New Player's Guide

The learning curve on God Wars II is admittedly rather steep. If you log in and feel completely lost, don't despair. The purpose of this guide is to help you learn the ropes and introduce you to the key concepts of the game.

Further information and guidance is available through a system of hints and help files within the game, as well as in the Library section of this web site.


  • Character creation

    Which creation mode should I use? What is the difference between concept and class? What impact will my choices have on later play?

  • Communication

    How do I talk to other people? Can I turn off the chat channel? Who can hear what I'm saying?

  • Movement

    How do I get somewhere? Why won't my horse move? How do I stop walking? Why am I moving in a different direction than I wanted? Are there any faster modes of transport?

  • Prompt and settings

    Can I customise my prompt? How do I see the health of my opponent? How can I change my colours? Is there a way to reduce spam?

  • Equipment

    What is the best weapon? How much armour should I wear? Where do I get equipment? How do I repair it? What is radiation?

  • Combat

    How do I use techniques? What are styles? Why can't I switch to an advanced style? Where should I go to fight?

  • Advanced combat

    How do I shoot a bow? What does an asterisk in a technique mean? What do all the different technique colours mean? Why are the bonuses coloured differently for some techniques? How does jousting work?

  • Magic

    What do I need to cast spells? How do I see which spells I have? What do the magic colours stand for? How does mana work? How do I cast enhanced spells?

  • Advancement

    Can I train my stats? How do I raise skills? What are talents? How do I get more talents? Is there a way to advance skills faster?

  • Boost and tasks

    What are boost points and how do I use boosts? What are tasks? How do I see which tasks are available? Do they give any rewards? How do I use auto-advancement points? Can I do a task repeatedly?

  • Player killing

    Will I get killed before I can even look around? Which areas allow player killing? Can I just spar with someone? What happens if I die?

  • World navigation

    Where do I find the dungeons? How do I get there? How do the dungeons work? What determines which monsters I encounter in the wilderness?

  • Home planes

    What is a home plane? How do I get to my home plane? How do I get back? What can I do there?

  • Classing

    What is classing? How do I get classed? What requirements must I meet? How do I get into the Nexus?

  • Feedback and updates

    How can I report a bug I found? Do you accept ideas and suggestions from players? Where can I find a list of changes and updates?