New Player's Guide

Prompt and settings

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The prompt gives you fast access to vital information about your character, such as health, action points, mana, current target and its health (where applicable) and similar. You will start out with a rather spartan prompt, displaying only your current health, maximum health and action points:

50/50HP (80AP)>

Most likely, you will want to modify your prompt to fit your character setup and personal preference. Type 'prompt variables' to view a full list of variables with which you can customise your prompt. Some are more useful than others, such as the name of your current target ('$t'), the health percentage of your target ('$T') or your feet movement speed ('$f'), which lets you know when you've been knocked off your feet and are lying prone.

To create a new prompt, type 'prompt' followed by the variables you want to include, together with any separator characters or text, for example:

prompt $h/$HHP ($aAP) Target: $t [$T] Feet: $f>$*


50/50HP (80AP) Target: A small goblin [100%] Feet: Stand>

If you wish, you can set a different prompt for combat and non-combat situations. Your combat prompt is set in the same way as normal prompt, using the 'cprompt' command. It replaces normal prompt whenever you have a fight timer. To delete your combat prompt and revert back to using a single prompt for all situations, type 'cprompt clear'.

Health, mana and action points in your prompts are coloured automatically, using the good/okay/bad/awful colour settings (more about customising colours further in this chapter). If you wish to colour other parts, you can use colour codes, such as ^g for plain green, ^G for bright green etc. To end a coloured sequence and revert to default colour, use ^n.

Note: If for some reason you don't wish to use a prompt, or if there is some information you want easily accessible, but you do not want it to show up in your prompt all the time, you can use the 'display' command, followed by the same variables you would use in a prompt.

Colour is used rather sparingly throughout the mud, mostly for conveying important infomation, such as channels (OOC/IC), wear and tear levels (also used for your statistics and encumbrance), critical hits or sweep moves. The 'colour' command lets you set your preferred colours for different kinds of information - see 'help colour'.

Other important settings can be accessed through the 'config' command. These will let you reduce the amount of messages you receive, toggle channels and prompt, specify whether you wish to use shortcut commands and how certain features will behave. Typing 'config' on its own will list the options available, while 'config <option>' will toggle that particular setting on and off. The options are colour coded red if they have been changed and cyan if they are at their default value.

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