Demons - Class powers

A power is a special ability available to Supernaturalis of a certain class. It cannot be increased through use, only by the expenditure of Primal. Like talents, each character has a limited number of available powers.

  • Bladed Tail

  • Demon Form

  • Demonic Rage

  • Demonology

  • Extended Rage

  • Hellhound

  • Imp Servant

  • Infernal Binding

  • Infernal Forging

  • Inferno



    Pathway to Hell 10+

    This power allows you to use your body as a conduit for the infernal fires of hell, which you expel outwards in a single, powerful explosion. This explosion is treated as an area-affect attack which inflicts heat damage. Each rank in this power gives your Inferno technique +10 range, +2 Ascendancy and +2 Power, and also increases the enhanced mana cost by 1. If you enhance the spell, then each point of mana spent is converted into a +5 bonus to both Ascendancy and Power, added in the same way as weapon bonuses.

    Note that this power is normally available as a head technique when you are in human form, and cannot be accessed at all in Demon Form. The one exception is when you are rendered dead or unconscious, whereby you gain access to a new command called 'inferno'. This command requires you to have at least 1 point of mana, and it it uses all of your remaining mana to create a super-enhanced Inferno attack on everyone around you. Should you also have the Soul Devourer talent, this can actually allow you to bring yourself back to life before your corpse can be banished back to your home plane.

    If you use this power while in Demon Form (which means you must be dead), the hellfire may be replaced with something else, depending on your skin warp.

  • Pathway to Hell

  • Protean Nemesis

  • Regeneration

  • Ritual Scarring

  • Road of Seven Sins

  • Spiked Tail

  • Tainted Flesh

  • Tainted Talons

  • Venomous Tail

  • Warbeast

  • Wings of the Abyss

Please, note that the classes (namely class powers) are still under heavy development. Since the website cannot retrieve information from the mud at this moment, the most up-to-date information can be found from within the game.