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Feedback and updates

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Since God Wars II is currently in Open Beta, bugs do and will occur. We will appreciate if you report any bugs or typos you find, preferably by posting on the forums. For the moment, the forums are located off-site, but we are working on migrating them to the site in the near future. You can find a link under the Community section of the main menu, or by typing 'help feedback' from within the game.

You can also post suggestions and ideas on the forums - both positive and negative feedback is welcome, as long as it is constructive.

Things are changed every day, and it can be hard to keep track. You can read 'help news' in the game to see the most recent changes, or visit the News section of the web site. If you have been gone for a longer period of time, browse the Progress Reports for older updates.

Finally, if you like the game, you can help us promote it by voting on several mud lists. If you decide to write a review on one of the listing sites, please, be constructive and include both the positive and negative aspects of the mud. But most important of all, be honest.


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