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God Wars II uses a coordinate system instead of the more traditional room-based model. This means that when you move around the world, you won't be transfered into a new location with each step, but rather move gradually through a large, continuous world. It also means that the system will, most likely, take a while getting used to.

You can still use the traditional n/s/e/w commands representing the cardinal directions, as well as ne/nw/se/sw for diagonals. These will set your destination to the specified offset of your currently selected destination (by default your current location). If you don't specify a distance after the command, you will move a default distance based on the scale of the area you are in. The commands add up, so going 'n' then 'e' will move you northeast, while going 'n' then 's' will put you back to where you started.

A far more advantageous way of setting your destination, however, is using the 'target' command. You can target locations, buildings, players and items within your field of vision, as well as coordinate positions (see also 'help target').

target practice grounds

You target the practice grounds.

<HINT> Type 'ff' to start your feet moving forwards.



You start advancing towards the practice grounds.

As you may note in the above example, you will need to start moving your feet after you set a destination. Typing 'ff' will change your speed to walking, if you type it again, you will start jogging, and after another 'ff' running, if you're not too encumbered.

To stop moving, you can type 'stop feet' (or 'f!'), which resets your movement speed, but retains your target. To clear your destination or target, type 'clear' - this, in turn, retains your movement speed.

Note: To view or set the actual movement speed for walking, jogging and running, type 'movement'. By default, this is set to your maximum in each.

You can also use mounts to travel faster across large destinations. This has the additional advantage of providing you with a separate movement target and combat target - something that is useful especially for ranged combat, but requires a bit of experience to learn. To set your mount's target, use the 'mtarget' command in a similar way you would target an object or position unmounted. For an ordinary horse mount, go to the stables in Glyphstone Village and 'take horse, then 'mount horse'. When you want to jump off your horse, just 'dismount'.

Magic casters can use teleportation spells, and a wand from the store also comes with a weak version of teleport. Other travelling options include wings (for dragon descendants), drake mounts that can fly (for those with the Dragon Rider talent) or warhorses (for those with the Chivalry talent). With all of them, you will need to specify your destination with 'target' or 'mtarget' before using the appropriate power.

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