News and updates

Last Week (Week 33)

ending Sunday 19th August


Shadow Infusion rank 30 now correctly gives invulnerability, rather than immunity.

Forgot to update the mindshield help file. Fixed.

Demon and Mist Vortex weren't properly recharging. Fixed.

The Rejuvanation spell now has its own burnout, the burnout no longer blocks the non-enhanced version from being cast, and it has a 2 minute recharge.

You now automatically earn your boost at the start of each day.

You no longer suffer damage over time while unconscious.

Extended the max age from 400 to 500 on the MWI stats page.

The age 400 elemental scion (mage) subclasses now get the regular bypass talents instead of the Great versions, to avoid blocking other talent choices.

Worked on version 7 of the protocol snippet, adding several new features.

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