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The Realm plane consists of one large island and two smaller islands, located to the southwest and east. The Glyphstone Village, where you start out, is the only civilised settlement in the Realm.

To view a small-scale ASCII map of the surrounding world, type 'area'. Every two characters represent a plot, which is slightly larger than the stretch of land you see on the large-scale map when you 'look'. A plot is 660x660 feet in size - 660 feet is 1 furlong, while 66 feet is 1 chain. The different terrains and places of interest are marked as follows:

>< ... your position

[] ... settlement

@@ ... ocean

~~ ... river or lake

:: ... plain

^^ ... forest

:: ... mountain

:: ... desert, beach or swamp

* ... volcano

* ... pond, oasis or spring

* ... bushes

o ... dungeon

The most convenient way to travel around is by targetting coordinate positions (see 'help target'). Mounts or teleportation spells and powers will get you to your destination faster.

Note: If you are using a screen reader and cannot interpret the area map, you can find coordinates and descriptions of all the dungeons here on the web site. The dungeon descriptions are written so that they also provide clues about the surrounding landscape. You can also use the 'find' command in game to get your bearings.

Dungeons (or monster lairs) are randomly generated locations which you can enter. They are inhabited by various creatures, many of them more challenging than anything you've faced in the village. You can fight them for magical equipment, and you will have to travel to one of the class dungeons located on the eastern island to obtain your classing tokens. The easiest dungeon is the Crypt, which can be found in an abandoned temple northwest of the village.

Note: If you get lost, type 'home' twice - this will transport you to your home plane and from there back to the village.

Each dungeon or lair is populated by a selection of creatures, and contains one boss monster. Once you kill the boss, you can continue fighting the smaller mobs, but the boss will not reappear until you leave the dungeon and enter it again, at which point a new dungeon with a different layout will be generated. The dungeon only resets if all players within it leave.

The 'area' command works differently in dungeons. It will show you which parts of the dungeon you have explored already and which parts remain unexplored. It is good to remember that the staircase leading out of the dungeon is always located at 0 0 - carrying a wand and teleporting there can get you out quickly.

Sometimes you will encounter monsters in the wilderness. Which monsters it will be depends on the area you are in, and on the time of day. For example in Twilight Wood you may see bears and wolves during the day and wraiths at night. Time runs four times faster in the game than in real life - the 'time' command will show you the current game time, as well as the current season.

View a commented map of the Realm Plane.

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