Callings and Classes

Within God Wars II, classes are divided up into one of four different callings. Each calling indicates the origin and main source of power for a particular Supernaturalis, while a class represents the very focus of their soul and is reflected in the form and powers of that individual.


The Revenants are those who have returned from the dead. Sometimes this is done through sheer force of will, while other times it occurs via supernatural intervention. One thing all of these creatures share in common is that they need to feed from the living in some form or other in order to maintain their undead existence. They are particularly vulnerable to items of religious significance.


These are a parasitic form of Revenant who feed from the blood of the living, either for sustenance or, more often, to increase their power. As creatures of the night, Vampires can control the shadows and shape them to their will or use them to hide their presence. They have power over night creatures, such as bats, wolves or rats, summon them and are even known to assume their shape. According to legends, Vampires are weakened by garlic and sunlight.

Possible future forms of Revenant include the Ghoul, Wraith, Spectre, Mummy, Lich, and Wight.


The Lycanthropes, also known as shapeshifters or werebeasts, are humans with the power to assume the form of a beast. For lower forms of werebeasts, this happens during the full moon, but the Supernaturalis gain complete control over their shapechanging powers and are able to transform at will. Some consider lycanthropy a disease or curse, while to others it is a powerful gift, but none can deny the power it grants. The greatest weakness of the werebeast is silver, although they are also weakened by wolfsbane.


The most common form of werebeast, the Werewolf is able to assume the form of a wolf, either partially or completely. Although no longer bound by its phases, they preserve special ties to the moon and can weave moonlight into fabric or forge it into a metal called moonsilver. Their affinity with nature makes them excellent shamans and allows them to call upon animal spirits for assistance.

Possible future forms of Lycanthrope include the Wererat, Werecat, Werebear, Werespider and Wereraven.


The Illuminati are those who have somehow managed to tap into their own inner potential without external stimuli. Although their precise powers vary from individual to individual, they are invariably more powerful than any normal human, due to their Supernaturalis souls.


In the same way as a carpenter can take a piece of wood and craft it into a chair, or an architect can take a pile of bricks and build a house, Mages can twist and manipulate the magic in the air and earth around them. Although any Supernatural possesses the potential to use magic, only those dedicated to studying the elements can master all its complexities.

Possible future forms of Illuminati include the Witch, Necromancer, Demonologist, Sorcerer, Wizard, Alchemist and Prophet.


The Nephilim are the true Supernaturalis, those who were never truely human to begin with. Many of them predate the birth of the human race, and although they have lost much of their original power, they are still a force to be reckoned with.


A race from a different dimension, Demons are Supernatural souls born of irrational fears and as such can assume numerous shapes, each more horrid than the next. Their plane of origin, Hell, is a harsh, scorched desert, and maintaining a link to it lets them breathe flames, use fire magic and summon infernal creatures such as imps, hellhounds or warbeasts.


Over the ages, this ancient race has developed many forms and pedigrees. The large scaled dragons, wyverns and multi-headed hydras draw power from their treasure hoard, the hybrid draconians rely on their hightened speed, natural immunity and various infusions. Some dragons even choose to adopt a fully humanoid form, to command lesser dragons and use them as their mounts.

Possible future forms of Nephilim include the Lamia, Sidhe, Giant, Titan, Phoenix, Mermaid, Siren and Centaur.