Dragons - Class powers

A power is a special ability available to Supernaturalis of a certain class. It cannot be increased through use, only by the expenditure of Primal. Like talents, each character has a limited number of available powers.

  • Chameleonic Gift

  • Chill of the Tundra

  • Draconian Breath

  • Draconian Charge

  • Draconian Form


    Banned powers:

    Dragon Form and Human Form

    This power allows you to assume a hybrid form - half human, half dragon. In this form you get 10% immunity to all forms of damage, and your movement rate is increased by 2 when walking and 5 when jogging or running. Your Draconian Form also gains +1% immunity to physical damage per rank, up to a maximum of 20% immunity at rank 20. Your claws in this form gain +1 Attack, Damage and bypass per rank, doubled to +2 per rank if you also have Iron Talons.

    By travelling to the Dragon Realm and slaying its inhabitants, you will unlock infusions for customising your form. Your rank in this power determines your bonuses for nine of these infusions (face, horns, eyes, mouth, scales, hide, pattern, stomach and wings). To apply your infusions, type 'infuse'.

    Three of your infusions are scales, hide and pattern. The scales and hide each give +2% physical armour per rank, while pattern gives +1% physical armour per rank, but each of these bonuses can be replaced using infusions. If scales and hide have the same infusion, your scales will be described as having a pure colour, and you will not benefit from any pattern bonus regardless of infusion.

    At rank 10, you gain the ability to draw spell sigils with your claws, although the actual spells are unlocked by other powers (eg Eye of the Storm rank 10+).

  • Draconian Jaws

  • Draconic Glyphs

  • Draconic Rage

  • Dragon Form

  • Dragon Mount

  • Dragonbone Forging

  • Dragonscale Crafting

  • Extended Rage

  • Eye of the Storm

  • Fires of the Volcano

  • Fumes of the Pit

  • Human Form

  • Lashing Tail

  • Lord of the Skies

  • Salamander's Gift

  • Treasure Hoard

  • Winds of the Mind

Please, note that the classes (namely class powers) are still under heavy development. Since the web site cannot retrieve information from the mud at this moment, the most up-to-date information can be found from within the game.