Progress Reports (2004)

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Week 53

ending Sunday 2nd January


Arrived back in Germany on 29th.

Added a GW-style 'skills' command, to show your skill rating with your current weapons and fighting style.

Fixed a bug with feet recovery moves while at medium or heavy encumbrance.

Fixed a minor bug with the normal bite attack, whereby it had a non-attack attack strength, therefore confusing the defences (it allowed bites to be blocked by ethereal weapons).

Week 52

ending Sunday 26th December


Flew back to the UK for Christmas. Met up with Rotain on 23rd, and discussed various aspects of the design (specifically crafting).

Week 51

ending Sunday 19th December


Changed max prompt length to 200 characters.

Added some extra social types.

Unfortunately had little time for much else this week, due to having a lot to things to sort out before going away for Christmas.

Week 50

ending Sunday 12th December


Corrected the issue whereby dead rats would roll back to their feet when dropped.

Moved the core skills from the main score page to the 'score more', and dropped Stealth, Survival and Medicine.

Fixed a bug whereby you only needed 50 in a basic style in order to learn an advanced one.

Fixed wearing/removing of footwear to take into account layers (so if you wear socks, then shoes, then remove your shoes, the mud will use your socks when performing stamping attacks and suchlike).

Given the whip better defensive techniques at higher skill ratings, and provided it with an entangle defence (requires rating 100+, disarms your opponent if they attack you with a weapon, or drags them off their feet if they attack you with an unarmed attack). Also added Expert Whip Fighting talent.

Fixed the 'Cat Lands On Feet' technique so that it doesn't put you instantly back in the 'standing' position, but instead leaves you in the air.

Added a psychokinetic barrier hand technique for the psionic talents, and changed the Mentalist concept to take advantage of it (as well as the whip).

Corrected some minor issues with Expert Two-Handed Parry and cooldown.

Redesigned the templar concept (he's now a bit more heavily armoured, and less reliant on magic).

Renamed the Soldier concept to Amazon, and updated the skills, stats, talents and equipment accordingly.

Cleaned up the 'give/accept' hint, and went through all the objects making sure that their primary keyword was the first keyword.

Fixed a bug whereby the mud would only store your bracers (for blocking attacks unarmed) when it also sent a message - i.e., not when loading or saving.

Fixed a bug whereby eating an opponent to death would cause them to decompose extremely quickly (often instantly). Also changed it so that when you stuff an entire living creature into your mouth (rather than just biting a chunk out of them), you no longer see their body go limp as they die.

Changed dodges so that you can no longer 'lean to one side of' attacks aimed at your feet when ducking. Instead, you roll to one side.

Week 49

ending Sunday 5th December


There was previously a problem with assisted bows, which was fixed by treating them as non-assisted. Unfortunately this introduced new problems, so the mud now supports 'semi-assisted' weapons - they're treated as assisted as far as objects are concerned (so the 'assist' hand is cleared when they're removed, and they're displayed as being held in two hands) but not for anything else.

Fixed some minor punctuation inconsistancies with the 'say' command, added some extra emoticon options for it, and fixed some syntax problems. Also changed it so that you can no longer 'roll your eyes' or 'raise your eyebrow' with a wink (sorry Alayla;).

Added a 'config' module and associated command, making it easier for players to configure their game options. Added five initial options.

Split up the 'Mastery' talents for the weapon tables into physical and magical. The Psychic Mastery talent now works in the same way as the weapon masteries, but only for magical head techniques (NOT headbutts, etc). This also provides the possibility for providing different masteries for different magic types.

Fixed bows so that the displayed skill type, mastery and techniques (when you look at them) are now based on the weapon in two-handed ranged mode, rather than as a weak improvised weapon. The 'usage' now also indicates this.

Updated the concepts a bit, to bring them in line with the new stat setup, and redid some of their equipment to make it a bit more stylish.

Fixed a typo in the 'swap' command when wielding something two-handed.

The Armour Proficiency talent now places a '*' after your encumbrance in your score, colour-coded accordingly to the encumbrance level at which your speed and cooldown are calculated.

Added a warning to the 'creation' command, after Khayyin accidently reset his skills and styles by viewing the concepts. Spells affects are now also stripped when you perform this command. Also informs the user if they have started increasing their skills/styles through use in the traditional creation mode.

Fixed the 'stamp' technique so that it is treated as a proper attack.

Week 48

ending Sunday 28th November


Fixed the 'armour' spell so that it can now be renewed if recast.

Fixed the ParseText() function to call the proper capitalise function.

Redid the stat system to include magical stats (redesigned it rather than used the GW2 approach though, as I wasn't happy with the old balance). Score also displays 'Ascend' and 'Power' instead of 'Attack' and 'Damage' while you are casting a spell with that location. The other magical stats are now displayed lower down in the score.

Provided support for indirect as well as direct spells. Indirect spells are those which cannot be dodged or blocked (eg mental attacks, curses, etc) - to counter these you use your Protection stat (non-location based, no cooldown). Direct spells work as before, except (like indirect spells) they now use Ascendancy instead of Attack and Power instead of Damage.

Cleaned up the saving for creatures to stop it writing out a lot of redundant information.

Added a new 'head' location, which cannot defend and only has a couple of basic techniques (bite and headbutt). The semi-classes gain access to a range of additional head techniques, however, and as a result the semi vampires, werewolves and demons no longer have access to magic (unless they also have the Magically Gifted talent).

Fixed an issue with Ambidextrous not always being properly cleared, and added a few new talents (such as Psionics).

Added a new zombie mob type, mostly to test out the enhanced 'bite' head technique (it allows them to bite chunks of flesh off their opponents, effectively eating them and thus regaining health).

Looking at someone will now only display the equipment you can see. So for example if you look at someone wearing a breastplate over a jerkin over a shirt, you'll only see the breastplate and the shirt, because the breastplate completely covers the jerkin (body and back) but not the shirt (which also covers the arms).

The 'clap' move is now coloured red in the combat table when it's not available, just like the missile weapon commands.

Temporary fix - mobs are now fully healed when they kill someone.

Fixed yet another bug with people being stuck in a lying position and unable to easily get back up.

Fixed a crash bug (attacking objects, which have Defence and Resistance of -1, resulted in division by zero for certain attacks) - well spotted, Eiroku.

Added a couple of new concepts - Mentalist (utilising the three new psionic talents) and Samurai (idea suggested by Ansatsunin, it uses a new talent and three new weapon types: katana, wakazashi and tanto - and its equipment is designed to be fairly historically accurate).

Added a couple more prompt options, for the head.

Seriously upgraded the range on bows, to make them a bit more realistic as well as better balanced against magic.

Week 47

ending Sunday 21st November


Fixed a minor bug with soulblade not clearing the combat table when it vanished.

Updated the spells to ensure they all increase the appropriate colours (particularly the red spells).

Updated the stun technique to combine the knockback messages and colour them correctly.

Did more work on eating, and made it available for play testing.

Added 'setmaterial' and 'setcolour' imm commands.

Reworked the ranges for spells - your magic colour now acts as a percentage modifier, applied after adding Aura but before other bonuses. The spell tables also now reflect the true maximum range.

Added Improved Spell Attack and Improved Spell Damage talents.

Fixed a minor bug which sometimes prevented talent-specific commands from being displayed when you typed 'commands'.

Added additional configurable colour options.

Fiddled with the way mob AI combat sequences are calculated, making them a little slower but more effective.

Average player and highest/total connection count now save over reboots.

Spells may now be set as non-dispellable. This option is used for things like the 'unsummon' spell (representing duration) on summoned creatures and objects, as well as non-spell affects such as rush and rage. Spells also distinguish between 'good' and 'bad', and provide support for being made permanent (this will be the use for mana).

Fixed a really stupid bug with bows which was making them use the wrong hand to attack with, effectively giving them an attack and damage of 1.

Fixed some minor typos.

Update combat tables for magic to display 'mana' instead of 'defence'.

Redid chat/whisper/shout/say to use proper punctuation (thanks Alayla!). Also finally fixed the ':}' and ':{' emote options in say.

Week 46

ending Sunday 14th November


If you have three dual styles at 50, you can now work on a hybrid style.

New Templar concept, which uses a new Faith talent (thanks go to Meto).

You can now see spell affects on items when you look at them. Fixed a minor bug with spells.

Fixed sheathed weapons on chest to remove the 'none' location. You can now only have one item sheathed on your chest, rather than three.

Fixed thrown daggers so that now they actually use your daggers skill (oops!). In addition, the Thrown Dagger Expert talent makes you instantly draw another dagger/knife after you've thrown.

Did some minor cosmetic tweaks (combat messages, worn locations, etc).

Added r!, l! and f! as shortcuts for "stop right", "stop left" and "stop feet" respectively.

Finally fixed the problem whereby your fight timer still wouldn't be cleared properly when you killed someone.

Added the basic infrastructure for eating (not yet finished).

Weapon skills can now be improved through use.

Added $d (direction you're facing) and $D (distance to target) prompt options.

Magic now uses the 'Meditation' skill.

Added customisable colour options for knockdown, hit and critical hit.

Updated the entangle code to indicate the specific thing you're entangled by,rather than always saying 'net'. Also fixed a minor bug whereby you'd be placed back in "standing" position after kicking your way out of a net.

Week 45

ending Sunday 7th November


On Tuesday (after a long weekend and bank holiday monday of getting everything ready to reopen) the mud was back, this time on a mudmagic account - and using the proper domain name at last. Rotain has also moved the webpages over to the new site.

Finished rewriting the talents, added a few more, and sorted them all into alphabetical order. All four semi-class talents now give access to minor magic, and each also adds its own range of flavoured spells.

You can now select your fighting styles during character creation. If you try to choose a fighting style you can't have (which will also be highlighted in red), the mud tells you which styles you need to master first.

Finally stopped equipment loading into the wrong hand. Had to do this, because the mud now also saves your current hand tables over reboots (for magic, claws, two-handed weapons, etc), and it resulted in strange side affects whereby an empty hand would have a weapon table.

Fixed $s/$S in prompt (they were not displaying properly).

Added 'Skill type' to object descriptions. It also mentions which mastery (if any) that particular weapon can benefit from.

Tidied up the functions which change hand state (cantrips, claws, etc) to give more informative feedback when you're unable to change.

Added some more concepts, including Reaver (at the suggestion of Alayla), which is a morningstar-wielding berserker. Extremely powerful, to that point that I think I have a serious balance issue that needs addressing...

Modified eq display (from equipment command and look) to combine sheathed weapons.

Fixed numerous minor bugs (many due to the new talent code) and cosmetic odds and ends (yet more strange capitalisation, etc).

Week 44

ending Sunday 31th October


Continued working on and refining the character creation system and the talents code.

Unfortunately, on Wednesday gryphonmud vanished, taking the entire talent module with it (I'd forgotten to use the -d option when I'd grabbed the most recent version from CVS). I spent the rest of the week rewriting the 1500+ lines of missing code.

Week 43

ending Sunday 24th October


Did more work on the character creation system. There is now another menu above the 'concepts' one which allows the choice of 'quickstart', 'concept' or 'traditional' character creation. The mud also moves you to a special room, where you won't be disturbed by chats and the like (however it doesn't do this if you later recreate in the gym)

The 'commands' and 'socials' commands now accept an optional argument, which lists only those commands or socials beginning with the specific character sequence (for example 'commands sh' will list shout and sheathe).

You can no longer access system help files (eg credits, welcome screen, etc) just by placing an '@' at the beginning of the keyword.

Implemented the Talents system, and added an initial selection of 39 (34 of which are fully implemented). Many of these are now available to starting concepts (each of which starts with three). Also included the number of talents in the 'info' command, and reformatted the layout of that command to look a bit nicer.

Week 42

ending Sunday 17th October


Added confirmation (yes/no) to the quit command. You can now quit in any non-PK location.

Fixed a minor bug whereby when you reconnected, sheathed weapons on your forearms or legs would all be reloaded onto the left forearm/leg.

Did some reformatting of the code for classes.

Started adding the character creation system - added a 'concept' command to allow it to be tested.

Put skills, weapons, magic and styles back into the score. These can now be set as part of a character concept, and the unlocking of techniques is once again dependant on your weapon skill.

Week 41

ending Sunday 10th October


Fixed a minor display bug whereby looking at someone who was wielding a protective weapon two-handed would indicate that the weapon protected both hands instead of being held in them.

Finished off tiger claws, and made them use the dagger skill.

Fixed a bug with item damage messages when you're not targetting the person who's equipment you've just damaged by parrying it (eg if someone kicks you and you parry them, damaging their shoes).

Changed the attack/defence strength colours, to now include paired attacks or defences (i.e., when wielding two melee weapons). If a move no longer has an attack or defence (or if it causes no damage) it is now represented by an uncoloured '-' in the table.

The 'score' command no longer displays your attack or defence ratings if your current technique with that location doesn't provide any - instead it just displays 'N/A'. Damage is also displayed as 'N/A' if you've no attack.

Added an 'ethereal' category for weapons such as the fireblade. Ethereal weapons can only parry or be parried by other ethereal weapons (although they can still be dodged or shield blocked). Ethereal attack/defence types are highlighted in white.

Added an equipment list to the monster table, allowing mobs to be loaded up wearing or wielding items.

The 'draw' and 'sheathe' commands now accept the arguments 'all' and '*' (the latter representing the first available drawn/sheathed weapon). In addition it is also possible to use the plural forms of weapons - for example you can type 'draw knives' to draw both of your knives at the same time (note however that 'draw knive' and 'draw knifes' do NOT work).

The test mobs now start the game with their weapons sheathed. They will draw then when they engage in combat, and sheathe them afterwards.

Fixed a problem whereby recycled mobs would retain some attributes of their past lives. This may still need some work.

Added fight timer to prompt variables.

Went through all of the combat techniques, tidying them up. Also provided a few updated techniques at certain skill levels (primarily so that a GW2 starting character has a very small number of simple techniques with each weapon). There are now over two thousand fighting techniques.

Week 40

ending Sunday 3rd October


Added support for a second combat table for weapons - for when they're broken. Items shortnames also mention whether the item is broken. Added broken tables for most of the weapons.

Fixed a minor bug will the display of damage messages (if you're wielding a weapon and it gets damaged, it informs everyone around you - changed it so that objects in the room no longer inform everyone outside of that room).

Removed the 'backslash' technique from the handaxe and singled-edge swords (sabre, falchion, scimitar and rapier).

Bucklers now protect your arms when 'sheathed'.

Added a load more custom wear/remove messages for objects.

Removed the remaining error messages that would sometimes be displayed to the player when accessing dynamic descriptions.

The 'look' command no longer capitalises creature descriptions - instead it just makes sure the first letter is in upper case.

Week 39

ending Sunday 26th September


Added a 'put' command, allowing you to put equipment onto mounts.

Updated fire elemental to have more appropriate body locations and attack types - plus it can no longer be summoned within the wilderness (as fun as killing newbies with elementals can be).

Added a smart function for calculating target from a list of tokens. This is now used for the 'put', 'get' and 'accept' commands, allowing you to specific your target like 'give person object', 'give object person', 'give @person object' or 'give object @person' (the @ can also be replaced with 'to'). Note that 'give @object person' and 'give person @object' will NOT work. You may also type 'give object', in which case it will use your normal target.

Added the sheathing and drawing of weapons. Many weapons are now worn on a sheath location instead of going straight to your hand - you can then move them to your hand via the 'draw' command, and put them back via the 'sheathe' command. You can still move them directly to your hand if you wish, by using the 'wield' command. Note that the buckler and target shield are both moved initially to your hand, but can also be 'sheathed' - a buckler is relaxed on your arm, while a target shield is strapped across your back.

Fixed a few minor bugs and one major (crash) bug.

You no longer earn fame/primal for killing yourself.

Week 38

ending Sunday 19th September


Added 'l? long', 'r? long' and 'f? long' to provide the information in a more detailed format, at the request of one of the blind players.

Updated the falchion to differentiate it from the other curved swords. It's now slightly heavier with a longer reach and slightly worse cooldown, it cannot be caught by swordbreakers, and can now be used two-handed. It also has a new Lion technique, which causes the weapon to be held until the enemy is within range, at which point three slashes are unleashed.

Greaves and bracers have been made lighter (and correspondingly weaker), to make them more viable. Ringmail leggings have been rebalanced.

You can no longer knock buildings over with the stun technique. Also fixed a number of combat messages which specifically mentioned body locations when they shouldn't have (i.e., because they could be aimed at inanimate objects).

Added a new weapon tables and a block type for severed body parts, because the messages were looking a bit wierd when treated like regular weapons.

Fixed a crash bug with mounts.

Week 37

ending Sunday 12th September


Added combat tables for severed hands and arms, as part of the body location system.

Updated the 'thrown' attacks for improvised weapons to use GenericAttack.

Updated the dodge messages to take into account attack type and location, and the position of the target. It also treats mounts properly now (they rear up when attacked, rather than leaning in their own saddles!)

A single 'd' now makes you crouch (instead of one to duck then a second to crouch) - a second 'd' means you lie down.

Fixed a bug with a couple of the whip techniques, and changed greaves and bracers to use the correct improvised weapon table.

Changed the unarmed super-technique so that it doesn't get interrupted by the jab-hook-uppercut combo when both hands are fighting unarmed.

Fixed the message for parrying a weapon while one hand is empty, so that it is clear your empty hand is knocking one of the attacks aside rather than parrying or blocking it.

Fixed the swordbreaker techniques so that they respond to the person who attacked you rather than the person you're targetting.

The who list now has a separate section at the top for admin.

Updated skills so that 'Thrown' is now correctly replaced with 'Improvised'.

The Glad version of the 'who' command is now also used when you're dead.

Changed prompt to indicate when you are prone, and replaced 'jump' with 'midair'.

Week 36

ending Sunday 5th September


Fixed somersault message so if you're more than 5 feet away, it just says you somersault towards them (rather than over them).

Moving speeds are now stored on a per-creature basis, rather than hardcoded.

The unarmed stun and sweep moves are now at top attack strength.

Added an 'mtarget' command for when you're mounted, which is used for your mount's target (for moving, mount kicks, etc). Your regular 'target' is still used for your attacks and most other actions.

Added a 'lance' weapon, which can be used to perform mounted attacks. To use it you must be mounted with a shield in the other hand. You must be moving when you perform the attack, and it will trigger automatically as soon as you come within striking range. Also added a 'brace' technique for the spear, which works much the same way except you cannot be moving for it to execute.

Added a 'display' command which displays the entered text to the screen. It accepts both prompt variables and dynamic description variables (although the latter are probably not so useful). This is really designed for the blind players (so they don't have to keep typing score or have a spammy prompt just to keep track of their info), although other players might want to set up triggers to create their own mini-score layouts.

Dynamic description variables now accept an optional alignment number, and a potential overflow bug has been fixed. They may also be used to access system variables (via the GetText method).

Killing yourself no longer increases your wins/losses.

Unstoppable Charge of the Rhino now lets you keep running until you're close enough to your target to hit them.

Each weapon now has its own cooldown time, depending on the encumbrance of the wielder. Shields and small weapons generally have pretty fast cooldowns, while large weapons are quite slow (but don't forget, weapons held in two hands cooldown much faster).

The swordbreaker can now only catch certain weapons. This information is listed in the item description of each catchable weapon.

Fixed a bug with two-handed missile weapons, where it would use your hand that was holding the weapon (rather than the assisting hand) to check the attack strength - this allowed people to parry arrows.

Made the OOC and IC colours configurable via the 'colour' command.

Updated numerous help files, and added several new ones.

Double attacks can now be defended against if you have two weapons capable of blocking or parrying. Polearms and mauls can also block/parry double attacks.

The 'say' command will now parse the full sentence if you type 'say to' and the next token isn't a valid name, instead of just telling you that that person can't be found.

Week 35

ending Sunday 29th August


Updated damage formula based on attack strength as discussed on the forums, and updated the 'attack' help file accordingly.

When fighting unarmed, you can now block melee weapons if you're wearing bracers.

Heavy encumbrance now gives -5 Speed OR half speed, whichever is better for the character. Defence cool-down is now 4-7 seconds (3 +1 per encumbrance level) rather than 4-10 (2 +2 per encumbrance level).

Added a default page when typing 'help', which gives a more user-friendly overview of the topics, broken down by category.

Updated the monster table to include 'shape', and added a new shape for horses complete with two new locations (horse head and horse back - I don't want players wearing saddles or horses wearing human helmets). Also added a horse to the monster table, and 'saddle' and 'bridle' items.

Added command flags to the command parser - currently only one is provided, for mounts. Thus mount commands are only available when you are mounted, and they are highlighted in the command list.

Fixed a bug whereby damaged items would not update their attack/defence/damage bonuses while being used - so the penalties for damaged eq wouldn't take affect until the item was removed and rewielded.

Week 34

ending Sunday 22nd August


Added further quest infrastructure, sufficient that there is now a single test quest that you can play. There are no objectives yet, and nothing to do, but it proves that the basic concept works.

Added the basic code for mounts, and provided a range of techniques for mounted combat. Also made several techniques only available for non-mounted combat (particularly the ranged techniques which require aiming).

Corrected some minor cosmetic issues, such as displaying 'one feet' instead of 'one foot', and using incorrect capitalisation.

Fixed single-whip so that it attacks the person who attacked you, like the other counter-attacks, rather than the person you're targetting.

Fixed morning star bounce message when there is no target, and removed the duplicated 'you ignore the blow' messages when you hit yourself.

Fixed a problem with somersault and landing messages.

Fixed a minor bug whereby you couldn't retreat if your opponent was within striking distance.

Added autokill options for fire magic, and fixed a minor bug in the fever spell whereby it would take affect even if outside of range.

Corrected the formula for calculating damage.

Week 33

ending Sunday 15th August


Added a large chunk of the infrastructure for quests.

Spells are now cleared when you die.

Fixed a few typos.

Rebalanced some of the techniques for sabre, falchion and scimitar, and added them to the list of weapons that can be sharpened by the whetstone.

Replaced the 'c' requirement with 's' for halberd.

The 'who' command now indicates if someone is an admin or not.

Armour is now at reduced absorbing ability when damaged - this works the same as pain penalties. When looking at objects, their absorb percentage is now colour-coded to indicate whether they're aborbing at full capability or not.

Fixed another spell clearing problem - the spells were cleared, but the bonuses were not. Oops!

Swordbreaker now has a 5 seconds window in which you can perform a counter-move.

Added '$*' option to prompts, which adds a line break.

Tidied up the player-counter class and hopefully fixed a bug with it.

Added custom wear/remove messages for sash.

Week 32

ending Sunday 8th August


Got back from the Realms of Despair reunion in Canada on Wednesday.

Re-saved the help files in windows format, to prevent wierd formatting on some clients.

Added custom wear/remove messages for objects.

Added a counter-attack technique for all swords and polearms, as well as battleaxe. This move is accessable via the 'ddd' sequence. Note that counter-attacks will strike the person who attacked you, not the person you're targetting, so it makes an effective way to fight against multiple opponents.

Week 31

ending Sunday 1st August


Removed the 'ignore' message from normal attacks.

Added two new weapons - maul and swordbreaker. The maul is a huge hammer that works much like a club, except that it's really only for two-handed combat. The swordbreaker is similar to a dagger except that it can catch incoming attacks, allowing for powerful counterattacks, as well as the ability to disarm or snap the blade of the caught weapon. Note that the swordbreaker only works against cutting or stabbing attacks.

Travelled to Canada on Wednesday for the Realms of Despair 10th reunion, so didn't have time for any more progress this week.

Week 30

ending Sunday 25th July


Fixed the 'Whirling Monkey' to only display sweep messages when the sweep actually takes place. Also corrected various typos.

Added 'feet type' to the weapon tables. A yellow technique now means that the technique is only available because of your current feet table (ie encumbrance or mount specific). A technique that requires both feet and other hand is coloured green (cyan and yellow mixed together). Highlighted indicates style-specific, as before. Thus a highlighted green technique means it is only available because of your current fighting style, the weapon you're using in your other hand, and your current feet position.

Typing 'look +<object>' checks your inventory first, then nearby. However you can now also type 'look +<object>' to check your worn gear, then nearby, or 'look -<object>' to only check nearby.

Fixed a minor cosmetic bug whereby non-alphabetic commands (such as the ' shortcut for say) would not chop off leading spaces.

Added three new damage types - heat, cold and electric. Fire spells now cause heat damage, and have been updated to remove some of the more silly possibilities (such as knocking over buildings).

Spell shields are now actually used to deflect attacks. They replace your normal feet defence type (although they still benefit from defence modifiers for your feet), have no recovery timer (they ALWAYS work) and can block everything. If you have better defence with one or both hands, those will be used before reverting to the shield.

Added three new weapon types - scimitar, falchion and sabre - designed to add more options for the cat styles (tiger, lion and leopard), as they were rather short on available techniques.

Week 29

ending Sunday 18th July


Upgraded halberd so as to include crushing attacks (for its hammer beak), and provided it with a description.

Fixed a couple of typos.

Redesigned the 'emote' command to allow targetted emotes, and updated the 'say', 'whisper' and 'shout' commands to be compatible. Also updated socials to use the same setup, and to be more flexible about arguments.

Fight timer is now cleared when you kill someone.

Week 28

ending Sunday 11th July


Made the black knight aggressive. Added some extra techniques to various weapons to prevent spammed basic attacks (such as pummel) from being so effective. Sped up many of the whirl moves, to make them more appealing.

Week 27

ending Sunday 4th July


Changed the 'log' function to output date/time.

Corrected a minor bug with the vampire Rage of the Beast power.

Week 26

ending Sunday 27th June


Upgraded the 'affects' command and made it available within Glad3 (which no longer displays affects at the bottom of the score). This newer command is more informative, showing exactly which bonuses are granted.

Week 25

ending Sunday 20th June


Upgraded firestorm, fireball and immolate. Also updated all of the fire spells (and bows) to use the correct damage strengths.

Updated the GenericAttack function to differentiate between block and dodge.

You can no longer go north/south/east/west when lying down.

Removed some of the excess sweep messages (the successful-hit messages now typically include the fact that the person has been swept, so no need to mention afterwards that they are knocked over).

Added a Perching Bird feet technique, available for unencumbered Crane, Swallow, Eagle and Hawk style.

Fixed a bug with spells and bonuses not being properly cleared.

Week 24

ending Sunday 13th June


Modified the GenericAttack function to handle magic as well.

Updated the firebolt spell to be on-par with other attacks.

Fixed the butterfly knife 'Crane Defence' to only work in Crane style.

Added a 'fiery gloves' object to Glad3, to test out fire magic (wearing them changes your hands to the fire magic combat table).

Added strengths for attack and defence - none, unarmed, melee and ranged (colour-coded in the combat table accordingly). If your defence isn't strong enough to avoid a certain attack, then it isn't used. This means that if you're unarmed and your opponent has a sword, the best you can do is dodge (although you CAN block some attacks, such as pummels).

Your score now colour-codes your attack, defence and damage according to the current combat table selection for that location. Your active defence is now displayed between highlighted arrow markers.

Discovered a huge oversight - despite having all the functionality (and displaying the information) for locational defences, the mud was internally still using the old defence system (ie, the best of left/right) in order to calculate your raw chance of avoiding being hit. That's now been fixed.

Week 23

ending Sunday 6th June


Some weapon commands now only work under certain conditions, such as having a valid target, being within (or outside of) a certain range, etc. If a command is not available, it is coloured red at the top of the combat table (the techniques themselves do not change colour).

Changed 'unrecognised command' feedback to display the command the user typed - originally for the purposes of tracking down a MCCP bug (with the help of Khayyin), but decided to leave it in.

Added 'ideal distance' code - so players no longer charge straight up to each other, instead they fight from a distance.

Fixed a problem with autokill using bows (when the bow was held in your right hand, you wouldn't attack).

The Glad3 'adrenaline rush' power now has the added bonus of cancalling out all pain penalties while it is in affect.

Week 22

ending Sunday 30th May)


Hopefully fixed the "lying down" death bug.

Added a 'stance' newbie shortcut command, which automatically changes your style (if one is specified) and then performs the appropriate sequence of feet commands to move you into a stance.

Week 21

ending Sunday 23rd May


Mobile Brains can now store a 'desired item quest value'. If they are offered an item which matches that value, they will take it.

Added a counter class, which keeps track of the exact average number of players since startup (inspired by a TMC post).

Updated the shortsword double whirl attack so that it performs a whirl with the other hand, allowing a constant flow of double attacks (at the expense of defence).

Tepic has added an ini file for loading information at startup.

Week 20

ending Sunday 16th May


Performing manual feet moves no longer cancels autokill mode. Added advance, retreat, jump, duck and kick commands, designed for the newbie interface.

The 'give' command now only offers items - the other player must also type 'accept' (within 30 seconds) if they wish to receive it. You may stack up any number of different things to be given. Mobs do not accept things offered to them (although some will in the future, for quests).

Every Thing now has an optional Quest Value associated with it. This value doesn't save, but is used for the 'give' command (so that some mobs will act in special ways when offered certain items).

Week 19

ending Sunday 9th May


Did more work on Dungeon class.

Added an automated combat option, accessable via the 'kill' command, which performs basic techniques based on your current weapon selection.

Added morningstar-assist to the claws weapon table.

Week 18

ending Sunday 2nd May


Temp fix for MWI, which was preventing hotreboot recovery.

Week 17

ending Sunday 25th April


No further progress this week.

Week 16

ending Sunday 18th April


Made some minor adjustments to entangling attacks - they are now less accurate, but when someone crashes to the ground their hand locations are reset.

Fixed a couple of help file typos, and a minor bug with standing objects being treated as prone targets.

Week 15

ending Sunday 11th April


Tepic has added the MWI 'ping' command as well as a Glad3 version of 'who'. He also added an ini file.

Week 14

ending Sunday 4th April


Tepic has created the first version of the MWI, along with some basic documentation on getting the MWI web components installed and the first draft of the web pages. He also cleaned up the makefile.

Also did some minor cleaning up of the code layout.

Week 13

ending Sunday 28th March


Changed the shadowcloth items to always be black.

Made some more tweaks to the setup command.

Created a new Dungeon thing - not yet finished.

Week 12

ending Sunday 21st March


Fixed a minor bug with object saving, whereby it would save the keywords instead of the name - for some reason it seemed to work, but it was still a bug.

Added 'shape' to Creature class (previously it was assumed that all creatures were humanoid, although the code had been designed to keep in mind that that wouldn't always be the case). Added 'humanoid' as the default shape, and another - 'small_animal' - for testing purposes. Note that this only deals with the wearing of equipment, not with body parts for severing purposes, which still needs to be done.

Fixed some minor problems whereby players could use dynamic description variables in their channels (say, whisper, etc).

Successfully blocking/parrying/dodging/etc a blow now has a chance of increasing the appropriate weapon skill (GW2 only, of course).

Did some more work on the 'setup' command, and made it available to players. I wouldn't say it was finished, but it now contains enough information to at least be useful.

Cleaned up the C++ wrappers around the dynamic description code a bit.

Week 11

ending Sunday 14th March


Added a selection of new combat techniques to some of the styles which were previously lacking.

Fixed a problem with some of the killing blows working on objects.

Added a 'reply' command, as well as a 'replylock' (I always found it annoying when someone sends you a tell JUST as you hit 'reply', and it went to the wrong person - replylock stops that from happening). Note that if someone quits and reconnects, you can still reply to them - but if YOU quit, your reply target is lost.

Fixed a minor bug whereby you'd be 'safe' from a morning star fumble while fighting a mob, because the mud would stop you trying to PK yourself.

Fixed a minor bug with performing jumping kicks on prone targets - the kicks will now go over the top, without hitting.

Updated the monster generation code to provide a more flexible solution for a large variety of mob types.

Did some more work on buildings (mostly associated with the display of them).

Started working on a 'setup' command, which gives advice on your character setup, and suggestions on what to optimise (stats, eq, etc).

Added a rat mob as the prototype for 'small' mobs, and provided the required changes to the combat system (including new combat tables for the rat).

Starting working on the system for picking up other creatures. You can now pick up a rat and use it as a weapon.

Week 10

ending Sunday 7th March


Looking at weapons now shows the penalties they give (if you don't have the requirements) rather than just telling you to look at the help file.

Added some more newbie-friendly hints. Yes, I know I keep doing this - every few days I'll create a new character, go through the mud, and try to think of any information that might be useful to a newbie.

Fixed the displayed health of objects so that it no longer say 'infinite'.

Reformatted the info displayed when looking at items, and also added more details - such as usage (one/two handed, throwable) and number of techniques it provides. Each item also suggests some fighting styles with which to use it (it picks the best five for that weapon).

Upgraded the morning star. It used to be big and nasty, but get left behind a bit - it's now reclaimed it's 'big and nasty' status, with a two-handed option that turns it into the most powerful pure-offense weapon in the mud, with a few techniques for Bull and Rhino.

Renamed 'Eel' style to 'Scorpion', because it sounds cooler and I couldn't think of any decent-sounding fighting techniques for Eel that weren't too much like the snake techniques. Added a few techniques for it.

Added a 'wizard' class - it'll be a magic-power test class, not a GW2 class (it's far too weak for that).

Added aggressive mobs (there are none in the mud currently though). An aggressive mob will attack any creature it sees, unless that creature is its master, or both serve the same master.

Tweaked the parser slightly so that the shortform commands such as ' and . no longer have to have a space after them.

Week 09

ending Sunday 29th February


Added a load of additional hints, and seriously weakened the prisoner mob, to make the mud a bit more newbie friendly.

Tweaked the display so that when you're standing within a terrain area, you seem to be within it. Also updated the movement system in relation to terrain, making the distance more transparent (ie, it calculates your distance from the edge of the terrain, not the centre). Also added the city as another terrain feature, and renamed the world 'the wilderness'. Movement via compass directions is now done in steps of 10 feet, which seems more logical when combined with the map display.

Numerous minor updates and bug fixes, including fixing a HINT bug, another problem with the map display, and a crash bug with newly created characters.

Updated the 'say' command to handle emote-style options. The updated 'say' help file lists the options available.

Blood stains now save on objects.

Updated the 'info' command to provide more specific details - you can now view how many combat techniques there are by combat table or by style.

Added non-lethal combat, and provided a new object (boxing gloves) for testing it out.

Started doing some more work on the GW2 magical items, including a better formatted display when looking at them, and renaming the items based on their primary power.

Week 08

ending Sunday 22nd February


Replaced 'Thrown' weapon skill with 'Improvised'. The thrown weapons are now be placed under the appropriate weapon skill (eg 'Daggers' for thrown daggers), while items not normally designed to be used as weapons (such as clothing, armour, bottles, etc) use the 'Improvised' weapon skill.

Weapons now have a chance of becoming blood-stained (or drenched/soaked) when they strike a creature.

Added a whetstone (for sharpening blades), a sewing kit (for repairing clothing) and a cleaning cloth (for removing blood stains).

Fixed various minor bugs (such as the combat table for wielding gloves as a weapon, the displaying of paired weapons, etc) and made some other minor cosmetic changes (mostly to the map display and help files).

Made some changes to some of the lib functions so that they can correctly handle colourised strings.

Some additional changes have also been made to the alias code, and a help file has been provided.

Added a memory module for helping to keep track of internal memory usage.

Added the basic structure for 'Terrain' Things, and stuck a forest Terrain Thing into the mud for testing purposes.

Jobo has added hotreboot functionality. This has now replaced the regular reboot command, and it saves almost everything - except for mobs (yet). But players will continue fighting reboots as if nothing had happened.

Week 07

ending Sunday 15th February


Fixed the AI problem whereby mobs would sometimes attack people other than those attacking them.

Changed the colour setup to make it player-configurable, and provided more intuitive default colours (cyan, blue, magenta and red).

Added Strength/Grace/Size requirements to weapons - you may still use the weapons if you don't fulfill the requirements, but you will suffer Attack, Defence and Damage penalties equal to twice the bonus normally granted by that stat for each point below the requirement you are (to a maximum of -3). See the new 'penalties' help file for more information.

Finally added the ascii map display. It's still pretty basic at the moment, but it's nice to have something in place.

Jobo has updated the alias code, and made it available to players.

Week 06

ending Sunday 8th February


Added an extra 5 subclasses for Demons. The objective is to have at least two choices at every subclass branch.

There is now an archery target in the practice grounds - it works for thrown knives and axes, as well as bows and crossbows.

Week 05

ending Sunday 1st February


Fixed a minor typo in the display of two-handed weapons, and another with one of the combat messages.

You can no longer move between rooms while your fight timer is active - to stop people cheating against the martial artists.

When you look at someone or type 'equipment', items now display which areas they protect rather than just where they are worn. If they don't actually protect any locations, they'll show their regular 'worn' locations instead.

Fixed a minor bug with holding items that are normally worn.

Finally added a socials system, with a handful of basic socials available.

Changed the 'say' command to display 'ask', 'exclaim' or 'state' depending on the ending of the sentence being spoken. The 'say', 'whisper' and 'shout' commands are also now targetted, if you have a Creature target within range (they don't target other Things).

Redesigned the GenericAttack function to properly handle ranged weapons, and redid the bows and thrown weapons to use it. Also included quivers and cases for bows and crossbows - you'll need one of these for ammo now.

Upgraded thrown net - it now actually entangles the target, rather than just knocking them off their feet.

Changed equipment so that each item may now have a 'look at' description (although not all currently do have), as well as a four different ratings for each of attack, defence and damage, based on its current condition. Looking at equipment provides access to this new information.

Fixed the 'claws' weapon table so that you can assist while wearing clawed gloves (or the GW2 'claws' power).

Jobo has implemented aliases.

Next week I start my new job, so progress is likely to slow down again.

Week 04

ending Sunday 25th January


Corrected a couple of typos in the crossbow messages. Also updated bow, longbow and crossbow tables so that reloading takes longer, but firing is very fast.

Overhauled equipment so that it can now be layered, and rebalanced the encumbrance and protection values of all items accordingly, as well as the attack, defence and damage bonus of weapons. Also added a few new items, including equipment worn on arms and waist, and a new 'staff' weapon. Looking at another player (or typing 'equipment') will display the equipment indented by layer.

Updated the justification code to support ascii maps (although the rest of the code for descriptions and maps is still a way off).

Added an 'armour' command, which displays the total percentage of damage absorbed per damage type per location.

Added a 'dojo' location to GP3, which consists of 9 separate challenges of increasing difficulty, each of which must be completed before the next can be attempted.

The non-default colour of an object is now saved.

Redid the way combat AI is assigned and stored, making it much easier to add new versions for different mob types.

Jobo has made some further updates to the socket code to make the design cleaner.

Changed the combat queue code so that techniques are always read in the correct order - previously, it would take whatever it could, which meant that the slower techniques would never be performed until all of the faster ones had gone from the queue. Note that you can still prioritise a command by typing it in in capital letters, thus pushing it to the front (rather than the back) of the queue.

Fixed a bug in the combat code that caused hearts to be ripped out on a regular basis.

Week 03

ending Sun 18th January


Colours can now be switched on/off via the 'colour' command.

The bow, longbow and crossbow weapons have been adjusted to properly handle being used two-handed. They can now also be used one-handed, as primitive clubs.

Fixed a message bug displayed when attacking objects (such as the dummy).

Added an 'assist' help file, and updated a couple of others.

I had a Java training course all week, which unfortunately left me little time. I should have more time in the next two weeks however.

Week 02

ending Sunday 11th January


Arrived back in Germany on Wednesday.

Hidden techniques are now included in the technique count.

Changed combat table display to ignore unreachable duplicates granted by two-handed techniques.

Added a load more combat techniques (the total is now over a thousand) and two more weapon types - two-handed swords, and butterfly knives.

Week 01

ending Sunday 4th January


Still in the UK.