Progress Reports (2005)

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Week 52

ending Sunday 1st January


Spent the week celebrating Christmas and New Year with family, although I logged on a couple of times to make sure everything was running okay.

Fixed a bug whereby you could heal dead people.

Fixed another bug with dropping powers.

Week 51

ending Sunday 25th December


Redid the primal costs for raising powers to be based on how many powers you've raised, rather than on your age. The costs are generally the same as before, but no longer penalise those who raise their age before maxing their potential.

Added '$O' prompt option to show your target's age.

Fixed it so that ravens will leave a Mage's shoulder if the Mage is assuming an elemental form.

Fixed a bug whereby Extended Rage wasn't properly adding its speed bonus while raging.

Lupine Fortitude now gives +1% poison armour per rank.

Added a Swamp Wolfkin talent.

Trousers, skirts, etc, can now have magic bonuses.

Added a 'conjure' command (not yet finished) to replace the old store.

Flew back to the UK on Thursday morning.

Week 50

ending Sunday 18th December


Added a '$o' prompt option to show which direction your opponent is facing.

Tweaked the Blade of Darkness power a bit.

Earthborn Adept now gives the same bonus to Barkskin as the other Adept talents give to Resist Energy.

Centaurs will now occasionally charge up their elemental arrows.

Added a 'silence' admin command.

Finished the Enchantment mage power.

The ethereal darkblade blast tech now has a 3 second delay when used one-handed.

Dragon Blooded now properly excludes other heritage talents.

Added a troll king mob.

Fixed an issue whereby all unblockable attacks were being treated as backstabs, and doing double damage.

Fixed a bug whereby you wouldn't get the bonus talent from meditation and three magic colours at 100+ Age.

Fire/ice/shockblade spells are now permanent (although the weapons themselves don't save, and vanish if removed).

Fixed a bug whereby combining Mist Form and the mindshield spell would prevent the Mist Form from being unpaused. Also changed them to use separate burnout flags.

Added a Magical Attunement talent.

Fixed a bug whereby quitting while trying to stop shifting planes would prevent you logging back on (the load() thought the pfile was corrupted).

Fixed a bug whereby people with the Soul Devourer talent who killed themselves (eg with a failed Alchemy experiment) would devour their own soul.

The percentage damage modifier from Core Damage vs Resistance is now capped in the range 25% to 400%.

Fixed a minor bug that was preventing your wings from folding up behind you after flying to a location.

Added burning over time, which is used by the Immolate spell. You can extinguish the flames by lying down (or wading up to your neck or swimming) in water.

Bottles no longer get completely smashed-up, but instead just broken (seemed a bit odd to hit someone with what is effectively a handful of glass fragments). Bows also get quickly broken in the same way, making them a really bad choice for improvised melee combat.

You can no longer activate Cloak of Shadows while you've got a fight timer.

Fixed a bug with free stat/power trains being capped too low.

Changed the Flame/Wind/Water/Earthborn Adept talents to give 1% armour per point of Aura, and +1% bypass per rank in the associated Magic.

Changed House DarkBlade talent requirements, and clarified its description.

Corrected the three Rage powers (they were giving more Speed than their descriptions stated), but also upgraded them a bit, with each giving a slightly different bonus.

Week 49

ending Sunday 11th December


Added a load more subclasses.

Finished off the Tainted Flesh power, and given it to certain mobs (such as zombies, rats, etc).

Added a Powerful Metabolism talent.

Added cold and shock hand tables, used for water and air elementals respectively - not just mobs (and pets) but also the elemental forms, which can now toggle between magic just like they can in human form.

Added some spells for Witch Spawn and House ShadowShaper (which has now been renamed to House ShadowSworn).

Fixed a few minor combat bugs with blows hitting the wrong locations (including backstab and throatslit).

Added fireblade, iceblade, shockblade and stone maul mage spells.

Fixed the 'setup' command to take into consideration two-handed weapons and the hard encumbrance caps.

Fixed a bug with fang necklaces (it would add the spirit bonus to the necklace while the necklace was worn, but wouldn't add the same bonus to the wearer).

The Blind Fighting talent no longer lets you see all invisible creatures, only those no more than 5 invis ranks above your detection level.

Slightly adjusted the techs in wolf form - two-letter combos ending in 'm' now have a delay of 3 seconds instead of 2.

You can now use infernal forging on chainmail shirts, leggings and coifs.

The slay command now does joint cut/cold/heat/mental damage, so it should be able to properly kill anything.

Summoning spells now only allow you to summon up to three mobs at a time.

Summoned mobs now earn primal based on the age of their master, rather than their own age.

Shadow Crafting now allows you to see which bonuses a specific item will let you increase.

Added an Enchantment power for mages (although it's not yet completely finished).

Week 48

ending Sunday 4th December


Lances now have magical bonus types.

Fixed a minor bug with vanishing darkblades.

Added a 'go' movement shortcut, which acts like 'target' and 'ff'.

Fangs/teeth are now much weaker (and have lower radiation) and reworked the werewolf Fang Forging power to limit the amount you can wear based on rank.

The Tireless Rage talent now increases your Speed Cap by 5, while the Extended Rage power increases both your Speed and Speed Cap by 1 per rank (while in a rage).

Added a Conjure Soulblade power for mages, and removed the soulblade spell.

Bows now have a 'charge' option for elemental arrows. If you don't charge them, they'll only explode on a critical hit.

If you drop 'replylock' then reply, you will now reply to the most recent person to have sent you a tell.

Added Resist Energy spells (heat, cold and shock).

Stoneskin and fire/shock/iceshield can now be enhanced, which prevents them from being dispelled.

Fixed a bug whereby wielding an item that protected a particular body location would prevent you also wearing an item that protected the same location.

Added river trolls.

Updated the monster tables to support up to 10 talents instead of 5.

Implemented the House DarkWing talent, which makes Bat Form viable for combat. Also tweaked the fighting techniques for Bat Form somewhat.

Added support for 'best of' dual damage types, and used them for bat form attacks (which now cause the best of poison and cut damage, depending on what sort of protection the target has).

You can now 'get all'.

Fixed a bug whereby you could summon your mount while riding it, leaving you sitting on a non-existant mount.

Implemented the Storm Talons werewolf power.

Reworked the subclasses so that each can have up to five talents (which you don't need to fulfill the requirements for) and ten powers (bonuses you get, but only if you have at least one rank in the power). Commented out the previous subclasses and added 4 new ones for each class (5 for mage).

Added a 'reroll' option which can be trained once per month, after you've selected your first subclass.

Inserted all of Alayla's area descriptions into the mud. You can now view the info on an area by typing 'area <area name>'.

Week 47

ending Sunday 27th November


Added Shadow Crafting and Blade of Darkness for vampires.

The Channelling talent now works properly with Inferno.

If you are in your home plane, you can now summon pets even if they are fighting.

Your score now shows your stats as "X + Y" where X is your base stat and Y is everything else (X used to include class stat bonuses).

Demonology now allows you to summon winged warbeasts, assuming you have at least 10 ranks in Warbeast.

Fixed it so that ethereal creatures are no longer knocked down by blows that pass through them.

Fixed a bug whereby all pets would try to perch if ordered to do so, and would end up in your inventory if they couldn't be worn.

Fixed a bug whereby trying to summon a hellhound/wolf when your rank is too low would summon a generic pup.

Killing martial artists and prisoners now gives 2 daily kills per kill, to discourage classed players from botting up their skills on the newbie training mobs.

The 'auto-advance' system has been tweaked a bit, to work as follows: If you kill a mob which is at least as old as you (other than martial artists and summoned mobs) then after 1 minute you will earn an auto-advance point, which will be spent the next time you fail a skill/style raise to make the raise succeed. In other words, skills/style go up faster if you're killing stuff your own power level or higher.

Added a composite variant of the shortbow (gives better bypass), which spawns on centaurs.

Demon Form hooves now gain +4% physical armour/rank instead of +5%, but also have an additional flat +25% immunity vs all damage types.

Updated the 'long' option for combat tables to correctly show spells and lockpick tables, and added an 'info' option to show spell names.

Werewolves can now rip out fangs in wolf form.

Fixed a nasty bug with Mist Form that allowed people to remain invulnerable permanently.

Removed the Greater semi-class talents, renamed Sorcerer to Partial Enlightenment, and the old Partial Enlightenment to Flameborn Adept. Also added Windborn, Earthborn and Waterborn Adept Lesser Calling talents. Magically Gifted is now the Mage heritage talent.

Added Arctic, Desert and Spirit Wolfkin Lesser Calling talents. Also added the core talents for 4 vampire and 4 demon Lesser Calling talents, although so far only House DarkBlade is implemented and available.

You now get a bonus talent every 100 age (so one at age 100, another at age 200, etc).

Fixed a minor issue with 'jump' using your opponent's leg types rather than your own, which caused some rather odd messages.

Accidently had blue dragons immune to cold instead of shock. Fixed.

A reboot while people are using non-savable weapons will no longer leave them with 'natural' sword hands and the like.

Fixed backstab so that it does stab damage, not cut.

Thundering roar now strips off Rage, if you have twice their rank or more, and its range increases by 5 feet per rank.

You can now 'power lower all'.

Week 46

ending Sunday 20th November


Added each of the stats (brawn/grace/etc) as references for the stats help file, and added new help files for skills (with references from each skill) and mana.

Added color, armor and unsheathe as alternative commands for colour, armour and draw respectively.

Fixed a bug whereby the Taint from Infernal Forging wasn't being properly applied.

Techs/spells can now require specific ranks in a power (this was partially coded previously, but didn't work properly). Shifted several of the existing spells up a few ranks, and added a rank 10 spell for each; such as stoneskin, fireshield, iceshield and shockshield (each are level 10, and work much like Mist Form, except only against specific damage types).

Infernal Forging now works on codpieces, giving them bonuses to tail attacks. It also allows you to transform non-magical equipment into demonsteel.

Added a 'stream of lightning' air spell.

Added a separate shape for minotaurs.

Greatswords and bastard swords now have their own magic item bonus table.

The bounce-back damage for a morning star is no longer halved.

The 'pscore' command now has options for 'affects' and 'armour'.

The 'list' admin command now allows you to list by partial type, ID and name matching.

Giant scorpions now have a 'pincer' defence, not 'hand' defence (I'd defined the defence type previously, but had forgotten to add it to the pincer table).

Fang necklaces can now be used like crucifixes, if you have Faith, and it treats the defensive spells as blue if you have claws (as well as just handsor gloves). Also updated the Faith healing spell.

The Regeneration power now only unlocks the enhanced head regeneration tech at rank 5. At rank 10 it allows you to reattach severed hands. At 15 it allows you to regrow lost hands, and at rank 20 the regrowth costs less AP and takes less time.

Fixed a minor bug that allowed the head 'regeneration' techs to stack.

Having a broken nose now increases the delay of your head techs by 1 second, while a shattered nose increases by an additional second. Your 'Delay' in your head table will be coloured red if you are suffering from either or both of these penalties.

Armour is now capped at 75% on each layer. Armour Proficiency raises this to 80%, while Heavy Armour Expert raises it to 90% (for worn armour only). Updated the 'armour' help file to explain the new changes, and added a 'bypass' help file.

Lupine Fortitude now gives lower armour vs cut/stab damage, as does Beast Master and Demonology.

Fixed a bug with the display of mental armour, and another bug that was causing checks for cut armour to actually use your stab armour rating.

Mind Over Matter and Iron Will now give +25% and +50% mental armour, rather than +10% and +25%. Psychic Wall and Mental Barrier now give +25% and +50% mental immunity instead of armour. Iron Talons now give +25% immunity instead of +50% armour.

The assist bonus for attack/defence for two-handed weapons is now calculated separately from other percentage bonuses.

Partially added a Mind Magic power for mages and vampires. Also added an Elemental Infusion power for mages.

Updated Bat Form and the elemental forms, so that they scale better as you gain ranks in them.

Fixed an issue whereby the 'stealth' command was defined as for non-classed characters only.

Bows and crossbows will now shoot groin and neck locations.

The Warbeast demon power no longer requires 5 ranks in Hellhound (as Meto pointed out, it didn't make much sense).

Updated the Fire/Air/Earth/Water Elemental powers to make them less dependant on each other. You can now get an effective servant with just one of the powers, while still getting benefits from training them all.

You can no longer lower powers if you've got pets summoned.

Alayla finished the "New Player's Guide" on the website.

Week 45

ending Sunday 13th November


Demon Form now gives +5%/rank foot armour instead of +2/rank Ascendancy, and also provides foot auto-absorb.

Infernal forging now works with wing-spikes.

Players now lose primal when killed by mobs. The mob will store the primal it earns this way, so its possible to recover it if you're quick.

The swarms of rats summoned by Summon Vermin are now balanced stat-wise (age 50, instead of 67). Their skills start off at 0 instead of 50, but now go up through use, and they may also train up styles.

Partially added a 'Tainted Flesh' demon power.

Demons can now abort Pathway to Hell, just like planar shifting.

Added a 'Beast Master' power for vampires and werewolves. Also added 'Path of Shadows' and 'Mist Form' vampire powers.

Upgraded Inferno, but made it no longer work in Demon Form.

Fixed a bug whereby weapon reach wasn't being properly displayed in combat tables.

If you summon a wolf or hellhound, and its age is above what your rank should give, you now have to explicitly add 'rebirth' on to the end of your command if you wish to restart it. Otherwise the summoning will be blocked.

Added some nicer 'leave' messages when leaving locations.

Added 'stamp' attacks for demons in demon form (a feet tech), although this won't work on people jumping or flying. Wingbash no longer works on prone targets.

Dungeons now have different external descriptions, so that you can see the mouth of a cave rather than just a cave, or steps leading into the crypt, etc.

If you try to summon a pet which is already in the mud, it will now move them to your location or, if they're already in your location (eg in the Nexus somewhere) it'll tell you their direction and approximate distance, and whether or not they're fighting.

Fixed a crash bug whereby changing the material of a partially eaten object into something non-edible would break the description.

Fixed a bug whereby magical bypass bonuses on bows wouldn't aid the assisting hand.

Added various options to the 'armour' command, for showing more info.

Werewolves no longer need to hold fang necklaces in order to rip out teeth and fangs - but it is now only possible to rip out one fang from each victim.

Created 'battle bracers', primarily for demons. Not yet loaded on any mobs though.

Added a 'pscore' command, for showing the score of your pets.

Fixed a death bug that resulted in people remaining on the Realm plane instead of going to the spectral plane.

Added several more body locations to the dynamic text parser.

Started working on a darkblade weapon, for a future vampire (perhaps subclass) power.

Classed characters can no longer enter PK locations in the Realm plane.

Upgraded the defence on psychokinetic barrier.

Fixed an issue with 'target X Y' not working if you were targetting a mob at that location.

Pounce attacks now only do knockdown on critical hits, unless you initiate them at least 50 feet away from your opponent.

Week 44

ending Sunday 6th November


Started working on a 'Mist Form' vampire power. Not yet finalised how it'll work.

Added a new shadow plane, which will be used by a future vampire power.

Percentage modifiers to the combat table no longer apply to assisting hands (this oversight was making two-handed weapons devastating).

Fixed a silly cut and paste error which meant that all elemental arrows did heat damage.

The bonuses for Self Control now also apply to Wolf Form.

The 'kicking' item bonus is no longer applied twice (oops).

Wolfman and Demon Form can no longer wear all equipment - Demon Form cannot use gloves or boots, while Wolfman cannot use any armour at all. Added wing-spikes for demons, which are currently dropped by harpy mobs.

Werewolves can now get Wolf Form with Self Control 5+, and Lupine Fortitude with Self Control 10+ - and Lupine Fortitude now gives full bonuses to wolfman form as well as Wolf Form.

Added a 'store' command to let you summon a storage building in your home plane. Each player has 10 store rooms, and each can store up to 25 items. You can see the stats of items in your store by looking at them (even though they're on the ground).

Wing bash and tail sting are now separate attack types. Blows in combat now distinguish between those which hit and did damage, and those that hitbut failed to penetrate armour/toughness/etc.

Fixed a potential crash bug with treant roots, and also stopped them from entangling swarms.

Added an 'Ethereal Blade Mastery' talent.

Added an 'Imp Servant' power for demons, and partially added an 'Animal Familiar' power for mages.

Alayla put together a new version of the new Nexus map, scaled so that each pixel represents one tile, and I've started working on a program to convert the bmp into zone data files.

Week 43

ending Sunday 30th October


Added a 'shift' command for each class, allowing them to teleport back and forth between the Realm plane and the Nexus. This works much like Pathway to Hell - it takes 30 seconds to teleport, and if your fight timer is set during that time the teleport will be blocked. Note also that when you arrive, a 'power surge' message (which works in the same way as death sense) is sent out to those nearby.

The 'home' command no longer works within the Nexus.

Added help files for 'realm', 'nexus' and 'shift'.

Daggers no longer hack off limbs with killing blows.

Equipment is no longer saved in reverse order.

If you're in a dungeon when you log in, the mud will move you outside of the dungeon.

Warbeasts can no longer be ordered around (they're mounts, not pets).

Fixed a bug with rat swarms, which would be destroyed before they could save, meaning that they wouldn't be saved as dead and could therefore be summoned straight back (this was previously fixed for other mob types, but swarms are handled somewhat differently due to not leaving a corpse).

Heavy Armour Expert now doubles the auto-absorb from item bonuses, as well as the base auto-autoabsorb.

You can no longer join someone on their home plane while in the Nexus, or while shifting between planes.

Updated several mobs so that they load with magical gear.

Your current style now acts as a percentage bonus to the Attack, Defence and Damage of your combat table techs (eg if you have 200 in Viper and are using Viper, the bonuses in the combat table will all be multiplied by 3).

The reboot command now also checks if people are in dungeons, and if so, requires the admin to explicitly override it.

Added 'Tainted Talons', 'Venomous Tail' and 'Wings of the Abyss' demon powers.

Completed my MudMagic Code Challenge entry, adding a small poker game to it. Have been toying with the idea of using this system in God Wars II, either as a variant auction system or as the basis for social combat.

Week 42

ending Sunday 23rd October


There is no longer a 'miss' chance for backstab attacks.

Fixed an issue with certain mobs eating players, then (because there were no other players nearby) destroying themselves, taking the player's body with them.

Added a 'Set' option for bonuses, for directly setting explicit values.

Added flame, lightning and ice arrows/bolts, which explode on a successful hit.

Demonsteel can now be forged into demonic armour with Infernal Forging.

Upgraded Inferno a bit, although it still needs more improvement.

Redid the Toughness talent to give auto-absorb instead of immunity.

Ettins now have poison resistance. Also added Meto's three-headed ettin.

Added the Cyclops, based on a design by Nerya.

You can no longer shapechange into bat form or wolfman form while already in the process of shapechanging.

Looking at an item now shows its material and durability. It's also possible to get durability bonuses on magical gear. Objects no longer get as badly damaged as they used to.

Bracers can now have bypass bonuses for cut, stab, crush, heat, cold and shock damage (although they may only have one of those, OR unarmed bonuses).

Tweaked a few of the combat techs, particularly unarmed ones.

Modified Lupine Fortitude and made it - along with Wolf Form - available to Werewolves.

Took some time away from the mud to put together an entry for the MudMagic Code Challenge. This snippet may actually be useful for the mud, however - I've been thinking about using it for a social combat system.

Rotain has spent a lot of time and effort developing a new set of forums for God Wars II. So far this includes a the base classes for security, user input validation and message handling. There are currently only a few test screens, but these already allow you to login/logout, view any profile in the user table and modify your own profile. Tepic and Alayla have also been working on this project, and all four of us will need to work together to get the Mud-Web Interface (MWI) working. Tepic has been setting up separate accounts for us to do this.

Alayla has also created a new map proposal for the Nexus, although it still needs to be converted into a mud-readable format, and will require a lot of detail to be added later.

Week 41

ending Sunday 16th October


Arrived back in Munich on Monday morning, following the second God Wars II admin meet.

Corrected the 'repair' spell messages when used on plural items.

Added a 'Wand Mastery' talent.

Added Meto's 'Ettin' mob.

Fixed a bug whereby even regular 'dark reaver' mobs were dropping class tokens.

Skills and styles no longer increase within 500 feet of the centre of the Realm (due to people spamming spells there).

An encumbrance of 25+ means you're always at least lightly encumbered, and 50+ means you're always at least at medium encumbrance, regardless of Brawn.

Added a 'boost' command, which allows you to spend a boost point to earn more primal from your next ten kills, or improve your next ten skills/styles faster, or any combination of thereof. You earn 0.01 boost point for every mob below 250 that you killed the previous day you logged on, giving you a maximum of 2.5 boost points per day. In addition, every kill beyond 250 that you earn on a particular day reduces the amount of primal you earn.

Also added a 'Boost Primal' config option, to stop people accidently using their boosts on skills and styles.

Added help files for 'weather' and 'boost'.

The 'Toughness' talent now gives immunity instead of armour - however it and Evasion are now mutually exclusive.

Can now order pets to 'enter' and 'leave' locations (although the latter only works if they're spell-summoned).

Added support for rough distance descriptions.

Torches must now be lit in order to do fire damage. They can be sheathed as long as they are not lit. They are also extinguished if you enter water, and cannot be lit while wet.

The 'Sure Footed' talent no longer works when shapechanged into a swarm, but its Defence bonus is doubled when shapechanged into a four-legged form.

Armour and physical immunities are now capped at 95%.

Made a number of cosmetic fixes to various messages, following feedback from several players.

Week 40

ending Sunday 9th October


Added several new monster types to the Realm plane, including an updated version of the unicorn. Also created some more Nexus mobs, including a giant scorpion with a very nasty sting attack. Ivlin also designed a kraken mob, which is mostly complete (it still needs a combat table).

Went through all 20 concepts, checking that the stats, skills and styles added up, that the style requirements were in place, the encumbrance optimised, the talent requirements met and the 'setup' command didn't reveal any problems. This resulted in minor stat changes to the Berserker and Archer concepts, while all the others were fine.

The Nexus now uses the same random encounter system as the Realm plane, although its selection of mobs are completely different.

The bug where you're not standing but the mud won't let you get back to your feet STILL seems to be happening occasionally - so I've placed checks in the basic feet techs to override those moves with 'rise' moves in such situations.

The heal spell now heals damage based on your magic colour rating.

Added help files for each of the four classes.

Removed the 'm' head command from demons in demonform unless they have either Psionics or Inferno.

Wolfman form, Bat Form and Form of Air now have double movement speed when in dungeons (like mounts). Demons have warbeasts for fast movement.

The fever spell no longer affects creatures without hearts.

Finished the support for class traits, and updated the talents accordingly. For example instead of requiring Feral Spirit or Tainted Soul, the Iron Talons talent now requires Werewolf or Demon as either your class, or a trait. If you have Feral Spirit you will get the Werewolf trait, but if you're classed you will have it automatically. Also fixed an irritating feature whereby if a talent had multiple 'OR' talent requirements, and those were all 'none', it wasn't smart enough to realise that you don't really need any of them.

Fixed a bug with pets not properly gaining stat raises in some situations.

Mobs now try to use melee weapons on those within 20 feet, rather than 10.

Fixed a slight glitch with the 'Maiming Fox' tech that would cause it to drop arms every time you killed someone with it.

Fixed a bug with the prisoner and black knight where, because they're recycled rather than destroyed, they'd retain severed body parts for their next incarnation.

Corrected several typos, mostly within combat messages.

Left for Prague on Friday afternoon, for the second God Wars II admin meet.

Week 39

ending Sunday 2nd October


Form of Air now gives 50% physical immunity and 75% shock immunity.

The Knight concept has lost Large Shield Mastery and Rapid Shield Block, and gained Heavy Armour Expert and Chivalry. Also rearranged the Knight's equipment somewhat.

Updated the Dagger Mastery talent to include stilettos, and provided the Knife Fighter concept with a pair of stilettos. Also added a few new techs for the Expert Knife Fighter talent.

Corrected several combat techs which appeared to target 'legs', even when the opponent didn't have legs. Also went through numerous other combat messages, cleaning them up to use the appropriate dynamic messages (eg you can't make a treants 'hair stand on end' if you hit it with lightning).

Moved the mine to the central island, and created four separate classing dungeons on the eastern island.

Fixed some problems with the generated descriptions of the assisting hand when using two-handed weapons.

The 'weather spam' config option was accidently reversed. Fixed.

Added a system for defining 'areas' of the world, and utilised it to name all the parts of the Realm plane (rivers, forests, mountains, etc). Also used the same system to add random encounters to different areas (for example you will sometimes encounter goblins in Greenleaf Forest).

Fixed a capping bug that prevented ethereal creatures from being completely immune to physical damage.

Added a 'torch' item - improvised weapon that causes fire damage. Pretty rubbish, but a great weapon against wraiths and swarms for those who don't have magic.

Changed the 'Dam' colour-coding in the combat table to be the same as 'Att'.

Fixed the nn/ss/ee/ww commands so that they take into account moving into or out of water. Also fixed login to check the same thing.

Fixed a bug with falchion whereby it would allow you to counterattack against paired weapons if you had Expert Two-Handed Parry, even when using the weapon one-handed.

Lowered the attack bonus for lance techniques (they still cause very high damage, but they shouldn't be as accurate as they used to be) and added a 'discard' command (as the lance can't be sheathed). Also fixed a bug with braced spears that was causing them to inflict far more damage than they should.

Alayla put together a graphical version of the map for the webpage.

Week 38

ending Sunday 25th September


A friend came to stay for the first week of Oktoberfest, so I didn't have time to make any progress other than a few typo fixes.

Week 37

ending Sunday 18th September


Extended the duration of minor elementals.

Weapons with greater bypass now colourise their bypass commands correctly in their combat table.

Fighting styles that boost damage are now ONLY applied to Core Damage, making them balanced with Resistance. Otherwise they were giving a double benefit.

Updated various power descriptions to make them more informative.

Added several zones.

Fixed a minor bug with the magic bonuses for shields.

Added Inferno and Demon Form powers for demons.

Added Feral Senses and Thundering Roar powers for werewolves.

Shapechanged forms sometimes have a natural defensive shields capability, allowing them a third of their full feet defence during cooldown.

Week 36

ending Sunday 11th September


Got back home very late on Tuesday night.

Spotted a bug with natural weapon bypasses that wasn't applying them properly. Fixed the bug, and also added the option for items with greater bypass (25%). Rapier, stiletto, longbow and crossbow now have greater bypass.

Slightly lowered the base radiation for weapon Attack, Defence, Damage, Speed and bypass.

Your weapon skill is now applied as a percentage bonus to the base Attack, Defence and Damage of your weapons. The adjusted bonus will be displayed if you look at a weapon you are wielding.

Fixed a bug that caused certain pets to be destroyed before saving when killed, resulting in them retaining their primal indefinitely.

Finished off the four elemental form powers for Mages.

Renamed 'resistances' to 'immunities' to avoid confusion with the Resistance stat. Thus Resistance is the counterpart to Damage, while immunities are the non-bypass equivilent of armour.

Added a 'windblast' mage spell.

Added a 'codpiece' item, at the request of Meto.

Week 35

ending Sunday 4th September


Updated the subclasses to show the correct stat names. Also removed the max power bonuses, as these were outdated.

Magic colours now work exactly like weapon skills - they are applied at the same time as Meditate, and increase Ascendancy but NOT Power. Your best of Blue and Green magic is used to enhance Protection. Other modifiers (such as spell affects, range, etc) work as before. This means that magic and combat skills will now scale at the same rate.

Activated the coloured Spell Mastery talents, although right now they only give a +25% bonus (no extra spells or suchlike).

Armour bypass is now subtracted from armour, rather than applying as a percentage. Thus if you have 50% bypass, and your opponent has a 40% soak helmet and a 50% soak coif, your blow would reduce his helmets soak to 0% and his coifs soak to 40%.

Sure Footed and Evasion now give resistance instead of armour (meaning they can't be bypassed). This bonus is also added to any other resistance you might have, rather than stacked like armour.

Redid Lupine fortitude to provide less physical protection, but to give some protection against other damage types as well. Combined with Evasion and Sure Footed, however, it can actually provide even better protection than previously.

Added a 'Mounted Combat Mastery' talent.

Fixed the 'bite' bug, whereby your opponent would sometimes stay alive despite being reduced to negative health. This was because the EatThing() function was causing damage to whatever was eaten - including creatures. As a result, bite attacks now also cause less damage (i.e., they regular damage from the attack, but not the extra damage for eating a chunk of them - that's now assumed to be part of the attack).

Your Combat skill is now added to Riding for fighting purposes (such as your feet defence while mounted).

Removed a nasty hack which had been left in the dynamic description code (using setjmp/longjmp to get out of a recursive loop).

When killing a martial artist, you'll no longer strip a sash from them if you already have one of that colour (and the same for the black knight's cloak).

Fixed a minor bug which prevented nested talents from being cleared if invalid (so you could get Psionics - Psychic Wall - Enhanced Deflection, drop Psionics, and you'd still have Enhanced Deflection). Did the same for powers (although there are no powers nested that far yet).

Wolf Form and summoned wolves no longer rear up like horses when dodging.

Changed breath attacks to use a 'cb' rather than 'b' head tech, to avoid clashes with bite attacks. Tweaked the AP costs and delays so that the breath attacks are the same cost and speed as before.

Changed the dungeon map to make the walls look thinner (it chops off the second '#' of wall if you couldn't see it).

Flew back to the UK (again!) on Saturday morning, although I still managed to make some reasonable progress this week.

Week 34

ending Sunday 28th August


Flew back home late on Thursday night, but had very little time to work on the mud due to real-life commitments.

Updated various staff techs to have their own variants, rather than using polearm techs (which was resulting in them doing stab damage, and sometimes giving odd messages about blade tips).

Updated the 'powers' help file to clarify that the power maximum is Age/10.

Corrected a few typos in help files and combat messages.

Week 33

ending Sunday 21st August


Added the 'stop' option to rage for vampires and werewolves (previously it was only there for demons).

The shapechanging powers now all have a 5 second delay, during which the character suffers various penalties.

Redid Damage to scale better against Resistance. There is now a Core Damage stat, which is calculated much like Resistance, and which is used for the percentage modifier to damage caused. Also added a Core Power which works the same way, except for magic.

Updated score to take into account the Core stats, but also tweaked a few other parts of it. The 'Regen rate' now shows a number rather than just a description.

Looking at eq, and typing 'armour', now displays ALL damage types, and also includes autoabsorb.

Flew back to the UK early on Wednesday, leaving me little time to work on the mud this week.

Week 32

ending Sunday 14th August


Added a '$I' option for prompts, to show your invisibility timer.

Claws can no longer be extended while shapechanged.

Each point of Speed over 30 now gives +1 Resistance.

Added support for item bonuses to soak and auto-absorb, and used the bonuses for magic armour.

Changed the VICTORY message to only show percentage health, and to always show the name of the character (not 'a swarm of bats').

Whenever a magic colour increases, there is now a chance of Meditate going up as well (just like Combat does with weapon skills). Unlike Combat, however, Meditate is not added to the magic colours.

Changed the remaining giants to use (and drop) full helms.

Corrected a bug with item strength (legendary, mythical, etc) being calculated AFTER the power adjustments.

Added more orders that pets can follow, including get, drop, wear, remove and style.

Tweaked the skill/style improvement code, so that killing big mobs allows your skills and styles to increase a bit faster. 30-60 seconds after killing a mob which is at least twice your Age (or over 50 if you're an avatar), your 'autoadvance' flag will be set, meaning that the next time the mud checks for a skill or style increase it will always succeed (the flag is then cleared if the improve check failed).

Changed the Thing search to prioritise living creatures before distance. The mud will still search your inventory first, however, so this will probably need some more work.

The demon Warbeast power now gives +2 Att/Def and +1 Dam to your feet per rank.

Fixed a rounding error when calculating damage - this should hopefully fix the problem with death blow messages that are not always fatal.

Added a new demon power, 'Pathway to Hell'.

New mob, 'ogre mage'.

Equipment no longer gets wet if you're flying.

Players now earn soul points for killing mobs. These are not yet displayed or used, but at least you're earning them from your kills!

The 'zone' command now pulls its data from the zone tables, and you can optionally specify which zone number you want from that table. This command is now also available to regular players when in their home plane, giving players more flexibility when building.

Upgraded Claws of the Wolf and Talons of the Bear, to give 1% armour bypass per rank. Lupine Fortitude also now gives resistance instead of armour, and provides a minor resistance boost (1% per rank) while in human form.

Week 31

ending Sunday 7th August


Fang necklaces can now only be worn by their creator (I'd planned to do it this way originally, but never got around to finishing it off).

Dungeons now show which directions you can move, within the text. This is still basic and needs more work, but at least it's enough to navigate.

Added support for natural armour and natural autoabsorb.

Monsters can now drop legendary+ items.

Added a load more mobs, including various types of giant, troll and dragon.

The Rage talent/powers now increase your current AP by the same amount your maximum has increased.

Fixed numerous cosmetic issues with combat messages.

Added an Infernal Forging power for demons, allowing them to create demonic armour.

Added a Lupine Fortitude power for vampires, making their Wolf Form more effective.

Invis/Detect Invis spells now use Air Magic to determine strengths. The portal spell is also now available for Air Magic.

Added chaos orbs, which allow you to adjust your base stats. Trolls have a 20% chance of dropping a chaos orb.

The Regeneration power now prevents your healing counter from being reset when you strike or are struck in combat.

Fiddled around with item drops, and added various new magical item types.

Week 30

ending Sunday 31st July


Fixed a large number of bugs, and updated/added several help files.

Mage elemental summoning powers are fully implemented.

The battle channel has been changed again - only shows player deaths.

You can now recover while mounted.

You can now lower powers, as well as raise them. Each lowered power will allow you to raise a power for free. Each 'lower' reduces 1 power by 1 point, although it may reduce other powers to 0 due to requirements that you no longer fulfill (if this happens, you'll be compensated for those other powers as well).

Added hill giants and storm giants.

Finally finished moving apartments (which meant painting and thoroughly cleaning the old one, and moving the last of my stuff to the new one). Thus it was a fairly quiet week from a mud development perspective, but things should speed up again now.

Week 29

ending Sunday 24th July


Mounts now save. If you specifically dismount them, they will vanish after about 30 seconds, but otherwise they'll wait around until you remount them or find a new mount.

Summoned mobs can now be given a specific style of speech, as well as the ability to improve their skills through use.

Changed creation so that after Combat has reached 50, you can only use traditional. For now, classes can't change their setup at all.

Styles now go up to 100, with the rating divided by 2 for advanced styles and 3 for super styles. Any fractions are not lost, but are instead applied to one bonus or another (for example if you have 51 in Dragon, you'll get +26% damage and +25% resistance).

You can now drop talents during play, as long as you're in your home plane.

Added a simple self-classing system - collect two classing tokens for the class you wish to join, by killing the appropriate dungeon mobs, then type 'class <classname>'.

Increased the number of class powers from 12 to 31, although not all are fully working yet.

Renamed the mud to God Wars II on Tuesday 19th, about half an hour before midnight. Spent the rest of the week fixing bugs, tying up loose ends, refining the class powers, and adding new mobs for the Nexus.

Alayla and Rotain got the new website up.

Week 28

ending Sunday 17th July


Chopping off someone's hand will now properly remove their weapon (rather than just changing their combat table).

Added shapechanging - Wolf Form and Bat Form now work fully.

Created a new polearm, the naginata, and added it to Samurai Blade Mastery. Black-sash now uses this weapon.

The Expert Two-Handed Parry talent now gives two-handed counterattacks.

Max speed is now 30. Each point over that instead gives +1 Attack, Defence and Ascendancy.

Reduced +Dam of core techs for morning star by 5 each.

Updated the parser to handle an optional 'power' as the requirement for a command, just as it already did for talents.

Fiddled with Berserker Rage and Tireless Rage, to make them compatible with Rage of the Beast.

Fixed a bug with the swordbreaker technique, whereby it always broke the left-handed weapon.

Added generated descriptions for PCs, along with an 'appearance' command for customising them.

The 'battle' channel once again shows mob fights - the mud seemed rather quiet without it. However PK matches are now displayed on a new 'victory' channel, so you can switch off mob fights without missing PK matches.

Added some AI options so that mobs will follow basic orders.

Got mobs to save and load, and added a summonable wolf to test the functionality.

Designed a system for generating an infinitely big world, and put it into action using the zone data. The worlds created this way are currently rather boring, but this should change once the blank zones in the zone list are replaced with proper zones. This system will be used for the Nexus, but for now you can access it in the main world (and view it by typing 'world').

Week 27

ending Sunday 10th July


Finished updating magical items, using a new formula to calculate radiation. It also allows for certain bonuses to be unique, or to be only chosen once, as well as having bonuses which are only available for more powerful item types (Legendary, Relic, etc).

Various mobs have been given a chance of items drops (such as the goblins, and a new skeleton crossbowman).

Did some further optimisation on the Get/Set methods, as well as various minor cosmetic fixes.

Added some Fox techs for katana and wakazashi.

Got the 'unarmed mode' working for mob AI. If a mob's weapon is broken or disarmed, and they have unarmed techs, they'll now sheathe any remaining weapons and fight unarmed.

Changed the minotaur into the minotaur lord and toughened him up a bit. Also added regular minotaurs (two types, mostly the same except one also uses a throwing axe when outside of melee range). The minotaur lord and pure melee minotaur now use a pounce attack if the opponent is outside of melee reach, making them a pain to take down with jousting or archery.

Whips no longer perform a double entangle.

You can no longer mount something while in midair.

The Regeneration class power has been implemented.

Added fang necklaces for werewolves (this will be used by a class power).

Perform a 'clap' command will now add the 'c' command to both hands.

Boots now get dirty when walking around in mud. Also adjusted the descriptions for objects so that double items (boots, gloves, etc) look better when dirty, wet, blood-stained, etc.

Redid the world scale - each plot is now 1 chain (66 feet), which means each tile is a furlong (660 feet), so that 8 tiles are exactly 1 mile. Movement now uses proper speed ratings, and takes into account diagonal directions at last.

Range in combat tables now shows Touch and Self, as well as different units of measurement.

Mobs summoned by other mobs are now aligned with that mob (and are no longerblocked from PK in safe locations!).

The 'chat' command now stores the last 20 chats. In addition, if the most recent chat is exactly the same as the previous one (and by the same person), it will not be stored no displayed to others. A spammer could get around this by alternating their chats, but only if they knew about it - and the vast majority of spammers don't bother to learn anything about the muds they hit.

Tidied up a load of the help files, following suggestions from Voodoospork.

Week 26

ending Sunday 3rd July


The morning star now has an increased chance of bouncing back and hurting the wielder.

Kite shield can now be properly used when jousting.

Changed the desert island tile so that it's no longer completely submerged at high tide.

Updated a load more combat messages to properly reflect the creature type (eg skeletons are no longer disembowelled, etc).

Fixed a minor issue with chests that would sometimes result in them spawning with one or more tumblers already unlocked.

Updated several more combat commands (notably pummels) so that they no longer work while prone.

Fixed some jog/run hints which didn't take into account encumbrance.

Wolf/rat attacks are now properly recognised as bite attacks.

Changed the PutOutput() and PutSense() Thing methods to ignore mobs - this has drastically reduced the amount of cpu usage for large battles.

Added a new 'mine' monster lair, with gnomes, prometheans (which split into two when killed), basilisks and swarms of rats.

Added two new spam config options, for switching off technique names and successful defence messages.

Max items in inventory doubled from 10 to 20.

Updated the mob AI - mobs can now be given a 'ranged' combat mode. They will switch to melee mode when they run out of ammo (although for magic users this never happens). Partially implemented support for an 'unarmed' mode as well, for mobs that get disarmed or have their weapons broken.

Mind Over Matter and Iron Will now grant 10/25% natural mental armour.

Did some further work on magic items, providing the option for defining bonuses as 'start' (it can be the named first bonus), 'unique' (only one unique bonus allowed per item) and/or 'single' (only one of this specific bonus allowed per item).

Added additional options to the 'zone' admin command, allowing top, bottom, left and right land/sea options. Also added 14 tables (one for each zone type) each containing 64 default zones. This will be used for building the Nexus.

Week 25

ending Sunday 26th June


Firestorm now only knocks people over with a critical hit.

Hopefully fixed the issue with bosses sometimes spawning in walls.

Falcons can now be used to attack indoors.

Updated several of the combat messages to more appropriately reflect the type of creature being struck.

Players now have a 'restore' command which works within their home plane.

Continued optimisating the Get/Set methods.

The Iron Fists and Iron Talons talents now give 10% armour bypass.

Added a 'lockpicking' help file.

Fixed the 'hint' messages for double attack techs that are out of range.

Fixed it so that moving into a wall doesn't clear your regular (combat) target if you're mounted.

Added a $A option for prompt, to show maximum action points.

Added some more settlement tiles.

You no longer autotarget yourself if you accidently hit yourself.

Added support for allowing worlds/etc to have any scale you wish. Currently only the main world uses the enhanced scale (3 times). The n/w/s/e movement commands use this scale to determine their default distance.

Added tides to the worlds, so that the water level rises and falls.

Added more amusing gender-swapping messages, at the request of Jaizon.

Jobo added the code for aliases to load/save. This revealed another (very odd) bug with the underlying load/save code, which we managed to track down and fix.

Week 24

ending Sunday 19th June


Picking the lock on a chest will now give you a random chance of finding magical boots, gloves or belt.

Weapons no longer get blood-stained by blows which bounce off a 'safe' aura.

Updated the admin 'zone' command to display the tile values of the current zone. This admin can generate zones, display the raw data, and copy it from the screen in order to generate a table of tiles.

You can no longer teleport into solid rock when in dungeons.

Added a 'portal' spell (although it's currently specific to the not-yet available Purple Spell Mastery talent, until I can decide where it belongs).

Dying now moves you to your home plane, rather than the hospital.

Fixed the net entanglement messages.

Added more magical item types and bonuses.

Fixed the 'sink' messages so that if you drop an object into a volcano, etc, it doesn't sink into the 'water'.

Added a config option for blocking tells.

Skulls now reflect the creature type - you no longer get a human skull from a horse's head, for example.

Fixed the double 'cloak' message which was sometimes being displayed (eg when swimming during a thunderstorm).

Terraforming now sends a message to everyone standing on a piece of terrain which is changed (and also correctly sets them to swimming/etc, as appropriate).

Alayla, Jobo, Rotain and Kastagaar came to visit for the weekend, giving us all the chance to discuss various design issues for the upcoming opening of God Wars II.

Week 23

ending Sunday 12th June


The worlds now support 1024 tiles instead of 256. Only a handful of the new tile types are being used so far, but I wanted a large number so that I could have urban tiles at the back (working forwards) while continuing to work forwards through the list for rural tiles.

You can now 'banish' unwelcome guests from your home plane.

Added help files for terraform, home and invite/join/banish.

You can now add large settlements with terraforming, although they're empty.

Jousting attacks no longer get the double/triple damage modifier if the target is ducking.

Did some cosmetic work on the martial artists, for when they're knocked unconscious; they'll no longer just 'leave' without getting up.

Range of 'say' increased from 25 to 50 feet, to avoid situations whereby people thought I was ignoring them.

Added a 'pounce' feet tech for Feral Spirit. Still needs some tidying up.

Killing someone with Mindblast now makes their head explode.

Redid Immolate to make it clear it's not the same as firebolt.

Your cloak no longer trails behind you if you're ankle/knee deep in something while mounted.

Fixed a bug in the password encryption code which was causing spaces to occasionally be added (the account loading couldn't handle spaces, and would think the account file was corrupted).

Redesigned magical items to support multiple bonus sets - so you could have a helmet of protection but not of damage, for example. Or gloves of dexterity and boots of balance, but not the other way around. Went through the items adding support for several magic categories. Also added some new magical bonus types, and updated the 'look' feedback to provide more informative feedback regarding what each bonus does.

Fixed the dungeon-boss code, so that if you've not found a boss it'll create one for you. I could have sworn I'd implemented this already, but the code definitely wasn't there. Wierd.

Fixed a bug with some of the techs (such as double cross defence) which was causing the other hand to lock up.

You can no longer mount a mount while prone.

Redid the way monsters drop magical gear, so that it is no longer hardcoded. Items are now dropped on the ground, and each creature can have a % chance of dropping various item types (or nothing at all). Note that monsters which drop loot will no longer spawn within sight of the dungeon entrances.

Added a stiletto dagger - similar to the kris, but has armour bypass for thrust attacks.

Alayla added a new monster lair - a crypt.

Week 22

ending Sunday 5th June


Did some more work on the new powers system - powers can now be selected, viewed, saved and loaded.

Dying in the spectral plane now moves you back to the temple.

Did some more work on the world and terraforming. You can now initialise a world to one of the 10 zone templates, and generate terrain using the 'terraform' command. The 'area' command also works differently within a generated world, displaying only the valid tiles.

Players now have a personal plane - they can travel back and forth via the 'home' command, and invite others players to join them via the 'invite' command. They can also use the terraforming commands to customise their own little worlds.

Fixed the mob AI so that the determination for using starting moves is an offset of max AP, rather than the fixed 900 it used to be (very fast mobs were just sticking with starting moves).

Fixed some cosmetic issues with wading/swimming/floating, and added support for more water types for the world.

Created a new 'wand' item with associated magic table. They only have very basic spells (one of each colour), and require your other hand to be free, but at least they now provide a way for everyone to try out magic. You can get them from the store, and will also get one from custom creation if you've trained up magic colours but don't have the talents to use those colours innately.

Increased the flying range (and lowered the AP cost) of drakes, and provided a much shorter-distance version for those without the Dragon Rider talent.

Week 21

ending Sunday 29th May


Added 'gossip' as an alias for 'chat'.

Did more work on Wounds, although they're still not completely finished.

Added magical bonuses to att/def/dam which apply to the item itself rather than the wielder.

Added a clearer introduction to combat (tutorial and tuturial2 help files).

You can now 'leave' regular Places from any coordinate location, making it a little easier on newbies.

Added a 'colour light dark' config option to swap light/dark colours, as some clients were displaying them the wrong way around.

You can now view talent information via the 'help' command.

Added personality traits to the talents.

Added a new talent: Chivalry.

Added a Riding skill, which is used by your feet (instead of Unarmed) while mounted.

Fixed some minor cosmetic issues (such as saying an opponent was out of range of your boots when trying to kick with a warhorse).

Did some design work for classes, in particular for the new power system.

Week 20

ending Sunday 22nd May


Fixed 'dragonhide' so that it reduces your permanent mana when enhanced.

Added a 'tile' admin command - the first of the terraforming commands.

It is now possible to use almost all weapons two-handed. Weapons not designed for this purpose only give a +10% bonus to Attack, Defence and Damage, however.

Fixed the fever spell (again!).

Finished off the critical hit code, and added a couple of critical hit moves to test it out.

You now gain a free Weapon Mastery talent once you've mastered 5 weapons, a second when you've mastered 8 and a third when you've mastered all 10.

Added a new Wound module, for keeping track of serious injuries.

Added a new Power module, for keeping track of class powers. This will replace the old system, which was rather outdated.

Week 19

ending Sunday 15th May


Fixed a crash bug caused by last weeks 'armour bypass' code.

Corrected a number of cosmetic issues.

Shortbow and longbow can no longer be aimed or fired while lying prone. Both of them, along with crossbow, now also receive 10% armour bypass.

A sweep or hand-smash move will now be successful, even if armour prevents all the damage from going through (although it still has to hit). Furthermore, the unarmed two-handed knockback technique will sometimes still knock the person over, even if blocked.

Fighting in the duelling arenas no longer results in adjustments to fame, wins or losses.

The 'lay on hands' Faith healing spell now uses the Blue Spell config option.

You no longer 'lean back' out of range of attacks aimed at your back - instead you lean forwards.

The early/late part of seasons now last two weeks each rather than one.

Martial artists now give victory comments (such as taunts) after defeating an opponent.

Victory info messages are now displayed as 'Battle' messages, with their own config option which can be toggled off.

Added a new World Thing, and spent most of the week working on it and other associated features. The current prototype version uses Tepic's island of 48x48 tiles (each tile is 10x10 'rooms', while a 'room' is a 10x10 foot section of world). Added various related options such as swimming, objects getting wet, flowing rivers, etc. Included and modified the line of sight code from the dungeons.

Week 18

ending Sunday 8th May


Modified the help file code to ensure that it always displays the proper newline characters on the end of each line.

You may now give an argument to 'equipment', much like 'inventory', to list items with the specified keyword. Additionally, you may specify 'sheathed' as the keyword, to display all sheathed items you are wearing.

Gloves and boots are no longer considered weapons as far as locking with a main gauche is concerned.

Fixed a problem with custom hit messages being sent to the wrong person.

If you die in the world and get sent to the land of the dead, you now arrive there with full health.

Two-Weapon Fighting no longer includes the 25% modifier for negative attack,defence or damage techniques (it was only doing this in the displayable tables, but was still incorrect).

Removed the 'your' for personalised equipment again, as it still wasn't woring consistently.

Added a 'Dragon Rider' talent, and reworked the drakes to be more useful, including the ability to effectively teleport. Dragon Blooded also gives the teleporting ability, but with half the range (or three quarters if you also have one of the Dragon Descendant talents).

Reduced the AP cost of jump, duck and kick feet techniques.

Updated the head combat table so that it doesn't say 'firebreath' for Blue or White Dragon Descendants - instead it lists the correct breath type.

Whips now have a 50% chance of entangling the attackers wrist instead of disarming them, even if they are using a weapon.

When using a mount's natural attacks, your footwear is no longer considered to be an attacking weapon.

Standard recovery (from falling) moves no longer give any defence bonus, and the technique-specific ones now all use 'ff' (except for the Flea one).

Spell affects on equipment you wear is now treated as a spell affect on you while wearing that item, rather than a bonus - in other words, you no longer get to apply percentage modifiers to it.

Mind Over Matter now gives a +10 Protection bonus, applied before percentages. Iron Will upgrades this bonus to +25.

Enhanced regeneration now heals half as much as it usually did (i.e., the same as unenhanced) - it's sole advantage now is just that it keeps repeating.

Fixed a typo which was preventing kick attacks vs prone people from doing stamp attacks. Also got landing to work the same way, introducing a nasty bug in the process which Jobo later managed to track down.

Maces and war hammers now have a 10% armour bypass (like Cleave, etc).

Fixed numerous typos and added a few new help files.

You must type at least two-letters to perform a social (it was getting annoying for people typing 'f' and fluttering their eyelashes).

Alayla provided descriptions for a load of the items.

Week 17

ending Sunday 1st May


Rebalanced the martial artists to take into account last weeks changes.

Added a new talent: Two-Weapon Fighting.

Upgraded the Style Mastery talents to give bonuses to techniques appropriate to one of their styles.

Fixed some minor typos in the world dynamic descriptions.

Fixed the 'You collapse to the ground dead' spam messages.

The Expert Two-Handed Parry talent now also applies to falchions.

Added some Leopard techniques to the scimitar.

Fixed the buggy messages when people tried to sheathe wielded mobs.

Did some work on swarms, including more informative hit messages (a variable number of creatures die when the swarm is struck, depending on the damage done).

You can now assist while using the magic table.

Redefined 'newbie' as anyone with less than 5 pkills and no black sash.

It's now possible for drake riders to use their mount's breath attacks.

Fixed personalised eq to be named properly (an old bug I never got around to fixing). Also got it working so that you see 'your severed head' when the severed head is really yours.

Falling objects now give messages when they land again.

Adjusted various combat techniques to remove a lot of the 'number' moves. This should hopefully make the moves flow a bit better.

Implemented a basic weather system, complete with 'weather' command.

Fixed a minor bug with war hammer, which the code thought could be used two-handed.

Fixed the 'Whirling Monkey' technique so that it can no longer sweep people who are prone (or in the air).

Ascendancy and Protection now gain style benefits just like Attack and Defence (separate percentages, rather than added together).

Divided the talents into six different categories.

Went through the combat techniques, changing the victim-search checks to check nearby rather than through the entire database.

Fixed a silly bug with immunities which was reversing their effectiveness.

Added a 'Weather Spam' config option.

Can now give an argument to 'inventory'.

Fixed some cosmetic issues (mixed up 'backwards' messages for mounts, some hints which weren't very clear, etc). Also removed the 'target here' option, as it's not really useful and was causing some clashes with movement.

Week 16

ending Sunday 24th April


Did some more work on settlements, adding doors to the various buildings.

Fixed yet more issues with mounts, mostly cosmetic but also a functionality issue with mtarget.

Fixed a bug introduced last week while trying to reintroduce GW2 mobs - the prisoner and black knight were accidently transformed into monsters!

Fixed the warrior version of the Plasma Lord so that his fireblade is in his right hand, not his left.

Fixed a bug with the saving of GW2 class powers.

Shield Mastery divided into Small and Large. Tower shield and kite shield now have their own combat tables - both have lost bash, and tower shield receives a penalty instead of a bonus when used mounted.

Stat requirements for talents now use your true stats, unmodified by magical equipment.

Started doing work on the dynamic look-at descriptions.

Tiger claws can now be sheathed.

Add clarification to some of the talent descriptions about which commands they unlock.

Fixed an issue with certain feet tables allowing the creature to get back up before it had finished falling.

Added the concept of "game time". This runs at four times the speed of real time, and each World maintains its own independent time. You can display this via the 'time' command. Also used this code to calculate seasons - there are 336 days in a mud year (12 months each of 28 days), and each season lasts exactly 3 months.

Started developing the world descriptions, utilising the new time and season data.

Fixed the walk/jog/run at target messages so that it doesn't say you start charging/etc at the person/place if you were already moving at that speed.

Fixed a problem with messages when picking a player up (other players inside now see the new player materialise).

Attack/Defence percentage bonus from fighting style is now applied separately from that granted by weapon skill and Combat, making it far more effective.

The various style masteries have been upgraded, giving +30/+25/+20% based on pure, dual and hybrid. In addition, they give a +15% bonus if you're not using an appropriate style at all.

Week 15

ending Sunday 17th April


Fixed the teleport spell to work properly while mounted.

Your feet are now cleared when you (successfully) mount a horse.

Fixed the 'wade' messages (and various other movement messages) when mounted.

Meditation and three magic colours at max allows an extra talent if you don't get one from Combat, Athletics and three weapons. However if you had Combat at 100 then it would never check for Meditation, even if you didn't have sufficient in Athletics or the weapon skills - this has now been fixed.

Fixed various 'target X' hints to display 'mtarget' when mounted.

Typing 'target clear' or 'target none' now also clears your destination coordinates as well as any target.

Fixed a bug with uninitialised dungeons (i.e., those with no monster type, which would cause a crash when entered).

The mace now has its own combat table - this means that every weapon now has its own unique table.

Added a throwing axe weapon and appropriate table (similar to hand axe, but stronger throwing techs and weaker melee ones).

Added a war hammer weapon and appropriate table. War hammer and maul now use a new Hammer Mastery talent.

Changed the skill-setting parts of custom creation to be a bit clearer.

Fixed the 'skill' command to indicate when your hands are in spellcasting mode.

The 'point' hand technique for magic now displays direction if you've no target.

Head location is now cleared on death.

Fight timers are now no longer set when attacking corpses.

Added a message for when you try to perform enhanced moves while that location has a command pending, and prevent that move from being executed.

You must now dismount before entering creation mode in the gym.

Mounting a creature now clears its target, to prevent some really odd messages that occurred when your mount was targetting you prior to mounting.

Added a Blue Spell Self config option - if set, all blue spells are cast on the caster, not the target.

Added some new mount mobs, to aid in making mounts more generic (rather than horse-specific) - hellhound, fire drake, ice drake and storm drake.

Dual and hybrid styles are now coloured based on their lower ratings (so 50/33 is coloured as 'max').

Reworked the 'score class' layout to bring it up to date. Also put back stat training and power training for classed characters, and started reintroducing some of the other GW2 features (not available for players yet, but it'll be needed in the shift to GW2).

Week 14

ending Sunday 10th April


Added some new monsters: Flesh Golem, Stone Golem, Iron Golem.

Alayla created 5 types of naga, which now live in a damp cave on the northern side of the great lake. She's also created a selection of fire-based creatures, including an ancient red dragon, who live in a crater beside the volcano.

Added 'version' to the pfiles. If it changes, you are now moved back to the settlement (more changes may be added to further versions). The reshuffle of Thing numbers had resulted in some people respawning in strange locations (such as inside the combat dummy).

Dungeons now use an offset, like the world, so the entrance is at 0/0. They are now also cleared entirely of mobs when nobody is there.

When running around diagonally in dungeons, settlements and arenas, you will now slide along walls rather than just getting stuck.

Added an 'area' help file.

The small-creature damage-based death messages (squashed flat, etc) are now only used for left and right hand techniques - no longer for head.

The broadsword now has its own weapon table, slightly different to that of the longsword.

Week 13

ending Sunday 3rd April


Alayla has been promoted to admin.

Fixed a couple of typos and made several cosmetic changes, as the mud gradually becomes more GW2-like. Also did a lot of cleaning up with the combat messages, most notibly for dodging and blocking ranged weapons and the fighting messages that don't involve the viewer.

Added a cityguard mob.

Mobs are no longer healed after killing someone.

Added support for planes - and added the spectral plane (aka the land of the dead) to test the concept. This place is also populated by lost souls, which spawn as you move around and vanish when there are no other players nearby - this allows testing of the mob generation system.

Went through the weapon tables, disabling many of the commands for people who are lying prone.

The weapon Mastery talents now give a -1 encumbrance bonus to their associated weapons. Updated the concepts to take this into account.

New talent: Heavy Armour Expert.

Wet equipment now has improved damage absorb against heat, but reduced damage absorb against shock. The exact bonus varies depending on how wet the equipment is, with a maximum modifier of +10% heat and -10% shock per piece of armour when fully wet.

Did some more work on dynamic descriptions, allowing numeric values to be retrieved from Things for the dynamic description calculations. The plan is to use this for a simple scripting system for mob AI.

Added a labyrinth location complete with minotaur, located at the southern foot of mountains on the western island. Kill the minotaur and you get a magic ring (the bonus varies each time).

Movement in dungeons now works the same as in the world (rather than the speeded up version it used to use).

Score shows bonuses to primary stats.

Week 12

ending Sunday 27th March


Didn't get back from the UK until late Sunday evening - however I was able to make a few minor changes while over.

Fixed the 'fever' spell so that it now works (I had previously changed it to a mental attack, but without any attack strength it could never succeed).

Added a simple 'repair' spell.

Dungeons now reset when you leave them (or when the last player leaves).

Created a dungeon called 'the dark cave' and placed it at the source of the river, near the starting settlement.

There's now a white cross on the 'area' map, showing your current location.

Week 11

ending Sunday 20th March


The admin 'restore' command no longer works on dead people.

Added an 'autotarget' config option at the request of Fael - if someone attacks you, and you have no target or a dead target, you'll auto change to target the new opponent.

Lowered AP cost for the 'fist', 'palm' and 'withdraw' unarmed commands.

Defined 'double items' for the purposes of armour deflecting damage - a rat's bite doesn't fail to pierce BOTH boots, after all.

Added a new World Thing, and spent most of the week working on it and other associated features. The current prototype version uses Tepic's island of 48x48 tiles (each tile is 10x10 'rooms', while a 'room' is a 10x10 foot section of world). Added various related options such as swimming, objects getting wet, flowing rivers, etc. Included and modified the line of sight code from the dungeons.

Changed monsters so that they can store an appropriate default feet type for both land and water. This works fine for land-based creatures that try to cross rivers and such, but there are still some problems with sharks insisting on clambering out of the ocean and crawling across the land after their prey.

Flew back to the UK on Saturday morning.

Week 10

ending Sunday 13th March


Updated the movement code so that you are informed whenever someone moves into or out of your line of sight.

Upgraded the goblin king so that he fights at least passably well. If you kill him, he will now drop a chest - picking the lock on the chest will give you a shadowcloth cloak (like that of the knight).

Some goblins now use shortswords. Also added goblin shaman and bugbear. All of these have a chance of spawning in the dungeon.

Gave Sure Footed another boost (5% armour to all locations while unencumbered), and added some new talents - Evasion, Tireless Rage, Soul Devourer and Red/Blue/White Dragon Descendant.

Upgraded the Expert Axeman talent to make it more appealing.

Added a 'powerup' imm command, which maxes skills/styles on self (makes it much easier for testing purposes).

Added a 'stealth' command for Assassin Training talent. Currently just works like invisibility until I can design a proper stealth system.

The martial artists now have 'fair' style levels (ie 100/50/33). They've all been rebalanced accordingly.

Fixed the issue whereby mobs would redraw their weapons when they saw their dead opponent crash to the ground.

Weapons are no longer blood-stained from attacking creatures with no blood.

Added Tepic's World tiles, and did some more planning for the new world system.

Week 09

ending Sunday 6th March


Finished the lockpicks, also added the basics of an alchemy system along the same lines (you can create a simple potion which doesn't do anything).

Fixed a minor bug that sometimes prevented eq taken from the store from saving.

Fixed 'horns' to be plural weapons.

Fixed a minor colouring issue whereby the mud would assign you back to being 'living' before sending the message to the room saying that you'd faded out of existence.

Fixed a bug whereby '^^' wouldn't display a '^' when colour was switched off.

Fixed a line of sight bug, whereby you couldn't see creatures you werecarrying, holding or riding.

Added a 'craft spam' config option.

If you die in a non-PK location, you are no longer transported out - instead you just get back up to your feet. Because of this, the black knight's fortress is now a PK zone.

You can now see a creature's facing by looking at it.

You can now kill summoned mobs outside of PK zones, although they still can't hurt players.

Rewrote the 'combat' help file, splitting some of it into a separate 'techniques' help file, to hopefully make it easier to understand.

Upgraded the Sure Footed talent so that it also gives you a 50% chance of landing back on your feet, should you not enter a recovery move quickly enough.

Went through the combat tables adding around a thousand 'upgrade' techniques - similar to the base techniques, but with higher bonuses to reflect an improved version of the technique for people with higher weapon skill levels.

Fixed a minor cosmetic issue with tells.

Alayla has added several new weapon pictures.

Week 08

ending Sunday 27th February


Added config options for switching off the info and chat channels, as well as disabling combat messages, movement messages, and showing distances in front of messages.

Created a new Arena Thing. Much like the settlement, but without buildings inside and typically much smaller. It has a gate at the front, and walking through the gate will automatically move you out of the arena.

Created the new Dojo - it's an Arena, and you can summon mobs to fight via the 'challenge' command. Also did some more fine-tuning on the black-sash.

Fixed a bug with Dungeons and Settlements which occurred when they were not of the default size (10x10 tiles).

Mobs will now change opponent in combat if attacked by someone else - but they'll remember their previous opponent, and go back to them once they've finished. This information is cleared when you kill a mob.

Added a few more techniques, particularly to main gauche and swordbreaker.

Fixed the blank 'bounce' messages for attacks. If the attack does zero damage and it wasn't blocked by armour, it's assumed you just ignored it.

Fixed a bug whereby you couldn't 'look +2item' to see the second worn item with the specific keyword.

Horses now slow down with 'fb', like regular feet movement.

Started implementing a lockpicking system.

Week 07

ending Sunday 20th February


Corrected a bug in the natural immunities calculation.

Did some more work on the swarm mob, cleaning it up so that it gives correct sounding messages.

Added a new 'poison' damage type, currently only used by the swarm of killer bees.

Fixed the problem with the wooden combat dummy not being replaced - and added additional code so as to define 'standard targets'. Most creatures are now considered standard targets, but (for example) swarms are not. Equally most objects are not considered standard targets, but combat dummies are.

Added 'Dark Reaver' concept (and champion test mob), as well as 'Knife Fighter'.

Rapid Shield Block now reduces your AP cost for defence commands from 75 to 50.

Typing 'prompt' on its own will now inform you of what your current prompt is (displaying the actual codes rather than the numeric values you normally see).

Fixed it so that you don't lose a two-handed grip over reboots, nor do claws or magic hand-modes vanish.

Fixed the 'shimmering aura' message when trying to attack someone in a non-PK location (it was causing problems with the new armour deflection code).

The AP cost for the various Blow talents no longer applies if the technique being performed isn't a physical attack (with a valid attack strength).

Morning star 'ws' and 'wws' techniques reduced to strength 3 attacks - the 'wwws' and 'wwwws' techniques are still strength 4, while the 's' and 'ss' techniques are still strength 2. Also downgraded the attack and damage bonuses to more sensible (although still powerful) levels.

Changed invisibility so that there is now an invisibility timer, set to 30 seconds whenever you perform an aggressive combat move (even if you have no target). While you have an active invisibility timer you're partially visible (as a blurred shape). Your defence is reduced by half if you can't see the person you're defending against, or to three quarters if they're only a blurred outline. There is also now a Blind Fighting talent, which negates the visibility penalties and allows you to see people at one step greater visibility.

Your fight timer is now set to 30 seconds as soon as you do damage to a creature (but only if damage is caused - and if you kill them, the fight timer is still reset as usual).

Fixed a typo that was preventing the Fox-style Expert Whip Fighting techniques from being available.

Reduced the AP cost of all 'whirl' combat commands, typically by a third.

The low tiger claws attacks are no longer double attacks, and have had their Attack bonuses reduced by 5 (or 10 for the whirl-attack techs) - however they now allow you to perform a double block (eg if the other hand is performing a no-defence high attack, the left can still defend against paired weapons).

Updated the equipment for the Witch concept - it now has a sacrificial dagger, which can be used to cut your hand, sacrificing health for mana. Note that dagger, kris and knife can also do this, as long as you have the Tainted Soul talent.

The custom creation option no longer allows you to select your equipment - instead, it assigns you a light encumbrance worth of weapons and armour, based around your stats, skills and talents. This typically means two weapons, or a single two-handed weapon, and a bow (if your Bows skill is high enough).

Played around with the requirements for various talents, to try and cut down the initial section for new players.

The talent descriptions now colour-code each requirement - cyan means you fulfill that requirement, red means you don't.

The 'info' message showing health is now displayed after all combats, including when a player kills a mob or another player.

Did some more optimisation - it's slow going, and boring, but it really needs to be done.

Alayla has created pictures for 6 more weapons, and gone back adding detail to all of them. They look very cool, and will make a very nice addition to the website.

Week 06

ending Sunday 13th February


Fixed an ordering problem in the Creature::Load() method which was causing hand techniques to be cleared when reloading after a reboot.

Fixed the odd colouring in the "X beat Y" info message.

Updated the admin 'restore' command to properly handle restoring yourself.

Fixed a crash bug in the dynamic text code (very unlikely to be triggered, except by obscure usage of the 'display' command, but it still needed to be fixed).

Updated the Fencer concept. This also involved adding some new options to the main gauche, such as the ability to lock attacking weapons in place for a few seconds, as well as enhanced counter-attack techniques for the rapier.

Fixed crucifix defence (vs ethereal attacks, when you have Faith).

Added a new 'mental' damage type, which is now used for mindblast and dishearten. Armour talents cannot absorb this damage, although the armour spell can. Bronze armour has mental damage absorb, and the Mental Barrier and Psychic Wall talents now also provide natural mental armour (of 50% and 25% respectively).

Objects now take half damage from stabbing weapons, and objects made from soft material (such as cloth) take quarter damage from crushing weapons. Objects don't take any damage from mental attacks.

Updated combat messages so that if damage is reduced to 0 by armour or immunities, the mud gives an appropriate message. In addition to its normal absorb percentage, armour now also subtracts its encumbrance from damage you receive to that location.

Fixed bucklers so that if you're holding one in your right hand and sheathe, it stays on your right hand - and if you draw it goes back to your right hand. The same logic applies to the left hand as well.

Adjusted descriptions for some of the weapons, and made a few minor corrections (tiger claws are no longer listed as being throwable, scimitar now has a 3 foot reach, etc).

Added the first 'swarm' mob - a swarm of bees.

Partially optimised the Get/Set methods, although it still needs a fair bit of work.

Alayla has created some really nice pictures of 9 of the weapons. These haven't yet been integrated into the website, but they will be.

Week 05

ending Sunday 6th February


Fixed a problem with the shirt's collar overlapping the neck protection of a helmet.

Mobs can now have talents, and the main mob function (not the one that generates static mobs) also allow skill/style levels to be set, as well as a starting style. Added a few extremely tough mobs using this system - the wolfkin champion, the bloodguard champion, and the shadowdancer, as well as new versions of all of the martial artists. Ran numerous tests on the new mobs (particularly the martial artists) to fine-tune them and make sure they are correctly balanced.

Added resistances to mobs - fire elementals are now immune to heat attacks, skeletons take reduced damage from stab and other attacks, etc. Also added a wraith mob which is completely immune to physical damage.

Fixed the 'Backhanded Swipe of the Bear' technique so that it doesn't say it 'knocks you off your feet' if you're already in midair.

Fixed plural attacks so that they 'bounce' rather than 'bounces' off magical shields and the like. Also corrected the double attacks so that they are properly treated as double attacks, and changed the feet moves so that they aren't.

Corrected a minor bug in the style display for the 'skill' command, and prettied up the output of the 'style' command.

Added a 'restore' command - it restores health, mana and action points.

The crucifix now has a 'defence' option when wielded by someone with faith - however it can only block ethereal attacks (wraith attacks, soul blades, fireblades, etc).

Week 04

ending Sunday 30th January


When you have no valid defences left, your defence values are now still coloured in your score.

Fixed a problem with the clothing setup for mercenaries.

Fixed 'single whip' unarmed defence to give appropriate message against kicks and headbutts (including some additional amusing possibilities such as grabbing your opponent by the nose or ear if they try to headbutt you).

If you kill yourself with a bad attack (such as your morning star bouncing off your opponent's shield and hitting you), you no longer get the message that '<yourname>'s body goes limp'.

Added a 'help' command to the stats section of customised character creation to give information on the stats.

Fixed the admin 'goto' command to display appropriate messages when teleporting between different rooms/places/etc (rather than just coordinates within a place).

Added a new 'Settlement' Thing. It works much like the dungeon, but with different tiles. There is a wall all around it, a gate at the front, and random (currently generic) buildings inside.

Increased whip length from 5 feet to 10 feet, but its entangle techniques now have a -3 foot range penalty.

Shirts and blouses now also protect your neck (as well as body, back and arms).

Added descriptions for several more objects.

Week 03

ending Sunday 23rd January


Fixed a bug with soulblade parry messages.

Added an 'autolook' config option, so that you automatically do a 'look' whenever you stop moving. Also works if you bump into a wall, and after a teleport.

Added some more talents: Iron Talons upgrades supernatural claws for demons and werewolves, Thick Pelt upgrades the semi-werewolf's beasthide, Tough Hide upgrades the semi-demon and Dragon Blooded scaly hide powers, Enhanced Deflection provides a boost for defensive shields, and Expert Duellist provides bonuses with rapier and main gauche.

Note that Enhanced Deflection, Instinctive Dodge and Rapid Shield Block are now mutually exclusive (and the latter has been upgraded from a quarter defence during cooldown to a third).

Added a 'clothing' option to the customised character creation mode.

The 'Fever' spell no longer defaults to the caster if there is no target.

Reordered some of the hand techniques so Eagle Shadow Fist no longer blocks access to stun/etc.

Doubled the bonuses of Cleave/Pierce/Smash from 10% to 20%, and doubled the Great versions of those talents from 25% to 50%.

If you have the appropriate Mastery for your weapon, it will now take half damage when it strikes another weapon in combat.

Mobs no longer improves skills or styles through use.

Fixed a problem with parsing socials - it now checks that what you've typed is a valid social before attempting to check the validity of the arguments.

Tweaked morning star a bit - its techniques no longer have strength 4 unless preceeded by a whirl.

Week 02

ending Sunday 16th January


Added a load more dungeon tiles, and provided another map which shows you which parts have been explored so far.

Walking into a dungeon wall will now clear your target.

Creatures now show up on the dungeon map. Mobs are displayed as a '*', while PCs are numbered and key'd at the side. You can no longer look at, target, or in any other way detect a creature you don't have line of sight to.

Fixed the display of mana in the magic combat tables to properly reflect the Channelling talent.

Typing 'chat' on its own will now list the last ten chats.

Talents no longer display requirement types unless there are actually requirements of that type (eg, you don't see 'Required skills' if there are no skill requirements).

Fixed talent layout when there are so many banned talents that it goes over a line, and fixed the dependancies for Faith.

Removed the magic colour requirements for the 'Magically Gifted' and 'Faith' talents, as it seems a bit silly that you should have to be experienced at magic in order to learn it to start with. Note that Magically Gifted and Faith are now also mutually exclusive (they represents completely different outlooks in terms of tapping into your inner magic).

Added seven new talents. Dragon Blooded is similar to the semi-class talents, Mental Barrier is for non-magic characters, Expert Knife Fighter and Expert Marksman are weapon specialties, and Focused Blow, Mighty Blow and Swift Blow allow technique boosts.

If you have Combat and three weapons at 100, or Meditate and three magic colours at 100, you gain an extra talent. If you have a super/hybrid style at 33, you also gain an extra talent.

Added some hints to the creation menu to try and encourage people to use the concepts more, and renamed 'Traditional' to 'Custom' - too many newbies were using the 'Traditional' option and creating really poor setups.

Colourised current mana in your prompt.

Fixed the Armour spell so that it can be properly boosted.

Fixed a few of the help files.

Week 01

ending Sunday 9th January


Updated the 'skills' command to properly handle two-handed weapons.

Added a large number of additional Crane techniques.

Added '$[', '$]' and '$|' prompt options to display your cooldown for left hand, right hand and feet respectively.

Changing styles will now recalculate your techniques for each location, avoiding issues with people setting a stance or defence and then changing to a less defensive style.

Finally got dungeons working - they're pretty basic still, but they create fairly reasonable layouts. Also added line-of-sight for the dungeon map, which looks rather good.

Added a {*raw_prompt*} option for the 'display' command.

Fixed a bug with Armour Proficiency, whereby it subtracted 1 from your unarmed/feet cooldown even if you were unencumbered.

Fixed a bug with Rapid Shield Block, whereby it always checked if your right hand was cooling down, even if it was actually your left hand that was performing the defensive technique.

Fixed a bug with bows damage, whereby it was passing the wrong hand to the Damage method of the thing being struck.