Demons - Class powers

A power is a special ability available to Supernaturalis of a certain class. It cannot be increased through use, only by the expenditure of Primal. Like talents, each character has a limited number of available powers.

  • Bladed Tail

  • Demon Form

  • Demonic Rage

  • Demonology

  • Extended Rage

  • Hellhound

  • Imp Servant

  • Infernal Binding

  • Infernal Forging

  • Inferno

  • Pathway to Hell

  • Protean Nemesis

  • Regeneration

  • Ritual Scarring



    Pathway to Hell 5+

    Banned powers:

    Demon Form

    This power allows you to form ritualistic scars on your body, drawing upon the infernal powers to grant you unholy strength. These scars will only aid you while in human form; your Demon Form benefits from these powers more directly.

    You may have up to five separate scars at any one time: one on your forehead, one on your chest, one on your stomach, a matching pair on your wrists and a matching pair on your ankles. Note that a matching pair counts as one.

    You steal scar knowledge by defeating the inhabitants of hell, using the same knowledges that allow you to warp your Demon Form. Each knowledge has its own help file, although you can only view those you know. When the description of a scar refers to your 'rank', it means your rank in Ritual Scarring. If you have no ranks in this power, your scars will provide no bonuses.

    Each scar has different bonuses, depending on where it's placed. You may place the same type of scar on multiple locations, or different types on different locations. If a scar provides the same bonus for both chest and stomach you can choose to double that bonus by applying it to both locations. If you place a new scar over an old one, the previous scar will fade away and vanish.

  • Road of Seven Sins

  • Spiked Tail

  • Tainted Flesh

  • Tainted Talons

  • Venomous Tail

  • Warbeast

  • Wings of the Abyss

Please, note that the classes (namely class powers) are still under heavy development. Since the website cannot retrieve information from the mud at this moment, the most up-to-date information can be found from within the game.