Hivay, or the Dark Serpent

-- by Sifud Ari

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The following text has been recovered by a faithful follower from the study of Sifud Ari, the second prelate of the Order of the Serpent, after his sudden death, and is preserved here for posterity.

As all things in Nature have their opposite which destroys them and by doing so keeps them alive, so does the World Serpent. If the magnitude and celestial glory of the Serpent prevents us from discerning its true nature and only allows us to perceive parts but never the whole, it is tenfold true about its counterpart.

For like with the dark side of the sun or the back of a coin, we can only guess at its appearance, but it remains forever hidden from view. This Dark Serpent, or Hivay, as it is sometimes called, is generally regarded as one of the Great Mysteries that are beyond the reach of all save the most holy of mystics.

Of the various accounts we have of the Dark Serpent, perhaps the most detailed is that by Euphanias, an ancient hermit and visionary who is said to have spent twenty years atop a column in the trade square of Crescent City, maintaining that true solitude could only be found within a crowd.

He describes his vision in the following words:

"I beheld from high above... a Serpent of such Magnitude, that neither its Head nor its Tail was to be seen. The Body of this Beast encompassed Cities, and Deserts, and Mountains in all Directions, and from between its Scales emanated a sulphurous Stench that seemed to choke the Land beneath..."

"...and its Scales were made of Metal, of many different Colours, and upon each Scale I beheld a Face with Eyes glowing like the Sun itself..."

"...many of the People were swallowed by the Beast, not through its Mouth, but through the dark gaping Orifices in its Scales..."

"...and it multiplied into smaller Serpents that split from the sides of its Body, like a Python shedding its Skin, but many of its Children were soon absorbed into its Body again..."

" never stopped but forever crawled forward with a deafening Noise, roaring, growling and screeching with unearthly Sounds as it moved..."

"...and where it crawled, the Earth turned to Stone and no Grass could grow upon it..."

"...never before have I seen a Vision more appalling or fascinating than this Infernal Snake..."

Large parts of the manuscript have been damaged beyond recognition in the great floods following the mystic's death, but despite this, it provides those of us destined to delve deeper into Universe's mysteries with valuable material for our humble research.

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