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A newly born Supernaturalis is often referred to as an 'avatar', sometimes also as 'unimbued'. Only after they find their calling, their full potential is unlocked. This important step is known as 'classing'.

Before you choose your class, you will need to meet several requirements. To become imbued, you will need to have at least five talents, be wearing a black sash you have earned from the dojo, and hold two classing tokens obtained from one of the dungeons located on the eastern island. When you are ready, type 'class <class name>' - but keep in mind that unlike choosing talents or powers, this decision is permanent and cannot be undone. Once you have chosen your class, you can never go back.

Note: If you're not sure which dungeon yields the tokens for the class of your choice, the dungeon descriptions can help you out.

Please, note that classing as a dragon is somewhat different. Refer to the Book of Wyrm Knowledge in the Library section for tips on classing a dragon.

Upon classing you will rise to Age 100 (see 'help age') and gain 50 bonus stat points, distributed according to your class. Classed characters are able to absorb primal energy from their victims and use it to strenghten their form and powers, in other words, to advance class powers or stats. Each time you 'train' a stat, another of your stats will be boosted randomly with a probability based on your class.

A power is a special ability available to Supernaturalis of a certain class. It cannot be increased through use, only by the expenditure of Primal. As with talents, each character has a limited number of available powers. The number of points you may have distributed across powers is equal to your (Age*Age)/1000, but your three highest powers don't count towards this total. No power may have more ranks than your Age/10 (rounded down). Thus as an Age 100 character you will be able to have three powers at 10, and another 10 points distributed however you please. The percentage of your maximum that you have trained so far is called potential, and will be displayed in your score. See 'help power' for instructions on viewing, adding and lowering your powers.

Note: It is advisable to train your potential to full before training stats, as the price of powers increases with Age.

As a classed Supernaturalis you can also travel to the Nexus, or the main world. Use the 'shift' command, which will move you between the two planes at your current coordinate position. Shifting takes 30 seconds and will be interrupted if you get attacked. Some Supernaturalis possess powers that will let them sense the power surge caused by your arrival. The whole Nexus is a player killing area, so be aware of who might be near.

In the Nexus, you will gain primal and soul points (the currency of the game) at a much faster rate than you would in the Realm. Don't forget to use your boosts on primaling now, if you have any left!

Read more about the different classes.

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