Demons - Class powers

A power is a special ability available to Supernaturalis of a certain class. It cannot be increased through use, only by the expenditure of Primal. Like talents, each character has a limited number of available powers.

  • Bladed Tail

  • Demon Form

  • Demonic Rage

  • Demonology



    Hellhound 10+, Imp Servant 10+ or Warbeast 10+

    This power strengthens all demonic creatures you summon, as long as you also have at least 10 ranks in the appropriate summoning power.

    If you summon a hellhound, each rank in this power gives it +5% armour vs crush damage, +4% vs cut, +3% vs stab, +2% vs heat and shock, and +1% vs cold. Your hellhound automatically has the Sure Footed talent, but as you gain ranks in this power it will also gain new talents: Ambidextrous at rank 1, Cleave at rank 5, Powerful Metabolism at rank 10, Toughness at rank 15, Great Cleave at rank 20, Iron Talons at rank 25 and Fiend Spawn at rank 30. It also gains a number of ranks in Feral Senses and Tainted Talons equal to the lowest of your Hellhound and Demonology, and half that in Regeneration.

    If you summon an imp, your first 10 ranks in this power will each give it +10% health. Every rank beyond 10 will add +1 Grace, Wits, Tenacity, Discipline and Aura in the same way as a rank of Imp Servant. Your imp automatically has the Tainted Soul, Magically Gifted and Instinctive Dodge talents, but as you gain ranks in this power it will also gain new talents: Burn at rank 5, Improved Spell Attack at rank 10, Great Burn at rank 15, Improved Spell Damage at rank 20, Witch Spawn at rank 25 and Evasion at rank 30. It also gains a number of ranks in Pathway to Hell and Tainted Flesh equal to your rank in this power.

    If you summon a Warbeast it will be winged, allowing you to fly distances of up to 5000 feet, plus an extra 5000 feet per rank in Demonology. Your feet also gain +3 bypass per rank while riding a warbeast. If you've applied a warp to your wings for Demon Form, your warbeast will get the same warp.

  • Extended Rage

  • Hellhound

  • Imp Servant

  • Infernal Binding

  • Infernal Forging

  • Inferno

  • Pathway to Hell

  • Protean Nemesis

  • Regeneration

  • Ritual Scarring

  • Road of Seven Sins

  • Spiked Tail

  • Tainted Flesh

  • Tainted Talons

  • Venomous Tail

  • Warbeast

  • Wings of the Abyss

Please, note that the classes (namely class powers) are still under heavy development. Since the website cannot retrieve information from the mud at this moment, the most up-to-date information can be found from within the game.