New Player's Guide

Character creation

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When you first log into the game, you will be prompted to 'create' a new character with a name and a password. Names are limited to 3-12 alphabetical characters, but can contain capital letters within the name. The first letter of your name will be capitalised automatically.

create <name> <password>

After choosing a name and password, you enter the character creation itself. Here, you will have a choice of 3 different creation modes:

[1] Quickstart: The mud will assign you a well-rounded starting character.

The Quickstart option is ideal if you just want to take a quick look around, or if you have no preference as to what kind of character you'd like to play or what fighting style you'd like to use. It gives you a rather average character, proficient with swords and shields and able to cast some spells.

[2] Concept: Select a themed character concept from a list of choices.

Concept is probably the best choice if you are new to the game and plan to stick around, or if you know what you want your character to be. It offers a selection of predefined setups, with more flavour than the Quickstart character. The concepts do not limit the future development of your character in any way - their purpose is to simplify the creation process and reduce the number of choices you need to make. Any of the concepts (or even the Quickstart character) can be replicated using Customised creation, and the characters are equal in total skills and power.

Finally, concept is not the same as class. It is a predefined setup, nothing more. See the chapter on Classing.

[3] Customised: Manually customise your starting attributes and abilities.

The Customised creation option lets you select your stats, skills and talents manually. Unless you have played the game before, you most likely will not know which choices to make, since you don't know how the different stats and skills reflect in play, or how they combine. It is, however, a good way to fine tune your character after creation, for example if you want to swap one talent for another.

Note: You can use the 'setup' command after creation (or at any time during play) to check for mistakes that might cause you not to use your character's full potential.

No choices you make during creation are set in stone - you can change your base character setup completely at any point during play, and most likely will want to experiment with different setups before you find the one that suits you best.

To change or modify your setup, go to the gym in Glyphstone Village (the starting settlement) and type 'creation'. Keep in mind that even viewing a Quickstart or Concept setup will reset any skills you have improved through use, and for this reason the first two modes of creation will also become blocked once your Combat skill reaches 50. The Customised creation remains available until you class.

Optionally, after you finish creation, you can specify your gender by typing 'gender male' or 'gender female'. As a supernaturalis, you can change your gender at will, as many times as you wish - and enjoy the strange effects it will have on your body. You may also modify your description using the 'appearance' command.

Learn more about your character's primary and secondary statistics.

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