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Casting spells works in the same way as performing combat moves. If you are a magic caster (meaning you possess a talent that lets you use magic, such as 'Magically Gifted') you will have a table of spell techniques which you can use, for both right and left hand. To toggle your hand tables between unarmed and magic mode, type 'magic'. Your hands will start flickering with energy, and your hand table should look something like this:

----------------------------[ RIGHT HAND ACTIONS ]-----------------------------
Valid commands: s (50), w (75), p (75), o (75), f (75), c (100), a (5)
Definitions:    snap, wiggle, point, open hand, close fist, clap, assist.
Spell     Mana  Delay  Range  Asc  Pow   Spell     Mana  Delay  Range  Asc  Pow
--------------------------------------   --------------------------------------
ssp        -    4 sec  816'   +25  +30   swp        -    3 sec  56'    +10  +0 
sp         -    3 sec  176'   +20  +15   wsf        -    3 sec  96'    +10  +7 
wwwc       -    5 sec  Self    -    -    wcp        -    6 sec  606c    -    - 
wwp        -    5 sec  Self    -    -    wws        -    5 sec  Self    -    - 
wwo        -    3 sec  Self    -    -    ppc        -    2 sec  56'     -    - 
ppo        -    2 sec  47'     -    -    ppf        -    2 sec  Self    -    - 
pwf        25   3 sec  47'     -    -    fc         -    2 sec  47'     -    - 
wfw        -    5 sec  Self    -    -    wfo        10   3 sec  Self    -    - 
wfp        25   3 sec  47'     -    -    o          10   2 sec  Self    -    - 

To see the names of spells available in your hand table, use the 'info' argument, e.g. 'r? info'.

Note: If you are not a magic caster, you can take a wand from the store, which will let you cast a few basic spells when wielded.

Red spells are offensive spells that you cast on others, from direct attacks such as energy bolts or fireballs, through negative affects to summons that will attack your target. Attack spells have different Ascendancy and Power bonuses, these are magic equivalents of Attack and Damage respectively. Missile spells check against your opponent's Defence and can be dodged or blocked with a shield, while other spells (such as Dishearten) are of less material nature and check against Protection.

Blue spells are beneficial spells, such as healing or affects, which can be cast on others. If you only wish to cast these spells on yourself (and avoid healing or spelling up your opponent in battle by accident), there is a 'config blue spell self' option that you can toggle.

Note: To view all spells that have been cast on your person, together with their effects and duration, type 'affects'.

Green spells are spells that you can only cast on yourself, yellow spells can be cast on objects (to enchant them or repair them, for example) and purple spells are various multi-purpose spells, such as Teleport.

You may have different versions of the same spell which fall into different colour categories and have different effects. For example, red dispel magic is offensive and will dispel positive affects on your target. Blue dispel magic dispels negative affects on yourself or your target. Green dispel magic is neutral and can only be used on yourself - it will dispel all affects, positive and negative.

You may notice that some spells display a Mana cost in the table. Mana is used to enhance spells - you can still cast them for free, or you can choose to cast an improved version of the spell which binds some of your Mana permanently, as long as the spell is in effect. Enhanced spells give better bonuses, last longer (or indefinitely) and so on. To cast an enhanced spell, add a '+' (plus) sign at the end of the last technique command. You cannot queue enhanced commands, so you will have to wait for the other moves to go through first. For example, an enhanced 'pwf' (Armour) spell would be cast as follows:


You point north with the index finger of your right hand.

You feel a surge of energy run through your right arm.


You wiggle the fingers of your right hand.

You feel a surge of energy run through your right arm.


You close your right hand into a fist.

You are suddenly encased in a suit of translucent spectral armour.

Some talents, such as 'Psionics' or the semi-class talents, give access to head based spells. These spells are cast using your head table, but all of the above rules apply in the same way they do for hand based magic.

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