Planes of existence

The game world consists of various planes of existence, which can be divided into several categories:

Realm plane

This is a starting plane, where newcomers begin. It is reasonably sized, and has randomly generated dungeons, so it can be a good place to earn exp and magical items early on in the game. Unfortunately there is a limit to the strength of the mobs, and only relatively weak magic items can be discovered here. Playerkilling is not possible in the Realm, making it an ideal location for newbies to get used to the game.

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The Nexus

This is the main plane, the "centre of existence", and the location where most of the game takes place. Mobs of different ages are spawned depending on area and time of day, and the magical items they drop become more powerful. Only classed characters can enter the Nexus, either through the portal, or by shifting from the Realm plane. Beware, as the whole plane is fully playerkilling.

Elemental planes

Unlike the other planes, these are not really a different "place", but rather a different dimension. Despite their label, this kind of plane includes not only the elemental planes of fire, water, air and earth, but also altered state dimensions, such as the shadow plane or the spectral plane (also known as the Land of the Dead).

Home planes

Each character has their own personal plane, which can be customised by the owner (in terms of layout - they cannot write their own descriptions, although default ones will be provided by the mud). This plane can also be used to store items, repair equipment, restore health and mana or heal wounds. You can practice fighting or spellcasting here and it also provides a safe place to talk to friends.

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