give soak, and can go into pieces of heavy armour.

Bone Devil warp on arms now gives heat bypass.

Implemented the 'Devil Spawn' and 'Demon Spawn' talents based on proposals by Grulk. The Dark Reaver concept now starts with Demon Spawn.

Added a 'spell' option for the armour command.

Added Burn, Freeze and Shock talents, although they're not currently purchasable.

Locking a weapon with a main gauche will now also stop that weapon from blocking/parrying.

Corrected a timing problem with the Shapechanging power.

Week 22

ending Sunday 4th June


Created a basic tool to convert bmp files into planes. This will be used to generate the new Nexus.

Upgraded 'Conjure Soulblade' to gain elemental bypass bonuses.

Soulblades and spell-summoned weapons now work in all elemental forms and mist form.

The mage's magpie familiar wasn't working properly - fixed.

The elemental/mist form dual damage types weren't working properly against swarms - fixed.

Rearranged the powers on fang drops to make them a bit more worthwhile.

Fixed a bug with the raven tattoo on shins.

White and red dragons can now swim as well as blue (otherwise they tended to get stuck in rivers and lava respectively).

Speed over the speed cap no longer increases Resistance.

The falcon (from Chivalry) now has location-specific attacks. The warhorse is replaced with a nightmare if you have the Ember rune.

Made some changes to a few of the starting concepts.

Ettins now use the savagery rune on all locations.

Added support for mental and poison bypass weapons, and fixed a bug with Venomous Tail not properly applying its poison bypass.

Looking at someone who's using demonhide, dragonhide or beasthide will now show their modified skin colour rather than their natural skin colour.

Added a 'Strong Magical Shields' talent.

Started adding a Moon Hare tattoo for werewolves.

Started adding a hellhound warp for demons.

Fixed a minor bug with the giant bat vampire form's claw attacks.

Week 21

ending Sunday 28th May


Added mobs for the remaining three blood runes.

Fireballs now explode on a critical hit.

Coordinates are now displayed as "X Y" rather than "X/Y" within look/etc, to avoid confusion with the syntax of the 'target' command.

Can no longer use 'stance' when shapechanged.

Added the option for 'burst' weapons for mobs.

You can now forge collars.

You can now rewield a weapon if disarmed. You have 30 seconds to rewield it, and it costs 1000 AP, -100 for every second you wait, to a minimum of 100 AP after 21 seconds. If you wait more than 30 seconds you can no longer rewield.

Entering a portal now bases the message on your shape (and legs warp for demons).

Made numerous cosmetic fixes to messages and help files.

Week 20

ending Sunday 21st May


Can no longer activate 'stealth' while using Cloak of Shadows.

Added a 'Blood Knight' subclass for vampires. Updated Infernalist demon subclass (it now gets Witch Spawn, and Road of Seven Sins).

Fixed the issue with people automatically targetting 0 0 when dead (and pets targetting 0 0 when summoned).

Fixed some minor problems with pet powers not being properly set/cleared.

Serpent and Spider warp on legs now prevents you wearing leg gear when in Demon Form, although groin and legs get the same natural protection as feet.

Added an 'info' option for the admin reboot command, to show who is blocking the reboot and why (fighting, in a dungeon, etc).

Renewment maps now cost 10.0 boosts, and 'train reroll' clears your subclass.

Finished the Blood Runes power for vampires. There are currently 7 runes available, with 3 others partially coded.

Updated some of the Lunar Tattoos to fill in some of their missing locations.

Flying creatures now 'swoop' through portals, rather than 'step'.

Fixed a few mobs who weren't properly closing from ranged to melee combat.

Internal damage no longer 'bounces off' skin, but is instead 'ignored'.

Inferno can now inflict different types of damage depending on your skin warp.

Modified Thundering Roar to better utilise Extended Rage as a defence.

Mages can no longer enchant or bind spell-summoned weapons, although these weapons will now automatically have an elemental of the appropriate type bound into them.

Added an icestorm spell for water magic.

Form of Earth now has a separate equipment/inventory set.

Week 19

ending Sunday 14th May


Fixed a bug with shapechanging in water. All shapechanged forms now specify a 'swim' table, so being knocked over while flying should no longer cause any issues.

Fixed a bug with batform sometimes being unable to travel, due to its regular form of movement being airborn.

Wolfman can now crouch and lie down. Wolf form can also lie down.

Added Spider Fiend mob and warp.

Added Woolly Rhino and Imperial Mammoth mobs and tattoos.

Added a 'sixth sense' spell for Air Magic, rank 15.

Added a 'boil blood' spell for Mind Magic, rank 10.

Added a 'whois' command ('finger' also does the same thing).

Added 'magpie' and 'viper' options to the Animal Familiar power.

Pathway to Hell, Path of Shadows and Ride the Storm now each give +2% armour per rank against the appropriate elemental damage type.

Added a magic table for torches, so that imps/spirits/etc can be bound into them.

The Fortitude option of Blood Legacy now gives +15 Resistance per rank instead of +10.

Partially implemented Blood Runes for Vampires.

Week 18

ending Sunday 7th May


You no longer see the 'damage info' when hitting people in the village in the Realm - people kept spamming the starting point, and it was annoying for newbies.

Added warps for Demon Form - these work a bit like Lunar Tattoos, except there are seven locations, and the warps are weaker. Many of them tend to add alternative bonuses rather than additional bonuses.

Added seven types of demon mob which spawn in hell. Killing them gives a warp knowledge.

Tough Hide wasn't properly doubling Resistance - fixed.

Elder Vampire subclass now gets Blood Legacy instead of Lupine Fortitude.

Thundering Roar now also strips the boar totem bonus, if any.

Added Bladed Tail and Spiked Tail demon powers.

Wing defences were being counted as paired defence rather than full - fixed.

Blood Legacy now gives bypass to your bite attacks (in both human and wolf form).

Tainted Flesh no longer requires both Infernal Forging and Demon Form at rank 10, only one of them.

Added 'Extended Rage 10+' as an optional requirement for Lupine Fortitude, the idea being that you can get the power through your spiritual/beastial ties (Rage of the Beast or Spirit of Fenris). This also means human form builds don't have to raise powers they'll never use in order to get the immunity.

Summoned creatures now appear on the summoners plane.

The owl option of Lesser Totem Spirit now has a 3 second recovery time, instead of 30, making it a bit more sensible for travel.

Week 17

ending Sunday 30th April


Finished the Lunar Tattoos power for werewolves, and added more more tattoos, bringing the total up to seven.

The spirit plane now spawns spirits who werewolves can steal tattoos from.

Torn off branches and giant scorpion pincers now have the (r)emove tech.

The 'repair' command now works on other creatures in your home plane.

The lesser owl totem can now carry mounts.

Transforming to/from wolfform, batform, wolfman and demonform while in midair now results in you falling back to the ground, rather than getting stuck floating in the air.

Fixed an issue with certain forms not being able to get back to their feet after death.

Added a 'snake' body type for snake and eel mobs.

Added knowledges to the mob table (so mobs can start with up to 10 knowledges) as well as tattoos (primarily used for animal spirits, which often have the benefits of the tattoos they give when killed).

Changed the scoring in War to swap Full and Straight, based on a statistical comparison of the difficulty involved in getting each.

Week 16

ending Sunday 23rd April


Added an Enchanter subclass for mages.

Mobs no longer drop items just from being knocked out (although I'm sure it was fun while it lasted).

Can now access the 'd' head tech while in Wolf Form if you have 5+ ranks in Wolf Form.

Weakened barkskin and made it a separate combo from forcefield. Also added a 'giant growth' Earth Magic spell. Enhanced Deflection now only works for certain spells, such as forcefield.

Can no longer complete a power map if your powers AND free power trains come up to 100% potential.

The werewolf 'forge' command for Lunar Forging will now show how much overforge you have (although only if you actually have some).

Implemented a Lunar Tattoos power for werewolves, along with two types of tattoo (and two more partially done). The power will be enabled once it's actually possible to learn new tattoos, and the same basic system will also be used for Blood Runes (vampires) and Ritual Scarring (demons).

Updated several help files.

Some combat moves describe the blow hitting different locations on a critical hit or killing blow. These moves will now actually hit the described location on a critical, rather than just describing doing so. The 'death blow' still hits the normal hit location (because otherwise armour on the killing blow location might change it to a non-killing blow), but the 'damage info' config option will still make you think it's hit a different location.

Updated the 'long' combat table option to better reflect spells - it now differentiates between direct (vs Defence) and indirect (vs Protection) spells, lists Power instead of Damage, and shows the mana cost if any. The tables no longer show Attack/Damage for techs which don't attack, or Defence for techs which don't allow a defence.

Week 15

ending Sunday 16th April


Mist Form wasn't applying the Ascendancy bonus - fixed.

Fixed a problem with auto-advance being applied for kills.

Added a 'wounds' command to show the wounds you've taken.

Added the basic infrastructure for knowledges.

Modified the way Offense/Defence ratings are calculated in War. You now get to see your remaining opponents each time you type 'war'.

You can now access Beasthide in wolf form if you have 5+ ranks in the Wolf Form power. Tough Pelt no longer requires Feral Spirit while in wolfman form, and Tough Hide no longer requires Tainted Soul while in demon form. Beasthide now gets a bonus from Self Control (or Wolf Form if used in wolf form) while Demonhide gets a bonus from Demon Form.

Venomous Tail (and giant scorpion tails) now inflict internal poison damage, which ignores worn armour. Attacks which consist of ripping a weapon out of someone (including the tail) also inflict internal damage.

Added a 'pscore' help file.

Tweaked the wolf/hellhound talents given by Beast Master and Demonology.

Fixed a couple of combat techs which were inflicting the wrong damage type.

A morning star bounceback will now knock you out rather than kill you (so your opponent isn't robbed of primal).

Updated a number of the knockout recovery messages.

Flew to the UK on Friday morning, for Easter.

Week 14

ending Sunday 9th April


Fixed an issue with the admin 'restore' command.

Added a Lunar Warrior subclass for werewolves.

Killing a black-sash martial artist now gives you a hint about tasks.

Flew to Venice on Thursday morning, flew back on Sunday, leaving me very little time to work on the mud this week. I did spend some time planning Knowledges, however - a new system which will work a little like Talents, except that they are earned (much like tasks) and will unlock additional options for certain powers (for example, it may be possible to learn new animal spirits which can be access via Lesser Totem Spirit, or new spells for certain magic types).

Week 13

ending Sunday 2nd April


Power-summoned Elementals now gain the appropriate Adept talent, and as many ranks in the appropriate Magic as their summoner has in the Elemental power. They cannot yet cast spells, but this provides them with natural bypass for their appropriate element type, which is useful for their unarmed attacks.

Typing 'prompt' on its own, while 'config prompt' is off, will now display your actual prompt. This makes it rather useful for blind players, as they can define a prompt which is only displayed on requested.

Blood Legacy now also increases bite attacks in wolf form.

Skill/style auto-advance is now added instantly (rather than via a timer), and can be stacked up from multiple kills.

It's now possible to earn auto-advance points by completing one-shot tasks. Type 'task' to view those currently available to you (there are currently six).

Reordered some help files which were out of place. Also added new help files for 'tasks' and 'auto-advance', and added a 'rules' help file. Went through the other help files fixing a number of typos.

Spell expiration messages are now shown to everyone within sight.

Added weapon bypass bonus types for heat, cold and shock.

The darkblade weapon now gains cold bypass and a burst attack, while soulblades now gain a burst attack if you also have Elemental Binding - sonic burst in regular form (if you also have 10+ Earth Magic) and elemental bursts of the appropriate type if in an alternate form. Note that you can no longer sheathe darkblades and soulblades while they are in an alternate form.

Added an 'afk' command.

You no longer suffer pain penalties while dead or unconscious. This is only really useful for Inferno, for now at least.

The 'find' command now also works on areas, although it could use some refinement. Added a 'find' help file.

Lowered the amount of protection that helms and coifs pop with.

It's now possible to use the short-range drake flight without the appropriate talent.

Fang Forging now allows the creation of fang bracelets.

Added Spirit Binding for werewolves.

House DarkBlade now allows you to wear up to 50 points of Shadow Taint (no more than 10 in any one item - so no bonuses), although you still suffer the radiation from the taint.

Removed the 'archer' and 'gladiator' concepts, added 'draconian' and 'dragon rider' concepts, and seriously revamped the 'assassin' concept. Some of the concepts are rather difficult for new players, and I'd like to eventually redo them so that they're all more effective. The 'archer' could eventually be part of an 'advanced concept' section, but as it stands its too complex for most people to use effectively.

Week 12

ending Sunday 26th March


Corrected an issue with the Blood Legacy bite technique. Blood Legacy, Road of Seven Sins and Lesser Totem Spirit also now increase your green magic.

Meto visited for the week. We went to Prague on Tuesday to meet up with Rotain and Alayla, and came back (with Rotain) on Thursday. As a result I had practically no time to work on the mud, although we were able to discuss a number of design ideas.

Week 11

ending Sunday 19th March


Reduced charge delay for Storm Talons by 2 seconds.

Fixed a problem whereby the +5 rank bonus for House BloodStone wasn't being applied to worn items.

Infernal Binding now allows frost and spark imps to be bound.

Added spell names to the Faith tables.

Demonology and Beast Master now give hellhounds and wolves Regeneration.

Can no longer move to coordinates when within rooms.

War now allows 'dismiss all' as the first action of the first turn.

The Envy/Sloth sins no longer add the 30 second penance if they are unable to be activated (due to range, no target, etc).

Added Blood Legacy for vampires.

Config Defence Spam now also blocks messages which hit but are absorbed by armour (or ignored due to otherwise being reduced to 0 damage).

Dungeon-loading mobs are now always aggressive, even if that mob type isn't always aggressive by default.

Week 10

ending Sunday 12th March


Fang Forging now allows bone, leather and animal skin weapons and armour to be enhanced.

Can no longer drop talents while magic is active.

Increased the number of locations a thrown attack can hit, and changed a thrown hand axe to do cut damage.

Added Moon Weaving and Lunar Forging for werewolves.

Added the Road of Seven Sins power for demons.

Upgraded Blood Forging for vampires, and added the House BloodStone talent, both of which benefit from the new bloodsteel properties (it soaks up blood and begins to throb, then pulsate). Modified the Bloodguard concept to include the new House BloodStone talent.

Modified the 'death on negative health' thing a bit. It's no longer applied instantly (so drawing a fang necklace with health on it can't kill you, for example), and will make you fall unconscious instead of dying outright.

Armour Proficiency now lets you recover from sweeps while at medium encumbrance.

Week 9

ending Sunday 5th March


Upgraded Thundering Roar.

Boots and gloves can now have soak as a magic bonus type.

Infernal Forging now works on all metal armour types, as well as weapons.

Upgraded Cloak of Shadows to give Defence, natural armour and a defensive shield.

Upgraded the Rage powers so that Attack/Defence takes into account green magic.

Fixed an issue with removed imps/ravens not changing to their wearer's plane.

Fixed a minor bug with Blood Forging not properly applying radiation.

Parchment is now craftable (so you can shadowcraft maps).

Added several more magic tables - no weapons use the generic weapon table any more.

The 'screen reader' config option now blocks weather patterns from being shown by the 'weather' command.

You can no longer use the head 'travel' command with a fight timer. However you now have access to a feet-based form of flight which moves you quickly, and can be used when you've a fight timer.

You can now pounce and fly across rivers and ocean.

Stores now do an autosave on reboot.

If an item has below 0% soak or 0 auto-absorb before magic bonuses, the magic bonuses now apply in whole (from 0) rather than from the negative.

Added Elemental Binding for mages and Infernal Binding for demons.

Week 8

ending Sunday 26th February


Your daily kills are now lowered by 250 each day, rather than cleared. Thus if you earned (for example) 300 daily kills, the next day you would still have 50 left over.

Modified the War minigame: The 'mercenary' attack now inflicts 1 damage if you lose by only 1 or 2. The 'dismiss' command no longer lets you dismiss Offense resources after initiating an attack. The 'surrender' command now properly clears your opponent so that you don't get an automatic free attack in your next game.

Mindblast now does knockdown on a critical hit, rather than having a flat 1 in 3 chance.

Wolf Form now increases your running speed by +1 per 5 ranks.

Implemented the Fiend Spawn talent.

Fixed the composite bow's natural bypass (it wasn't being applied properly).

Adjusted the basic claw techniques so that they can now hit a wider variety of locations.

Demonology now gives hellhounds ranks in Tainted Talons, while Beast Master gives summoned wolves ranks in Claws of the Wolf.

Randomly generated items can no longer have less than half the base radiation (this was very unlikely anyway, but now its ensured).

The darkblade 'blast' attack now gains +10 range and +1 att/dam per rank in the Blade of Darkness power.

Downgraded the attack/bypass of Razor Claws and damage of Iron Talons.

Added a 'pets' help file.

Added three new werewolf powers: Lesser Totem Spirit, Greater Bear Spirit and Greater Shark Spirit. The Spirit Shaman werewolf subclass now gets +1 in Lesser Totem Spirit instead of Storm Talons.

Added a new Blood Forging power for vampires.

Fixed a bug with the bypass from Fiend Spawn and Tainted Soul.

Form of Air/Water/Fire and Mist Form are now restricted in what type of equipment they can wear: Air can only wear equipment with an encumbrance of 1 or less, water can only wear equipment that floats, fire can only wear equipment with a high temperature tolerance and mist can only wear shadowcloth and shadowsteel.

Week 7

ending Sunday 19th February


If a spell-summoned mob kills something, it's owner now gets the primal directly. Mobs summoned via class powers (using the 'summon' command) still store primal separately.

Wolf Form now gives +1% natural armour/rank in wolf form. Self Control does the same in wolfman form.

Added a new weapon - greataxe.

The 'Striking Mongoose' tech now creates a wearable face on a killing blow.

The vampire Shapechanging power now also works with Mist Form.

Fixed a problem with feet defence not taking into certain item bonuses.

Finished off the war minigame, adding numerous additional options and making it available to players. Spent most of the week refining, bug fixing and testing this new feature.

Added a 'config screen reader' option for blind players. Currently this only does anything for the war minigame.

Week 6

ending Sunday 12th February


Modified the dungeons so that some mobs will now spawn near the entrance - hopefully the dungeons won't feel quite so empty now.

Added a 'view' command, allowing you to view things before buying them.

Fixed a minor bug which prevented the Attack/Defence/Damage bonuses of the Warbeast power from being applied to winged warbeasts.

Fixed a bug with Shapechanging and exhaustion penalties.

Fixed a bug which allowed people to complete maps without first killing the guardian spirit. Also lowered the guardian spirit's energy soak and absorb somewhat, as they were almost unkillable for spellcasters.

Enchantment and Shadow Crafting now allow you to specify how much bonus you wish to add to an item.

Fixed a minor bug with the range of the werewolf 'scent' command.

Fixed a few typos (exiting portals, wind blast).

Slightly downgraded Bat Form's immunity (2% less cut, 5% less crush). The swarm is now correctly referred to as a cloud.

House ShadowSworn can now summon shadow drakes.

Creatures are now facing a random direction when first created, instead of always facing north.

Changed the 'say' command so that if you don't say anything, or add any sound-oriented emotes (such as 'laugh'), it's treated as a sight message rather than a sound one (so if people can't see you, they won't see the message).

Class-specific commands are now coloured cyan, just like the power- and talent-specific ones.

If you're not actually invisible, your 'invis timer' will now show as 'N/A' rather than '0'.

You can now assist weapons when in mist form.

Optimised some of the low-level text parsing.

Fixed a bug which allowed combat dummies and archery targets to be picked up.

Created a 'war' minigame, based on the card game snippet I created for the MudMagic Code Challenge. It still needs a lot of polishing before it can be made available to players, though.

Week 5

ending Sunday 5th February


Fixed a bug which was preventing werewolves from chanaging directly from wolf form into wolfman form.

Added a Task module, for keeping track of player tasks/quests, along with a 'tasks' command to list your current tasks (currently admin-only, until this feature is finished).

Fixed a cosmetic bug with leaving into non-World things.

Witch Spawn (and Pathway to Hell) now give the fireblade spell.

Added a 'zone' help file.

Added 'buy' and 'sell' commands, and appropriate help files.

Modified and finished the map code, and updated the 'maps' help file accordingly. Also added guardian spirit mobs, which scale based on the strength of the player, and a ghostly wanderer who will sell maps to players.

Added a 'scent' command for the Feral Senses werewolf power.

Updated the Imp Servant help file to indicate what you gain from ranks.

The Lupine Stalker subclass now gets Razor Claws instead of Iron Talons.

The 'armour natural' command now shows your uncapped natural armour.

If you have the Iron Talons, then each rank in Talons of the Bear will now give an additional +1% claw bypass while in wolf form. This is to compensate for losing out on the defence advantages of Iron Talons.

Fixed it so that you can extend claws/talons while your hands are in magic mode.

The 'pscore' command now has a 'powers' option. When used by admin, this command will now work on all mobs.

Week 4

ending Sunday 29th January


Fixed some more typos and another crash bug.

Added magical node maps. These still need some supporting code before they can be added (in particular, there needs to be a way to get hold of them, as well as some additional challenge at the end).

Tumbler positions now save (used for lockpicking, alchemy and maps).

You can no longer see the distance and direction to your target in your prompt if they're beyond 750 feet.

You can no longer lower your base stats with a chaos orb if doing so would prevent you fulfilling the requirements of one of your talents.

Self Control now gives the same cross-form advantages as Shapechanging.

Mountain trolls now wield magic axes.

You can now fly in wolf form, if you have the Dragon Blooded or House NightWing talents.

Added regular 'socks', available at the store.

Fixed a minor bug with chaos orbs that would prevent you shifting a 10 in one stat to make a 10 in a different stat.

It is now possible to sometimes find chests lying in dungeons.

Changed the 'half defence' penalty vs ranged attacks so that it only applies to your feet, and only if you have no defensive shield - thus if you have a shield or a forcefield, you won't suffer the half penalty to defence against archers.

Added Rage powers to ettins.

Waterborn Adept and Dark Lineage now give access to the Regeneration regrowth options 5 ranks earlier than normal.

Added a Razor Claws talent.

Renamed Mist Form to Shadow Infusion, and created a new version of Mist Form that works a little like Form of Air.

Week 3

ending Sunday 22nd January


Update a few out-of-date help files, and also fixed several typos.

Finished the vampire Shapechanging power, and updated Self Control to make the werewolf wolf form more comparable.

Fixed it so that magic no longer operates in wolf/bat form.

Tweaked the Focused/Mighty/Swift Blow talents.

Demonform now gives natural poison armour on feet.

Added a 'find' command for locating buildings and dungeons within the Realm. The idea is to eventually expand this to areas (primarily for blind players) and certain quests.

You can no longer wield weapons when you've got a fight timer.

You no longer suffer terrain movement penalties while flying.

Fire, frost, storm and cloud giants now have elemental bypass.

Week 2

ending Sunday 15th January


Your mana can no longer go over your max - removing eq or shapechanging will cause you to lose excess mana.

Dispel Magic is now treated as an offensive spell which can be defended against using Protection.

The 'Stone Maul' Earth spell now has bypass.

Fixed some combat techs which were hitting the wrong location, and reordered certain techs that were blocking access to better techs (eg firebreath).

Added a '$b' option to prompt, to show active boosts.

Added Meto's Mehktish bladedancer mob.

Changed the spawning area of the ocean to be close to the shore, as it was being used for botting.

Typing 'rage off' will no longer initiate your rage if it wasn't previously on.

Updated a few of the talent and power descriptions, which were a little out of date.

People can no longer burn to death (at least until I can find a better way to avoid it giving no primal to the killer).

Week 1

ending Sunday 8th January


Fixed the '$O' prompt so it only shows the Age of creatures. For players, it only tells you if they're younger or older than you.

Fixed various typos in help files and messages, including some mix-ups with mounted and non-mounted messages.

Characters now earn sashes from martial artists and cloaks from the black knight, even if their pet gets the actual kill.

Beasthide, demonhide and dragonhide can no longer be dispelled.

Improved Fang Forging and Self Control.

Improved the dungeon descriptions, to make them more usable for blind players.

Powers and talents that are not yet implemented now specify such in their descriptions. Viewing the power of another class will no longer tell you you fulfill the requirements for it.

Form of Earth now has a stamp attack.

You can now give objects to your pets.

Added a 'measurements' help file.

Fixed a bug whereby Tainted Flesh was applying its immunity bonus for each piece of armour separately, and wasn't being capped at 20 ranks.

Blade of Darkness now gains additional bypass bonuses based on your Shadow Crafting rank.

Water Magic now allows you to regrow severed hands at rank 15.

Added 'ocean' areas, surrounding the main landmasses, and placed sharks and sea trolls inside them.

Did some debugging, fixing four crash bugs - the first was an overflow bug with a couple of text formatting functions, the second was related to destroying a Thing which had a player inside it, the third and fourth were issues caused by being linkdead.