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Boost and tasks

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Each day that you log on, you will earn a few boost points, which you can use to speed up your skill and style training. If you type 'boost' on its own, you will see an overview of your stored boost points, active boost and auto-advance points (more about those later).

Every full boost point can be converted into ten active boosts by typing 'boost power'. As long as you have active boost, your skills and styles will go up with each use, even if the check required to raise them would otherwise fail. Each failed check that is converted into a successful one will consume one active boost.

Classed characters can spend boost points to significantly increase primal gain from kills, so you may choose to save up a few just before you class.

Note: If you want to only spend your active boost on those last few points of a skill or style, you can use the 'config boost primal' option. Since you cannot earn primal as an avatar, it will prevent you from wasting your boost until you toggle it back.

Another way to speed up your advancement is by completing tasks. To view a list of tasks that are available to you, type 'tasks'. You can bring up a detailed description of each task, including the reward for completing it, by typing 'task <task name>'.

The first few tasks you will be presented with as an avatar are rather straightforward - explore each of the Realm plane dungeons and slay the boss. You can try venturing into the easier dungeons (such as the crypt) with some success once you defeat the red martial artist. All of the avatar tasks will reward you with auto-advance points.

Auto-advance points work a bit like active boost points, but they are only applied toward skill and style improvement. Whenever the mud checks for a skill or style increase and fails, one of your auto-advance points will be spent to change that failure into a success.

As long as you have any auto-advance points, they will always be used before your active boosts. To view how many auto-advance points you have left, use the 'boost' command.

Note: Another way to earn auto-advance points is to kill stronger opponents, since you earn one auto-advance point whenever you kill a mob your own age or higher.

Tasks can only be completed once. When you complete a task, you will receive a reward, and the task will be forever marked as finished for you. This may unlock additional tasks in the future, grant you a personality trait, or even prevent you from doing certain tasks.

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